Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BJP says may review gas price formula if elected - who are they fooling?

BJP says may review gas price formula if elected NEW DELHI (Reuters) - The BJP would review a new gas pricing formula if elected, a party official said on Tuesday, a day after the election commission asked the government to defer an increase in prices that was to take effect on April 1. "If we are voted into power we would have to look at all the facts, all the realities on the ground, while keeping the interest of stakeholders in mind - in particular consumers," said Narendra Taneja, National Convener, Energy Cell, for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). "If this means going for a review we will review the pricing formula," Taneja told Reuters, reiterating a position stated previously by a senior BJP leader. The BJP thinks it can fool the people by issuing a belated statement after the Election Commission had put the price increase of hold. With Narendra Modi in power and his friend Mukesh Ambani being the beneficiary of the price increase, we all know what the result would be.

The best thing would be to kick out the BJP and Congress.

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