Thursday, March 31, 2011

An Italian Honeymoon

After returning from his honeymoon
in Florida with his new bride, Virginia, Luigi stopped by his old barbershop on Coltman Road in Little Italy to say hello to this friends.

Giovanni said, "Hey Luigi, how wasa da treep?"

Luigi said, "Everyting wasa perfecto except for da train ride down."

"Whatayou mean, Luigi?" asked Giovanni.

"Well, we boarda da train in downtown Cleveland. My beautiful Virginia , she pack a biga basketa food. She bringa da vino, some nice cigars for me, and we were lookina forward to da trip, and open upa da luncha basket .

The conductore come aby, waga his finger at us anda say, 'no eat in disa car. Musta use a dining car..'

So, me and my beautiful Virginia, we go to da dining car, eat a biga lunch and starta at open da bottle of a nice a vino!

Conductore walka by again, waga his finger and say, 'No drinka in disa car! Musta use a cluba car.' So, we go to cluba car.

While a drinkina da vino, I starta to lighta my biga cigar. The conductore, he waga is finger again and say, 'No a smokina in
disa car. Musta go to a smokina car ..'

"We go to a smokina car and I smoke a my biga cigar. Then my beautiful Virginia and I, we go to a sleeper car anda go to bed. We just about to go badaboom badaboom and the conductore, he walka through da hallway shouting at a top of his a voice..

'Nofolka Virginia !
Nofolka Virginia !'

"Nexta time, I'ma just gonna taka da bus."

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't ask a woman her age?

Bless her little heart.....How sweet........
The secret to long life...

A doctor on his morning walk, noticed the old lady pictured above.
She was sitting on her front step smoking a cigar,
so he walked up to her and said,"I couldn't help but
notice how happy you look! What is your secret?"
"I smoke ten cigars a day," she said. "Before I go to bed,
I smoke a nice big joint. Apart from that, I drink a whole
bottle of Jack Daniels every week, and eat only junk food.
On weekends, I pop pills, get laid, and I
don't exercise at all."
"That is absolutely amazing! How old are you?"
"Forty," she replied

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

God in His wisdom has made certain laws.
When you discard the laws and follow your own whims, you are sure to suffer.
People blame that on fate.
But actually, they themselves are to blame.
This does not mean that fate plays no part.
In certain cases a person may lead an ideal life but in spite of that misfortune may befall him.
That is fate.
Hence, as He says in the Bhagavad Gita.
It is within your power to do Karam. and leave the fruits to

I Paid Bribe

Dear fellow Indian,

It has been a shocking year for our country, what with reports of scams and corruption breaking daily. Corruption in India has cut across every sector - be it politics, the private sector, and even sports.

As citizens of India if we do not demand for change today, tomorrow will be too late.

Tahrir Square transformed the Arab world through an online revolution that began with a click. With IPaB’s Bribe Bandh campaign, you too can tip the balance against corruption with a single click.

Bribe Bandh is collecting one million clicks from individuals like you to urge the government of India to ratify the UN Convention against Corruption. Ratifying the Convention will the Government to set up strong anti-corruption laws.

Participate in building a corruption free India by clicking here -


Sent by Seeromani

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Treacherous Women

WOMEN'S REVENGE 'Cash, check or charge?' I asked, after folding items the woman wished to purchase. As she fumbled for her wallet, I noticed a remote control for a television set in her purse. 'So, do you always carry your TV remote?' I asked. 'No,' she replied, 'but my husband refused to come shopping with me, and I figured this was the most evil thing I could do to him legally.'

WIFE VS. HUSBAND A couple drove down a country road for several miles, not saying a word. An earlier discussion had led to an argument and neither of them wanted to concede their position.. As they passed a barnyard of mules, goats, and pigs, the husband asked sarcastically, 'Relatives of yours?' 'Yep,' the wife replied, 'in-laws.'

WORDS A husband read an article to his wife about how many words women use a day.
30,000 to a man's 15,000. The wife replied, 'The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men... The husband then turned to his wife and asked, 'What?'

CREATION A man said to his wife one day, 'I don't know how you can be so stupid and so beautiful all at the same time. 'The wife responded, 'Allow me to explain. God made me beautiful so you would be attracted to me; God made me stupid so I would be attracted to you!!

WHO DOES WHAT A man and his wife were having an argument about who should brew the coffee each morning. The wife said, 'You should do it because you get up first, and then we don't have to wait as long to get our coffee. The husband said, 'You are in charge of cooking around here and you should do it, because that is your job, and I can just wait for my coffee.' Wife replies, 'No, you should do it, and besides, it is in the Bible that the man should do the coffee.' Husband replies, 'I can't believe that, show me.' So she fetched the Bible, and opened the Old Testament and showed him at the top of several pages, that it indeed says . 'HEBREWS'

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

What is Marriage?

1. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHOM TO MARRY? (written by kids)

You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.
-- Alan, age 10

No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with.
-- Kristen, age 10

Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then.
-- Camille, age 10

You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids.
-- Derrick, age 8

Both don't want any more kids.
-- Lori, age 8

Dates are for having fun, and people should use them to get to know each other. Even boys have something to say if you listen long enough.
-- Lynnette, age 8 (isn't she a treasure)

On the first date, they just tell each other lies and that usually gets them interested enough to go for a second date.
-- Martin, age 10

When they're rich.
-- Pam, age 7 ( Love her )

-The law says you have to be eighteen, so I wouldn't want to mess with that..
- - Curt, age 7

-The rule goes like this: If you kiss someone, then you should marry them and have kids with them. It's the right thing to do.
- - Howard, age 8

It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them.
-- Anita, age 9 (bless you child )

There sure would be a lot of kids to explain, wouldn't there?
-- Kelvin, age 8

And the #1 Favorite is ........

Tell your wife that she looks pretty, even if she looks like a dump truck.
-- Ricky age 10

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

Monday, March 28, 2011


Corruption is synonymous with politics or may be the other way round. Winning a seat in an election opens the door for looting public money. It's a licence to loot. Lalu Prasad looted 650 crores when he was the CM of Bihar and a CBI investigation was going on against him but nothing came off it. He became the Railway Minister after that and must have made several hundred crores more. Looting goes on in every government department and it's unstopable. No matter how much you write about it, you cannot halt the rot. If the Prime Minister is not strong corruption cannot be controlled. If we elect convicted murderers, dacoits and thugs to Parliament and Assemblies and release them from jail to get their votes in no-cinfidence motion, how can one expect to eradicate corruption from public life ? Yes, we can write about it as often as possible to pinch the public conscience, we can cry ourself hoarse, but that's about all. Where most educated people are engrossed with the rotten reality shows telecast in the TV, how far their conscience can be shaken is doubtful. But, we must try.

India beats Australia

Sent by Keith Hayward

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Friendship Week

Some people never learn.
However Keith Hayward tells us of the many things he has learnt and which we too should learn.

I've learned....That life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.

I've learned....That we should be glad God doesn't give us everything we ask for.

I've learned....That money doesn't buy class.
I've learned...That it's those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.
I've learned... That under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.

I've learned....That the Lord didn't do it all in one day.What makes me think I can?

I've learned....That to ignore the facts does not change the facts.
I've learned....That the less time I have to work, the more things I get done.

It's National Friendship Week.

The Ten Commandments of Doing "Good" in Business

I get a weekly news letter from The Michael Masterson Journal.
Some of the articles are inspiring and worth reading like the present one given below.
It is part of an article and gives the important gist.

Treating people well and fairly works for 95% of those you come in contact with. As for the other 5% - well, there's not much you can do except try to avoid them in the first place.

So before you go into business with anyone (an employee, a colleague, a vendor - anyone), get to know him on a personal basis. Meet him. Ask questions. Ask for references. Check them. If you feel at all concerned that you might be dealing with one of the rotten few, take a pass.

Over the years, I've become a better businessman because I've been influenced by people of good character who were kind enough to give me lots of good advice. Among the things I've learned, I recommend the following "commandments" to you:
The Ten Commandments of Doing "Good" in Business

1. The customer is always right. Even when he is wrong.

2. Don't promise what you know you can't deliver.

3. Honor your verbal contracts with the same seriousness as you honor written agreements.

4. When negotiating, always aim for a deal that is as good for your partner as it is for you.

5. If a deal turns out badly for your partner but stays good for you, change it to be fair to him.

6. Always pay your employees as much as or more than they are worth - or, if that is impossible, as much as you can afford to pay them, with the promise of making it up to them later.

7. Share your business wisdom with everyone, including your competitors.

8. Never engage in gossip. Speak as if the person you are speaking about will find out what you are saying. (Because he will.)

9. Never take advantage of your vendors simply because you can. Your goal should be to compensate them fairly, even if it means paying them more than the market demands.

10. Never engage in recriminations and try to avoid litigation. In the long run, it is better to be the screwee rather than the screwer.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


The angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said:
'I have to talk to you.
We have some Indians up here in heaven and they are causing problems. They're swinging on the pearly gates, my horn is missing, they are wearing Dolce and Gabana saris instead of their white robes, they are riding Mercedes and BMWs instead of the chariots, and they're selling their halos to people for discounted prices. They refuse to keep the stairway to heaven clear or clean since they keep crouching down midway eating samosas and drinking chai (tea). Some of them are even walking around with just one wing! They do not believe in discipline and push their way through the line.'

The Lord said:
'Indians are Indians. Heaven is home to all my children.
If you want to know about real problems, give Satan a call.'

Satan answered the 'phone:
'Hello? Damn, hold on a minute.'
Satan returned to the 'phone:
'OK I'm back. What can I do for you?'

Gabriel replied:
'I just wanted to know what kind of problems you're having
down there.'
Satan said:
'Hold on again. I need to check on something.'
After about 5 minutes, Satan returned to the 'phone and said:
'I'm back. Now what was the question?'
Gabriel said:
'What kind of problems are you having down there?'
Satan said: 'Man I don't believe this .. Hold on.'
This time Satan was gone at least 15 minutes.

He returned and said:
'I'm sorry Gabriel, I can't talk right now. These Indians are driving me up the wall. They are trying to install air conditioning and making hell a comfortable place to live in by putting out the fire, which is there to keep them uncomfortably hot!! Since they are so tech savvy, they were trying to start a telephone and IT connection between heaven and hell; between ME and GOD!! They have started a social network service for the troubled and believe in Karma and are good in convincing others. Some were trying to start a chai-pakora,
chole batura, channa, dosa and samosa, barfi, chakli and dokla shop, which I had to stop. Many have no trouble living in dirt as they are so used to it down on earth. On purpose, we have shortage of toilets here to make them uncomfortable, but they have no problems in doing everything outside in the open.They are excellent at corrupting everyone. My staff are being bribed by them and I am having difficulty in controlling the graft and corruption in hell. They never complain as this place seems to be better than from where they came. I am having such a hard time controlling and dealing with them!!
I am therefore requesting the LORD to PLEASE send them back to earth for rebirth as soon as they arrive here."

So that is why Indians are the only ones who are reborn

Sent by Pradeep Mohan

Politics - A lucrative business

In 5 years, minister's assets multiply 60 times

PUDUCHERRY: Public health minister A Namassivayam seems to have multiplied his assets by more than 60 times, according to his 2011 declaration.

Ahead of the 2006 assembly polls, he claimed that he and his wife did not own residential or commercial buildings. He also declared that neither of them had bank deposits. Namassivayam's net assets then were worth around Rs 12 lakh. Now, as per the records furnished, his assets are worth roughly Rs 7.5 crore.

Namassivayam, who was elected from Oulgarat constituency and now proposes to contest Villianur, has revealed that he has deposits to the tune of Rs 6.58 lakh in various banks while his wife has approximately Rs 17 lakh.

He also owns residential buildings worth Rs 75.88 lakh and his wife, residential properties worth Rs 55.18 lakh. The minister also owns commercial buildings worth Rs 30.68 lakh and his wife too has commercial properties worth Rs 21 lakh. The couple, who did not invest in shares, has now invested Rs 1.2 lakh.

In 2006, they had just an Indica car and two kinetic Honda scooters. Today, they own nine vehicles, including a bus and four lorries worth about Rs 66 lakh. The couple had agricultural land worth Rs 50,000 in 2006. In 2011, the agricultural land they own is estimated to be worth Rs 3.42 crore.

As I have been crying hoarse during the last four years, there is no business as lucrative as that of a politician, leaving aside high society Call Girls or prostitutes. I consider them the same. One P sells her body, the other P would sell his own mother if it benefited him.
But this man, Public health minister A Namassivayam, seems to be a novice..
It should have been 75 or maybe 750 crores instead of just 7.5 crores.
Or maybe he may not be such a fool.
He has just under declared his assets.
I think all these declarations by politicians should be made public so that if anyone in the public know of any more properties in the politician's name, they should inform the election commission and the CVC.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Growing Old?

The following has been sent by Thendup.
I am sure most of you must have read this or similar advice a number of times.
I was just thinking.
Each item is a pearl.
Don't read all together.
Just read one each day and think of it the whole day.
Put it on your desk, beside your bed, on your shaving each day


Written by a 90 year old

This is something we should all read at least once a week!!!!! Make sure you read to the end!!!!!!

Written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio.

"To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most-requested column I've ever written.

My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more:

1. Life isn't fair, but it's still good.

2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

4. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and
parents will. Stay in touch.

5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.

8. It's OK to get angry with God. He can take it.

9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.

10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

11. Make peace with your past so it won't screw up the present.

12. It's OK to let your children see you cry.

13. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.

15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don't worry; God never blinks.

16.. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

17. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

18. Whatever doesn't kill you really does make you stronger.

19. It's never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.

20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.

21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don't
save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.

23. Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

24. The most important sex organ is the brain.

25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words 'In five years, will
this matter?'

27. Always choose life.

28. Forgive everyone everything.

29. What other people think of you is none of your business.

30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.

31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

32. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

33. Believe in miracles.

34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.

35. Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.

36. Growing old beats the alternative -- dying young.

37. Your children get only one childhood.

38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd
grab ours back.

41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

42. The best is yet to come...

43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

44. Yield.

45. Life isn't tied with a bow, but it's still a gift."

How AMRI, Kolkata treats patients

I had mentioned earlier of one site which high lights corruption in the medical profession.It also invites mails from patients and their relatives who have been at the receiving end of such negligence.
The following complaint is one such complaint sent to PBT by one Mr. Jana.
I would like to request all our readers in India to report any such negligence, direct to PBT

The Registrar,
West Bengal Medical Council,
8, Lyons Range, 3rd Floor, Mitra Building,
Kol-700001, West Bengal.
Tel : (091)(033)2231-5662,2213-7679
E-mail :

Ref. No.- 2461-C/73-2010 dated 27/10/2010

Please refer to the above, We Sri Vivekananda Jana and Srimati Alomoni Singh (Jana), the parents of Asmita Jana, a six month old female child , like to bring your kind notice the detailed case history of the course of treatment undergone by our child for a period of about 26 days at AMRI Hospital, Dhakuria, kolkata.

Our child initially started suffering from fever during the middle of September 2010, when she was at East Midnapure and was taken to local doctor (Dr. Sujan Jana, Pead Medicine of Haldia S.D Hospital, On 18/09/2010m at 12p.m) for treatment. The local doctor suspected it as a case of septicemia as the Childs CRP was high (72mg/L) total count normal (8300/cmm.) and advised to take XONE XP KID (IV) and AMITAX – 50mg.from 18/09/2010. But when she did not respond, we took her to Kolkata immediately on 21/09/2010 and consulted Dr. Avijit Dutta (attached with R.G.Kar Medical College, Kolkata). He attended our baby and advised that it was a case of Meningitis and advised immediate hospitalization of the child.

We took our baby to REPOSE NURSING HOME and admitted her (on 21/09/2010 at 8 p.m.) under Dr.Apurba Ghosh & Dr. J Chowdhury. On the basis of Dr. Ghosh’s advice over telephone her initial treatment was started with MEROPENAM, ZENOCIN and GURDINAL as her total count was very high and she was in convulsion. Next day (22/10/10) Dr. Apurba Ghosh attended the patient at about 9 a.m and advised us for immediate transfer to any hospital with adequate set up for treatment of our baby.

It may be mentioned that though patient’s father is a high school teacher and a non medical person, her mother is a trained nurse attached to R.G.Kar.Medical College and Hospital and she had an erstwhile attachment with AMRI,Dhakuria and as advised, we transferred our baby to AMRI, Dhakuria (IP NO: IPC2.0030139, UHID: AMRD.0000188821,Bed No: 1376A) and she was taken in NICU at about 10 am on 22/09/2010 under Dr. Jemsy Jain. From 23/09/2010 she was kept under ventilation and her condition was serious till 25/09/2010. Her total count was 47800 on 25/09/10. She was treated with MEROPENAM, VANCOMYCIN, FLUCONAZOLE and PENTAGLOBULIN. The patient was reportedly responded to the course of treatment on 26/09/2010 and her total count came down to 20900 on 28/09/2010.

On 27/09/10, a central channel was prepared on her left femoral vein by Dr. Subhasish Saha, Pediatric surgeon to give her medicine, which took around three hours and ended up with a kind of unnatural stir in the attending group of medical staffs. After 36 hours of channel preparation, it was noticed by the baby’s mother, that flow of blood in the lower left limb of the baby was gradually reducing and a reddish patch appeared on the left limb which was also noticed as well as pointed out by her mother (being an experienced Nurse at Govt. Medical College). On being asked about the patch, attending doctors assured us that it has happened due to leakage of Caicium fluids and curable by hot compress.

Though we noticed that the lower portion of our baby’s left limb was getting defaced and discolored, it was surprising to note that neither any medical attendant nor the visiting doctor pay much attention to the fact and reassured us not to be worried. Whilel we were repeatedly pointing out our concern over the fact, Dr.Saha, suddenly communicated us on 02/10/2010 at about 4 p.m, and advised us through attending RMO Dr.Suvayu Dutta that FASCIOTOMY was immediately needed to restore blood supply of her left limb and advised for surgery under G.A.

As the baby was under ventilation, we helplessly signed on risk bond (specially written by Dr. Suvayu Dutta) for another operation (experiment?) with little hope of betterment of child.

The operation was done by Dr. Subhasish Saha and was assisted by Dr. Gunadhar Jana on 02/10/10 at about 10:30 p.m. and took more than one hour. After the operation Dr. Subhasish Saha categorically told us that they have examined in detail and the patient’s left limb was improving both in color and softness. Hence they did not do any operation on limb, but prepared a central channel through jugular vein.

In the very next morning, i.e. on 03/10/10, the baby was again taken to O.T. for preparation of channel as the channel previously prepared was reportedly blocked due to unfiltered blood given at the night of 2nd Oct, 2010.

On 5th Oct, 10 she was taken out of ventilation. Though we felt that the left limb was gradually becoming discolored and dried just below the knee forming a ‘ring’ with ‘reddish’ to ‘blackish’ patches, but Dr. Saha told us that the patient’s limb was improving. No doubt, he has lacking confidence and after that he has avoiding our face to face consultation.

Unfortunately, these sort of statements & assurances were delivered to us to hide the actual medical condition of our child, specially in regard to her left lower limb, and to suppress & shield the negligence in the part of Dr.Saha, the attending medical team (RMOs) and the Hospital, itself as became evident from the next course of so called “treatment’ received by our daughter in the next few days with a ‘dramatic u-turn’ from their stated position.
On the morning of 6th Oct,10 the patient’s attending doctor Mrs.Jemsy Jain went out of station for five days for reason best known to her leaving such a critical patient, a two month old baby , at the hand of Dr. Runa Majumder who acted just like a helpless ‘care-taker’.

In the evening of the same day, 6th Oct, Dr. Anirban Chatterjee did DOPPLER TEST and gave the verdict that her left limb should be amputated immediately as there was no blood circulation on left femoral artery below knee joint.

This verdict, we think, is a pre- decided one and conveyed/declared in the absence of Dr .Jain and Dr. Saha.

However, being helpless, we requested the hospital authority to arrange for consultation with renowned micro vascular and plastic surgeon Dr. Anupam Golas,Dr. Soumen Mitra, Dr.Manish Mukul Ghosh, Dr. Seshadri(of Apollo), Dr. Debasish Banerjee(of AMRI). The said doctors visited the baby and there was difference of opinion amongst them.

The attending doctors of AMRI decided to follow the opinion of Dr. S Mitra and Dr. M.M .Ghosh who opined not to amputate immediately but to wait and watch.

A special meeting was held with us on 08/10/10 in presence of Dr.Saha & Dr.Mitra apparently more to defend Dr.Saha than to address the planning of future course of treatment. It was pleaded that it was not a mistake, rather an accident which may have occurred because of certain other reason not associated with the surgery done by Dr. S. Saha. (How they became confirmed?) Then we were advised by the hospital authority (Dr. Suman Ghosh, Medical vice president) to shift our baby to either Salt Lake AMRI or Apolo hospital as reportedly they are lacking NICU facility for such an infant patient and admitted that they shouldn’t have admit our baby as they were not having any PICU at Dhakuria AMRI. This, in our opinion, was simple to shrug out responsibilities and to avoid further trouble. We were not in a mental state to ask them even, if adequate facilities were not there to treat our child why they admitted or if so, why they didn’t advise us to shift our baby earlier? When we expressed our helplessness and asked about the financial implication ( as that time already we expended a major amount towards the treatment), Dr. Suman Ghosh, AMRI Med Superintendent/VP assured us not to worry and being on back foot, advised us to write an application addressing to him, so that he can minimize the hospital expenses by awarding a special discount on the total bill on discharge.

As advised we helplessly decided to shift our baby to Salt Lake AMRI (for better co-ordination between AMRI Dhakuria & AMRI Salt Lake, being under same management) and requested Dr. Suman Ghosh to make necessary arrangement for shifting. During the meeting one of the lady RMO tried to establish that there was same type of black color spot like left limb on the right leg which was seconded by Dr.Mitra & others, that it can happen to any part of the body, although baby’s mother did not see anything while she checked the same in presence of RMOs just after the meeting. In the evening attending RMO dramatically told us that they took proper care (giving Heparin) at right time and they could save the Right Leg. (Annex – D).

But at the end of the day, they decided not to shift the baby because there was lack of doctors in Salt Lake AMRI due to ensuing Durga Puja vacation.
Dr. M.M .Ghosh, the visiting surgeon, visited our baby again on 9th, Oct and told us that amputation would be done after Durga Puja. It is worthwhile to mention that during this period our baby didn’t receive any specific restoration treatment for her left limb and we had no other way than to wait for Dr. Jemsy Jain (the attending Doctor, under whose care the baby was admitted) as neither the care-taking attending doctor Mrs.(Dr.) Runa Majumder nor any of the RMOs could offer any positive solution/advice.

In the mean time, we decided to shift our baby to C.M.C vellore. Dr. Jemsy Jain returned on 11th Oct. Monday, We requested her to make our baby ready (out of ventilation) so that we can transfer her to Vellore safely. It took 3-4 days to prepare the baby. From 9th to 16th Oct. no treatment of leg was done. At last, on 16th our baby got discharge and we set off to catch flight to CMC Vellore straight from AMRI.Dhakuria on 16th Oct by Jet Airways 9W-844 Sat, 16 Oct 2010, 10:30 hrs.

Inconsistency of decisions, delay or wait and watch policy of the doctors for taking up the case of amputation and also the comment of Dr. Subhasish Saha that the portion of the limb with dry gangrene may automatically be detached in course of time if we wait etc. Annex-D led us to apprehend that the case was being dragged towards unfortunate fatal end and as such the patient was transferred to CMC, Vellore on 16th Octber, 2010.

The CMC received the patient with Meningitis, Pneumonia, and dry gangrene on the left lower limb. They underwent some preoperational tests and amputation was done on 19/10/2010. The discharge reports are enclosed as Annexure –C.

During the treatment at CMC Vellore also, we got various inputs during consultation / conversation (may be those are not documented), which strengthen our belief about the misdeed of Dr. Subhasish Saha at AMRI, Dhakuria.

Nevertheless to mention here that even after the ‘act of negligence’ in the part of Dr. Subhasish Saha, if our baby be properly treated and / or had we been rightly mentioned about the medical condition of our baby and given early chances to shift the baby and to provide restorative treatment, our baby wouldn’t have lost her limb for ever.

The treatment summary given by AMRI hospital, Dhakuria enclosed herewith may please be perused. We would request you to kindly see underlined/highlighted portion of Para (1) and (3) of said summary wherein you will see that no remarkable symptom of meningitis and pneumonia were detected.

In Para (4) leg gangrene, you will see that there was a failed attempts at Right femoral vein insertion so that Paed. Surgeons had inserted a Left femoral vein line after a cut down. We think another experiment was done on our baby. The effect of which they have stated in the report “unfortunately the leg started getting cold and after 36 hours there was reddish discoloration of the (L) lower limb with ischemic changes of few toes. The line was immediately removed and it was thought that this was due to leakage of Ca containing fluids leading to spasm of the femoral artery”. Once again, we see the lack of confidence of a doctor.

We would request you to kindly see the reports and, we think, you will have the same opinion with us that series of experiment/tests have been undertaken without confidence leading the patient towards fatality of amputation of leg. We think that the ailment /disease, with which the patient came, cannot be sufficiently reason for amputation of leg of the patient. Rather, we are confirmed that due to wrong channel preparation, blockage of channel, stoppage of blood circulation etc., dry gangrene was formed on left lower limb of our baby and ultimately she became the victim of wrong treatment, improper medical care, indecision of doctors and she had to lose her left limb below the knee forever and she will be PHYSICALLY HCHALLENGED for the rest of her life for no fault of her.

On the sorrowful state of affairs as stated in the foregoing paragraphs, we the parents of Asmita Jana pray to you to kindly find out the lapses caused by medical persons and/or organization looking after the case at any stage or point of time and arrange for exemplary punishment to the faulty person/organization.

N.B: Points of negligence as we have experienced during our stay with the hospital are stated below.
1) Simultaneous use of central A.C. and Warmer over the baby inside the NICU. This automatically invites pneumonia ailing babies (according to the opinion of doctors attending in CMC Vellore).

2) Taking around three hours for preparation of femoral channel and doing it in bed side condition.

3) Black patch of radius 0.5 cm on the left leg was first noticed by baby’s mother, and not by any medical attendant although the baby was admitted in NICU.

4) Treatment of left leg was not started immediately after the black patch was noticed. No Doppler test was done immediately.

5) Doctors told and assured us that not to worry about the leg as because it would be cured by hot compress only. Only SILVER X gel was used. Later on Dr.M.M.Ghosh stopped this.

6) On 2nd October evening, they informed us that Fasciotomy should be done immediately on left leg. Otherwise the leg could have been amputated. We helplessly signed the risk bond.

7) During operation, channel was prepared through right jugular vein. Dr. saha told us that the left leg was improving both in color and softness of tissue. So Fasciotomy was not necessary at that moment. It could have invited more infection.

8) Immediately after O.T. was done, unfiltered blood was given to such serious patient through the jugular channel. The channel was blocked.

9) On.3rd October, early morning, the baby was again taken in to O.T for another channel preparation through jugular vein again by signing another risk bond. Again Dr. Saha told us not to worry about the leg, it was much better than the previous night.

10) From 2nd to 6th Oct, the doctors consoled us again and again that the left leg was improving and not to worry about the leg. They worry about her brain although a cranial USG was done on 27/09/10 which did not show any ventricular dilatation or cerebral edema.

11) One or two sisters were allotted for four to five severely ailing babies inside NICU.

12) Poor maintenance of channel, incorporation of bubbles, nobody noticed that air bubbles entering the body of such severely ill patient through the channel. When baby’s mother noticed and asked for attention of attending sisters, they misbehaved with us.

13) Dr. Jemsy Jain went for a leave without giving proper guidance to Dr. Runa Majumder, who handled the case during the interim period.

14) Adult DOPPLER machine was used for the baby.

15) Vacillation of decision of the hospital authority: in the morning they are talking to shift the baby, in the evening they are on the opposite pole & telling us not to shift the baby on 08/10/2010.

16) Patient’s family not factually informed about the patient, since the mother is a medical person and old staff of AMRI, she was allowed inside the NICU. Otherwise they did not bother to communicate with the patient’s family/parents regarding the condition of the patient.

17) According to them if Right Leg was saved due to proper care in right time (while there was no symptom at his right limb at all). If so, why not left leg? Negligence?

18) The hospital authority finally expressed their inability to treat the baby there owing to non-availability of requisite infrastructure viz. ‘Pediatric Care Unit’ & Doctors/Micro vascular Specialist.

19) The hospital authority was too ‘commercial’ and not at all transparent to provide quality health care.
a) Nobody helped us giving any idea of costs of any operation/tests.
b) Cumulative bills of day by day reports differ from final billing.
c) Missing of reports although tests were done. (Sl. No 82,83,84,95,100 of final billing.
d) Dr. Jemsi Jain assured us that she would not take any consultation fees out of sympathy but on final billing they added Rs.3000 for consultation fees for Dr. Jain.
e) They added a bill amount of Rs.5825 for the Doppler venous & arterial test ( Actually it was not done. Finally they had to cancel.
f)The hospital authority, being on backfoot committed (in the Spl Meeting) discount on total bills for hospital stay and diagnostic investigations carried out there, and accordingly, we applied for concession of bills through doctors to medical vice president Dr.Suman Ghosh. Finally their assurance and concession given to us are far different and during discharge, Dr. Suman Ghosh acted step-motherly, denied his commitment and offered us a minimal reduction.
g) By comparing between the bills of AMRI and CMC Vellore it will be clear that which one actually means healthcare apart from doing BUSINESS.

The facts stated in the foregoing paragraphs are true to the best of our knowledge and belief. We reserve rights to add or to clarify anything contained above by modifying / producing more documents or evidences, if required and so called for.

We rest our faith on the council and pray for justice and meaningful recommendation so that no other parents face the same fate in the hands of so called Doctors & Clinical Establishments.
Your’s faithfully.

Date: 10/03/2011
Place: Belgharia, kol-56 Vivekananda Jana
Alomoni Singh (Jana)

An aerial view of happenings in japan just before the Tsunami

A very good read. Written by a Delta pilot on approach to
Tokyo during earthquake.

I'm currently still in one piece, writing from my room in
the Narita crew hotel.
It's 8am.
This is my inaugural trans-pacific trip as a brand new, recently checked out, international 767 Captain and it has been interesting, to say the least, so far. I've crossed the Atlantic three times so far so the oceancrossing procedures were familiar.By the way, stunning scenery flying over the Aleutian Islands. Everything was going fine until 100 miles out from Tokyo and in the descent for arrival.

The first indication of any trouble was that Japan air traffic control startedputting everyone into holding patterns. At first we thought it was usual congestion on arrival. Then we got a company data link message advising about the earthquake, followed by another stating Narita airport was temporarily closed for inspection and expected to open shortly (the company is always so positive).From our perspective things were obviously looking a little different.

The Japanese controller's anxiety level seemed quite high and he said expect "indefinite" holding time. No one would commit to a time frame on that so I got my copilot and relief pilot busy looking at divert stations and our fuel situation, which, after an ocean crossing is typically low.It wasn't long, maybe ten minutes, before the first pilots started requesting diversions to other airports. Air Canada, American, United, etc. all reporting minimal fuel situations. I still had enough fuel for 1.5 to 2.0 hours ofholding. Needless to say, the diverts started complicating the situation.Japan air traffic control then announced Narita was closed indefinitely due to damage. Planes immediately started requesting arrivals into Haneada, near Tokyo, a half dozen JAL and western planes got clearance in that direction but then ATC announced Haenada had just closed. Uh oh! Now instead of just holding, we all had to start looking at more distant alternatives like Osaka, or Nagoya.One bad thing about a large airliner is that you can't just be-pop into any little airport. We generally need lots of runway. With more planes piling in from both east and west, all needing a place to land and several now fuelcritical ATC was getting over-whelmed. In the scramble, and without waiting for my fuel to get critical, I got my flight a clearance to head for Nagoya, fuel situation still okay. So far so good. A few minutes into heading that way, I was "ordered" by ATC to reverse course. Nagoya was saturated with traffic and unable to handle more planes (read- airport full). Ditto for Osaka.With that statement, my situation went instantly from fuel okay, to fuel minimal considering we might have to divert a much farther distance. Multiply my situation by a dozen other aircraft all in the same boat, all making demandsrequests and threats to ATC for clearances somewhere. Air Canada and then someone else went to "emergency" fuel situation. Planes started to heading for air force bases. The nearest to Tokyo was Yokoda AFB. I threw my hat in the ring for that initially. The answer - Yokoda closed! no more space.By now it was a three ring circus in the cockpit, my copilot on the radios, me flying and making decisions and the relief copilot buried in the air charts trying to figure out where to go that was within range while data link messageswere flying back and forth between us and company dispatch in Atlanta. I picked Misawa AFB at the north end of Honshu island. We could get there with minimal fuel remaining. ATC was happy to get rid of us so we cleared out of the maelstrom of the Tokyo region. We heard ATC try to send planes toward Sendai, a small regional airport on the coast which was later the one I think that got flooded by a tsunami.Atlanta dispatch then sent us a message asking if we could continue to Chitose airport on the Island of Hokkaido, north of Honshu. Other Delta planes were heading that way. More scrambling in the cockpit - check weather, check charts, check fuel, okay. We could still make it and not be going into a fuel critical situation ... if we had no other fuel delays. As we approached Misawa we got clearance to continue to Chitose. Critical decision thought process. Let's see - trying to help company - plane overflies perfectly good divert airport for one farther away...wonder how that will look in the safety report, if anything goes wrong.Suddenly ATC comes up and gives us a vector to a fix well short of Chitose and tells us to standby for holding instructions. Nightmare realized. Situation rapidly deteriorating. After initially holding near Tokyo, starting a divert to Nagoya, reversing course back to Tokyo then to re-diverting north toward Misawa, all that happy fuel reserve that I had was vaporizing fast. My subsequent conversation, paraphrased of course...., went something like this:"Sapparo Control - Delta XX requesting immediate clearance direct to Chitose,minimum fuel, unable hold.""Negative Ghost-Rider, the Pattern is full" <<< top gun quote <<<"Sapparo Control - make that - Delta XX declaring emergency, low fuel,proceeding direct Chitose""Roger Delta XX, understood, you are cleared direct to Chitose, contact Chitose approach....etc...."Enough was enough, I had decided to preempt actually running critically low on fuel while in another indefinite holding pattern, especially after bypassing Misawa, and played my last ace...declaring an emergency. The problem with that is now I have a bit of company paperwork to do but what the heck.

As it was - landed Chitose, safe, with at least 30 minutes of fuel remaining before reaching a "true" fuel emergency situation. That's always a good feeling, being safe. They taxied us off to some remote parking area where we shut down and watched a half dozen or more other airplanes come streaming in.
In the end, Delta had two 747s, my 767 and another 767 and a 777 all on the ramp at Chitose.
We saw two American airlines planes, a United and two Air Canada as well. Not to mention several extra All
Nippon and Japan Air Lines planes.

Post-script - 9 hours later, Japan air lines finally got around to getting a boarding ladder to the plane where we were able to get off and clear customs. -that however, is another interesting story.
By the way - while writing this - I have felt four additional tremors that shook the hotel slightly - all in 45 minutes.

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jaya declares assets valued at Rs 51 crore

PTI – Thu, Mar 24, 2011 6:01 PM IST

Chennai, Mar 24 (PTI) AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa has declared assets valued at Rs 51 crore, both movable and immovable, in her election affidavit.
In the affidavit filed while filing her nomination papers to contest from Srirangam in the April 13 Tamil Nadu Assembly Polls, Jayalalithaa said she had movable assets of Rs 13.03 crore and immovable assets of Rs 38.37 crore which includes 14.5 acres of grapeyards in Andhra Pradesh and Rs one crore in a tea estate in Kodanad in Nilgiris districts.
She said she was unable to give the actual market rate of her various property as police had seized documents and handed over to a court in Bangalore which is probing her disproportionate wealth case.
She declared that she has five cars.
Jayalalithaa is facing nine cases against her, three of them for economic offenses, one wealth case and one by CBI on her birthday donation from an unknown individual from abroad.
She does not have any debts, she said in the affidavit.
She had not declared the value of her jewellery as they are in Court.

Who would believe that this lady just has 50 crores?
I understand the vigilance commission has started a net site by the name of "Vigeye" where the public can send photographs of corruption observed by people.
I think that site should also accept information of hidden wealth of these politicians and their relatives and benamis.

Japan Rises above the Tsunami

From: A.C. Strumphler
To: Dr. Viraj P. Thacker
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 7:36 PM
Subject: 10 things to learn from Japan


Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated.


Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture.


The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall.


People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.


No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding.


Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?


Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak.


The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that.


They showed magnificent in the bulletins. No silly reporters. Only calm reportage.


When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly

Sent by Viraj Thacker

I don't have to explain what we Indians would have done.
Our politicians are the most unhappy lot, regretting that the Tsunami did not strike India,.
They have lost millions of dollars in dole out which they would have otherwise got from the world community.
Have you noticed the Japanese have not appealed for any aid when our Prime Minister and Chief Ministers would have gone out with begging bowls for the various Relief Funds, most of which would have been pocketed by politicians
The only relief the people get after calamities are from the various religious organisations.
Politicians just like to have their photographs taken by the TV crew, patting children or speaking to people from 5 ft away so that they are not dirtied.

Congress prejudices hit economic federalism

By Ashok Malik | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA

The fifth Vibrant Gujarat summit this January saw 7,936 memoranda of understanding (MoUs) announced, committing to invest $462 billion. The cream of Indian business was in Gandhinagar for the summit, as were business delegations from as far apart as Japan, the United States and Brazil.

Forty-five countries and 19 other (non-Gujarat) Indian states made presentations and solicited business opportunities at an event that has established itself as India’s premier investor conference.

Missing at Vibrant Gujarat was the Indian public sector, those companies owned by the Union government. ICICI Bank signed a deal with Gujarat promising credit to developers and users of infrastructure projects. At least six Indian public sector banks had negotiated similar arrangements but were prevented from finalising these following instructions from the finance ministry in New Delhi.

Last week, the income-tax (I-T) department, acting on a vague complaint by Congress politicians in Gujarat, asked the Narendra Modi government to furnish details of all investors and companies that had agreed to put in at least Rs1,000 crore. These would be investigated for possible tax evasion. It was clear the UPA government was out to sabotage Vibrant Gujarat and send a menacing signal to business groups that had flocked there.

There are three issues worth noting here. First, the I-T department’s notice to Gujarat is not just blatantly political but also illogical. If X buys a house from Y and pays Y with money that has been earned illegally, the tax authorities need to serve a notice on X, not on Y.

That apart, investment coming into Gujarat, whether from Mauritius or Mumbai or Manhattan, is being routed through banking channels and not arriving in suitcases. If the finance ministry and its agencies want to scrutinise these channels, they can do so even without telling the Gujarat administration.

So what explains this sledgehammer message to the Modi government?

Second, it is possible — though of course improbable — that the Congress-led government in New Delhi has decided upon a crusade against black money, and that it believes corporate India (as well as foreign entities investing in Gujarat/India) are awash in ill-gotten wealth, in profits from the narcotics trade and organised crime and so on. It may even believe Vibrant Gujarat has become a rendezvous of such evil money.

If so, why did Congress-run states such as Andhra Pradesh participate in Vibrant Gujarat, and attempt to persuade the same companies that were investing in Modi territory to pour funds in their direction as well? Should the I-T department send a notice to the Andhra Pradesh government as well, asking it why it is soliciting investment from suspected tax evaders and sources of criminal capital? Alternatively, does the colour of money change (from black to white or maybe ‘communal’ to ‘secular’) when it leaves Gujarat and enters, for example, Maharashtra?

Third, the Gujarat episode only affirms the need to redefine the contours of economic federalism. In Gujarat, the Congress tells public sector companies to stay away and blackmails the private sector. In Orissa, the BJD government’s efforts to revolutionise the economy, by getting Posco to set up a giant steel facility and Vedanta to build an aluminium plant, are tripped by a prejudiced environment ministry and its handpicked committees.

In Uttar Pradesh, the BSP government’s proposal to host a new airport in the western part of the state - bordering the national capital, in the region between Greater Noida and Aligarh - is cussedly denied the green signal. The Congress wants to wait till the 2012 state election so that Rahul Gandhi can make the new airport a poll promise and deprive Mayawati of credit.

India has moved enormously since 1991 and states have far greater economic and financial autonomy today. Even so, the residual powers that remain with the Union government can be leveraged to lethal effect by a bloody-minded ruling party. This is exactly what is happening in state after state ruled by non-UPA parties, particularly those showing business potential.

In the 1980s, an underlying principle of non-Congress unity was political federalism and the need to guard against misuse of Article 356, which allowed the Union government to dismiss state governments at whim.

Today, economic federalism is under siege. The NDA needs to make greater freedom for the states in economic policy, decision-making and regulation one of its core goals. After the UPA experience, New Delhi can’t be trusted. Ask Gandhinagar, Bhubaneswar, Lucknow.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Side effects of alcohol .... And remedies!!!

1. Symptom : Cold and humid feet.

Cause :
Glass is being held at incorrect angle (You are pouring the
Drink on your feet).

Maneuver glass until open end is facing upward

2. Symptom : The wall facing you is full of lights.

Cause :
You're lying on the floor.

Position your body at a 90-degree angle to the floor.

3. Symptom : The floor looks blurry.

Cause :
You're looking through an empty glass.

Quickly refill with your favorite drink!

4. Symptom : The floor is moving.

Cause :
You're being dragged away.

At least ask where they're taking you!

5. Symptom : You hear echoes every time someone speaks.

Cause :
You have your glass on your ear.

Stop making a fool of yourself!

6. Symptom : Your dad and all your brothers are looking funny.

Cause :
You're in the wrong house.

Ask if they can point you to your house.

7. Symptom : The room is shaking a lot, everyone is dressed in white and The music is very repetitive.

Cause :
You're in an ambulance.

Don't move. Let the professionals do their job

Sent by U Banerjee - NP

Adapting appropriate Technology

Who says we Indians are not tech savy or have a sense of humour.
Here we show you our prowess in merging old with new technology.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The True face of the Congress Party

Off with his head
Tavleen Singh
Mar 20, 2011

Last week, when it was announced that there were plans afoot to set income tax sleuths on to those who invest in Gujarat, my first reaction was disbelief. Surely not, I thought, not when foreign investors are fleeing India in droves, not when the Reserve Bank has itself pointed out ominously that foreign direct investment in India has dropped by nearly 40 per cent in recent months. Why would a prime minister whose expertise lies in the field of economics allow such insanity to go ahead?

The reasons could most certainly not be economic, so I started searching for political reasons and realisation quickly dawned. Narendra Modi has long been seen by political pundits in Delhi, especially those of Congress persuasion, as the only man who could in 2014 challenge their glamorous young prince and so he must be destroyed. Besides he has been flying too high for his own good, has he not? Always holding those conventions to boast about ‘vibrant’ Gujarat and always making jokes about the Congress Party that the silly old ‘aam aadmi’ laughs his head off at without noticing that they are laughing on the same side as a merchant of death, a ‘maut ka saudagar’. Remember when the financial scandals started falling out of the central government’s cupboard at so alarming a rate and how he made that speech in which he said ‘munni badnaam hui’. How dare he? Who did he mean? The Congress Party or she who leads it? So off with his head.

Not easily done politically because somehow he has managed, wretched man, to keep winning elections (with even Muslims voting for him), so someone in Delhi came up with the cunning plan to destroy him economically. Ordering income tax raids on political opponents is an old Congress practice that was used recklessly and with powerful effect by first

Mrs Gandhi during the Emergency and then again by V P Singh when he was Rajiv’s finance minister. He went too far, though, because he started to raid Rajiv’s friends and so he had to go. But to get back to Gujarat. Under that ‘maut ka saudagar’, its economy has climbed to dizzying heights. Even a casual visitor can see the speed at which roads get built, the availability of electricity in remote villages, the check dams that help irrigate areas that have never seen irrigation, the primary health centres that actually work. Investors see much more. They see an administration that is less corrupt than most and a chief minister who fulfills his promises. If he tells you that he will make land available to you in a week, he ensures that this happens, and if he promises a single window to clear your projects, he delivers.

These are not things that Congress chief ministers can do because their primary concern is to ensure that the ‘high command’ is kept happy by regular and large infusions into the coffers of the party. They can get away with no governance at all as long as they do this. Then they have to ensure that they pay regular obeisance to the party’s ruling Dynasty and by the time all this is over, there is little time for doing anything else. So the best governed states in India are those that are not run by Congress chief ministers and the only way to keep them in check is to curb them in every possible way. If it is income tax raids in Gujarat, it is unwieldy schemes like the NREGA in Bihar. You see when the central government puts in place a scheme like this then the state government loses some of its own control over funds and welfare policies. They regularly complain about this but their complaints fall on deaf ears because this is an area in which Sonia Gandhi and her cabinet, the National Advisory Council, are personally interested.

The end result is that India, so glittering, so full of allure only six months ago, is now beginning to look like it did before economic liberalisation. It is beginning to look like a dangerous country to invest in and in this bleak scenario there is Gujarat that has so far continued to shine like a beacon where foreign and Indian investors are concerned. This cannot be allowed to happen because it makes the rest of India look even worse than it already does. Besides, we all know that Narendra Modi is an evil man, a merchant of death, so who cares if all his efforts to make Gujarat rich and prosperous are endangered by famously corrupt income tax inspectors. Of course, there is the small problem that the people of Gujarat may suffer as well but since they have been regularly rejecting Congress at election time who cares about them. Off with their heads as well.

I had thought of writing earlier about the income tax raids on Gujarat, but I felt it would be better if I put up a piece by some other well known personality.
The Congress party is ruling in a number of states riddled in corruption where nobody wants to invest.
Bihar and Gujarat are two states not ruled by the Congress which set an example of corruption free government.
How could the congress accept anyone comparing their corrupt states with these efficient.
The congress has in the past used the CBI and the ED and Income Tax departments to harass their opponents.
They are once again up to their old dirty tricks.
But the people have seen through their clumsy efforts.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Bronze Rat

A tourist walks into a curio shop in San Francisco. Looking around at the exotica, he notices a very lifelike, life-sized bronze statue of a rat. It has no price tag, but is so striking he decides he must have it.

He takes it to the owner: "How much for the bronze rat?"

"Twelve dollars for the rat, one hundred dollars for the story," says the owner.

The tourist gives the man twelve dollars. "I'll just take the rat, you can keep the story."

As he walks down the street carrying his bronze rat, he notices that a few real rats crawl out of the alleys and sewers and begin following him down the street. This is disconcerting; he begins walking faster.But within a couple blocks, the herd of rats behind him grows to hundreds, and they begin squealing.

He begins to trot toward the Bay, looking around to see that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and are still squealing and coming toward him faster and faster.

Concerned, even scared, he runs to the edge of the Bay and throws the bronze rat as far out into the Bay as he can. Amazingly, the millions of rats all jump into the Bay after it, and are all drowned.

The man walks back to the curio shop.

"Ah ha," says the owner, "You have come back for the story?"

"No," says the man, "I came back to see if you have a bronze politician!"



Having lived a reasonably contented life, I was musing over what a person should strive for, to achieve happiness. I drew up a list of a few essentials which I put forward for the readers' appraisal.

1. First and foremost is GOOD HEALTH. If you do not enjoy good health, you can never be happy.
any ailment, however trivial, will deduct from your happiness.

2. Second, A HEALTHY BANK BALANCE. It need not run into crores but should be enough to provide for creature comforts and something to spare for recreation, like eating out, going to the pictures, travelling or going on holidays on the hills or by the sea. Shortage of money can be only demoralizing.
Living on credit or borrowing is demeaning and lowers one in one's own eyes.

3. Third, A HOME OF YOUR OWN. Rented premises can never give you the snug feeling of a nest which is yours for keeps that a home provides: if it has a garden space, all the better. Plant your own trees and flowers, see them
grow and blossom, cultivate a sense of kinship with them.

4. Fourth, AN UNDERSTANDING COMPANION, be it your spouse or a friend. If there are too many misunderstandings, they will rob you of your peace of mind. It is better to be divorced than to bicker all the time.

5. Fifth, LACK OF ENVY towards those who have done better than you in life; risen higher, made more money,or earned more fame. Envy can be very corroding; avoid comparing yourself with others.

6. Sixth, DO NOT ALLOW OTHER PEOPLE to descend on you for gup-shup. By the time you get rid of them, you will feel exhausted and poisoned by their gossip-mongering.

7. Seventh, CULTIVATE SOME HOBBIES which can bring you a sense of fulfilment, such as gardening, reading, writing, painting, playing or listening to music. Going to clubs or parties to get free drinks or to meet celebrities is criminal waste of time.

8. Eighth, every morning and evening, devote 15 minutes to INTROSPECTION.
In the morning, 10 minutes should be spent on stilling the mind, and then, five, in listing things you have to do that day. In the evening, five minutes to still the mind again, and ten to go over what you had undertaken to do.

RICHNESS is not Earning More, Spending More Or Saving More, but ...


Sent by Partha Sengupta

Justice Dinakaran or Balakrishnan

Corruption charges slapped on Justice Dinakaran

New Delhi, Mar 19 (PTI) Sixteen charges of corruption and irregularities have been slapped by a Rajya Sabha constituted panel against Chief Justice of the Sikkim High Court Justice P D Dinkaran, who is facing impeachment proceedings in Parliament.
The committee comprising Supreme Court Justice Aftab Alam, Karnataka High Court Justice K S Khehar and eminent jurist P P Roy issued the chargesheet to Dinakaran on March 16 and has sought his response by April 9.
The charges against him included possession of wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income, illegal encroachment on public property and land belonging to Dalits and other weaker sections, five Tamil Nadu Housing Board plots in favour of wife and two daughters, benami transactions, acquiring and possessing agricultural holdings beyond the ceiling fixed by the TN Land Reforms Act 1961, destruction of evidence, undervaluation of sale agreements, evasion of stamp duty and illegal constructions.
This apart, Justice Dinakaran has been accused of resorting to irregular and dishonest administrative actions by fixing rosters of judges to facilitate dishonest judicial decisions while he was the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court. He is also accused of adopting illegal transfers of judges and appointments of staff, sources said.
Dinakaran has been granted the liberty to engage a lawyer of his choice to defend himself.
Justice Dinakaran was recommended for appointment as a Supreme Court judge in August 2009 but the move was stalled following the allegations against him.
The motion for Dinakaran''s removal was admitted in the Rajya Sabha on December 17, 2009 following which Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari constituted the panel to probe the allegations.
Initially, another Supreme Court Judge V S Sirpurkar was appointed to head the panel but he was forced to recuse after the Madras Bar Association and various lawyers forum sought his recusal on the ground that he had worked with Justice Dinakaran in the Madras High Court.
While slapping charges against Dinakaran, the panel took into consideration various material furnished by the Income Tax department and Tamil Nadu government to justify the allegations against him.

It seems Justice Dinakaran and ex Chief justice of India, Balakrisnan are competing with other as to who could be more corrupt.I would back Balakrishnan. Poor Dinakaran was not allowed to be elevated to the Supreme Court otherwise he would have won hands down.


Six retired Jewish Floridian fellows were playing poker in the condo clubhouse when Meyer loses $500 on a single hand, clutches his chest, and drops dead at the table.

Showing respect for their fallen comrade, the other five continue playing, but standing up.

At the end of the game, Finklestein looks around and asks, "So, who's gonna tell his wife?"
They cut the cards. Goldberg picks the low card and has to carry the news. They tell him to be discreet, be gentle, don't make a bad situation any worse.

"Discreet? I'm the most discreet person you'll ever meet. Discretion is my middle name. Leave it to me."

Goldberg goes over to the Meyer's condo and knocks on the door. The wife answers through the door and asks what he wants? Goldberg declares: "Your husband just lost $500 in a poker game and is afraid to come home."

"Tell him he should drop dead!" yells the wife.

"I'll go tell him," says Goldberg.

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

The World at Your Feet

Economic Models

You have 2 cows.
You give one to your neighbour.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and gives you some milk.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and sells you some milk.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both and shoots you.

You have 2 cows.
The State takes both, shoots one, milks the other, and then throws the milk

You have two cows.
You sell one and buy a bull.
Your herd multiplies, and the economy grows.
You sell them and retire on the income.

You have two giraffes.
The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.

You have two cows.
You sell one, and force the other to produce the milk of four cows.
Later, you hire a consultant to analyse why the cow has dropped dead.

You have two cows.
You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of
credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank, then execute a debt/equity
swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back,
with a tax exemption for five cows. The milk rights of the six cows are
transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island Company secretly owned by
the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all seven cows back to your
listed company. The annual report says the company owns eight cows, with an
option on one more. You sell one cow to buy a new president of the United
States , leaving you with nine cows. No balance sheet provided with the
release. The public then buys your bull.

You have two cows.
You go on strike, organise a riot, and block the roads, because you want
three cows.

You have two cows.
You redesign them so they are one-tenth the size of an ordinary cow and
produce twenty times the milk. You then create a clever cow cartoon image
called 'Cowkimon' and market it worldwide.

You have two cows.
You re-engineer them so they live for 100 years, eat once a month, and milk

You have two cows, but you don't know where they are.
You decide to have lunch.

You have two cows.
You count them and learn you have five cows.
You count them again and learn you have 42 cows.
You count them again and learn you have 2 cows.
You stop counting cows and open another bottle of vodka.

You have 5000 cows. None of them belong to you.
You charge the owners for storing them.

You have two cows.
You have 300 people milking them.
You claim that you have full employment, and high bovine productivity.
You arrest the newsman who reported the real situation.

You have two cows.
You worship them.

You have two cows.
Both are mad.

Everyone thinks you have lots of cows.
You tell them that you have none.
No-one believes you, so they bomb the sh#t out of you and invade your
You still have no cows, but at least now you are part of a Democracy...

You have two cows.
Business seems pretty good.
You close the office and go for a few beers to celebrate.

You have two cows.
The one on the left looks very attractive.

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trinamool names 228 candidates

Trinamool names 228 candidates, leaves 64 seats for Congress

Kolkata, March 18 (IANS) Delivering a severe blow to the proposed alliance with the Congress for the upcoming West Bengal assembly elections, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee Friday announced a list of 228 candidates, leaving only 64 seats for the Congress which was bargaining for more.
'Today I am declaring the list of 228 candidates of Trinamool Congress. I could have announced the list of remaining 64 seats. But as an alliance scenario with the Congress is on, we are not announcing it,' Banerjee, who is also the railway minister, told reporters here later.
'But we have the list other 64 candidates and if Congress doesn't agree, then we will announce those also,' she made it clear.
The talks between senior Congress leader Pranab Mukherjee, who is also the union finance minister, and Banerjee March 15 were inconclusive as both sides could not reach an agreement on seat-sharing for the six-phase April-May assembly elections in West Bengal.
Earlier, in 2009 the Trinamool and the Congress, along with the Socialist Unity Centre of India-Communist (SUCI-C), had joined hands before the Lok Sabha polls and decimated the Left Front that has been ruling the state since 1977. The alliance had bagged 26 of the state's 42 Lok Sabha seats.
The Trinamool has given SUCI-C two seats. In its list of 228, Trinamool has fielded 34 female and 42 minority candidates.
Banerjee said the door of alliance was open but if the Congress did not agree with the seats allotted for it, she had the list of 64 candidates which she would announce Monday evening.
'I wanted an alliance that is why I waited for a positive nod from the Congress from March 1-18. But I cannot wait forever because very few days are left for the process of first phase of elections. Although we are small parties, but we are the real party in West Bengal,' she said.
The Congress and the Trinamool Congress decided to break the alliance for May 30 civic polls last year after both parties failed to clinch a seat sharing deal.
The Congress leadership, which was clearly taken aback by Trinamool Congress' unilateral announcement of list of candidates for 228 seats, Friday said it will discuss the new development.
'We are a political party and we should always remain for any eventuality. It's a new development and we will discuss the issue within our party and will come out with a comprehensive statement very soon,' Congress general secretary Shakeel Ahmed told IANS over phone.
'In spite of the Trinamool releasing the list of its candidates, I am very hopeful that the talks between the Congress leadership and the Trinamool supremo (Mamata Banerjee) will bear fruit,' said state Congress president Manas Bhuniya.
The SUCI-C leadership also expressed its disappointment over Trinamool unilaterally announcing its candidates and constituencies.
'We had demanded a total of 12 assembly seats. But I have come to know that we are given only two seats. We will discuss the issue with them. Let us see,' said Soumen Basu, senior SUCI-C leader.
The Trinamool's list of candidates for 228 assembly seats has its own share of singers, actors and artists.
The list has named various personalities such as former state chief secretary Manish Gupta and former Indian Police Service (IPS) officers Rachpal Singh and Sultan Singh.
The Trinamool also gave tickets to National Award winning actress Debashree Roy, Bengali actor Chiranjeet, theatre personality Bratya Basu and singers Anup Ghosal and Parikhit Bala.
''Maa Mati Manush' (mother, soil and people) will form its own government after winning two-thirds majority in the assembly. The people of Bengal will break the shackles of misrule of the Marxist government,' said Banerjee.

Ladies are so like each other in their behaviour.
A certain lady in the south had done the same.
She too had put out her list of candidates unilaterally.
However, her opponents mad such a ruckus that she had to withdraw her list and negotiate with her allies.
Mamata has done the same.
The Congress should not accept the crumbs she has thrown.
It is better to go down fighting than to accept such ignominious behaviour.
I would suggest Rahul to revive the Congress campaign in Bengal.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Black money in realty acknowledges PM

Black money in realty an unfortunate reality: PM

New Delhi, March 18 (IANS) In a candid admission that black money in the realty sector was an unfortunate reality in India, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Friday said one way out of this malaise was to reduce stamp duties that may tempt undervaluation of assets.
'As far as black money in real estate is concerned, unfortunately that is a realty,' the prime minister said at the 10th edition of the India Today Conclave at the Taj Palace Hotel here.
'One way out of this would be to lower the stamp duties. The stamp duties in our country are a big obstacle to cleaning the mess with regards to transactions in real estate,' he said during the question-answer session after his inaugural address.
'So that is one way in which we can work towards a system whereby black money will be less of a menace in transactions related to real estate.'
The prime minister's comments come against the backdrop of the findings of the finance minisry that creation of black was the highest in the real estate sector, followed by the manufacturing industry.

Our PM is very simplistic.
He should inform us which sector does not have corruption.
Wherever the government puts its hands turns into a goldmine of corruption.
Deemed University Scam, CWG, ISRO, 2G, Adarsh, payment for votes in Nuclear approval.
We are seeing these one after another and yet the PM just singles out Realty.
How very funny.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SC cancels Hasan Ali's bail

NEW DELHI, 17 MARCH: Pulling up a Mumbai court, the Supreme Court today cancelled the bail granted to Mr Hasan Ali Khan in a money laundering case and granted the Enforcement Directorate (ED) a four-day custody of the businessman after observing it was “deeply disturbed” over the way the judge had conducted the proceedings.

The SC cited “extraordinary circumstances” of the case in staying the 11 March order of Mumbai principal sessions judge Mr ML Tahaliyani who granted bail to the 53-year-old Pune-based stud farm owner, denying the ED's plea for his custodial interrogation.

A Bench of Mr Justice B Sudershan Reddy and Mr Justice SS Nijjar said it was “deeply disturbed” at the manner in which the trial court judge had rejected the ED's contention and granted bail while giving a lengthy order for it.
The SC initially remanded Mr Khan in ED's custody for 72 hours but extended it to four days following a plea made by solicitor-general Mr Gopal Subramanium. “The way the proceedings were conducted, we are deeply disturbed,” the Bench observed, while staying the trial court's order. “Why has the learned judge written so much?” “The order passed by the learned judge has created an extraordinary situation which may ultimately frustrate the entire investigation. Having regard to the extraordinary situation, complexity of the issue and the magnitude of the case, we deem it fit to stay the order,” the Bench said.

The order was passed after the ED, stung by the Mumbai court's rejection of its plea for custodial interrogation of Mr Khan, moved the SC. Earlier, making a forceful plea on behalf of the ED, the solicitor-general submitted to the court that the trial court judge had exceeded his brief and passed an unusual order for granting bail to Mr Khan, despite neither the accused nor his counsel making any plea for it.
He pointed out that the judge had granted bail to Mr Khan while dealing with the ED's plea for his remand to conduct custodial interrogation. The solicitor-general claimed that the ED was in possession of incriminating evidence against Mr Khan which showed that he has stashed a staggering amount black money in a number of banks abroad. He alleged Mr Khan had withdrawn about US$ 60,000 from a Swiss bank and cited communications from Swiss official sources to substantiate the allegation.

Mr Tahaliyani had rejected ED's plea for custodial interrogation of Mr Khan on the ground that the agency could not prove any “scheduled offence” against him to justify its plea in this regard. He had also said some of the “confidential” evidence provided by the ED was available on “Wikipedia”, a free encylopedia.
Mr Khan is facing a Rs 70,000-crore tax demand notice from the income tax department besides the ED probe. The ED had arrested Mr Khan on 7 March after being pulled up by the Supreme Court for having failed to interrogate him in custody.

Seeing the corruption cases within the judiciary, one cannot help but wonder how much the learned judge Mr. ML Tahaliyani was paid by Khan to pass the order.
When the whole of India is crying hoarse against corruption, it required some courage of the part of the judge to grant him bail.
Must have been a big sum.

Computer - Male or Female?

The teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer' should be a masculine or a feminine noun. Each group was asked to give four reasons for its recommendation.

The men's group decided that 'computer' should definitely be of the feminine gender ('la computadora'), because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic;
2 The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;
3. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and
4. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself
spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

The women's group, however, concluded that computers should be Masculine ('el computador'), because:

1. In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on;
2. They have a lot of data but still can't think for themselves;
3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem; and
4. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.
Offcourse - The women won.

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Negligence leads to Death at Fortis Excorts

The following has been posted, a website which highlights the negligence of the medical profession in India. I can only convey my heartfelt sympathies to Ankit Kalra and hope the hospital and the two doctors are punished.

Member Cases: Brutal Murder of My Father at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute
By Ankit Dev Kalra
My father, Mr. Sudhir Kumar Kalra, a Mechanical Engineer by qualification and a businessman by profession, died on September 13, 2009 due to gross medical negligence by the doctors at the Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi, namely Dr. Nishant Chaurasia and Dr. Sameer Srivastava. A brief description of this horrific incidence is given below:

1) My father, a resident of Dehradun, complained of dizziness and some difficulty in breathing on September 10, 2009. He was brought to the S. K. Memorial hospital in Dehradun where he was diagnosed to have a silent heart attack. Dr. Ajay Khanna (doctor in-charge) at the said hospital treated my father for the next 2 days as he recovered slowly. His general condition became stable. Although Dr. Khanna was very optimistic and assured us for a complete and full recovery of my father, he advised that my father would require a cardiac pacemaker.

2) As my father was quite stable by September 13, 2009 and in order to assure the best pacemaker available to use for my father, Dr. Khanna advised that my father may be taken to the Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi for putting the pacemaker. The Escorts Heart Institute obviously has a better reputation in India. As such, in the evening of September 12, 2009, my father was shifted to the Escorts Heart Institute in an ambulance equipped with ICU facilities.

3) Of course, the ambulance took adequate precautions to drive from Dehradun to Delhi and drove slowly this long distance. My father had continuous drips running all the way in the ambulance that contained all the necessary drugs as advised by the doctors from the Dehradun hospital. My father was in quite good condition and talked with us all the while as he was in the ambulance on his way to the Escorts Heart Institute. My brother had already contacted the Escorts Heart Institute and as soon as we reached the said hospital at about 4.30 AM on September 13, 2009, about 7 to 8 nurses came rushing out with a stretcher to move my father inside the hospital. Before we could even accompany the patient, the nurses whisked him away putting a medical gown. They even removed my father’s silver chain.

4) However, as we also rushed inside the hospital within a few minutes, we realized that there was no doctor, senior or junior, available to examine my father. As indicated above, my brother had already contacted Dr. Sameer Srivastava, a senior physician, who had also promised to be there by 4 AM considering the urgency of the matter.

5) After waiting for quite some time, Dr. Nishant Chaurasia walked in almost half asleep. He was obviously sleeping on duty even when an emergency patient was brought in with previous information. Dr. Chaurasia did not even listen to the complete history of the patient and when I tried to share with him the specific directions given by the Dehradun Hospital and tried to inform him that the doctors in Dehradun gave strict and specific instruction that that drips that were running must be continued until the pacemaker is installed. Unfortunately, Dr. Chaurasia had no interest to listen to the history of the patient. He did not even bother to read that prescription/discharge summary given by the Dehradun Hospital. Dr. Chaurasia simply handed me the admission form and asked me to pay Rs. 10,000/- (ten thousand) as hospital charge.

6) It must be emphasized that when we departed Dehradun with my father in the ambulance, Dr. Khanna of Dehradun had emphatically advised us as well as the medical attendant in the ambulance not to remove the IV drip from the patient as contained life-saving drugs for the survival of the patient. Shockingly, the attendants at the Escorts Heart Institute immediately removed the IV drip from my father without reading the discharge summary or caring to know what was there in the IV drip.

7) My father started complaining suffocation, breathlessness and chest pain as soon as his IV drip was removed. He also started to sweat profusely. To our utter shock and bewilderment, my father succumbed to death soon thereafter. When we asked questions to Dr. Chaurasia about this unthinkable situation, he simply ignored us and left the room.

8) Despite the fact that my father had already expired (as was evident from his body), several doctors/nurses rushed in and took my father to an inside room. When we reached the said room, we found a group of doctors/nurses were trying to give cardiac massage to my father. However, there was no cardiac defibrillator used on my father which is a routine thing used in case of heart failure. There was absolutely no reaction to their massage therapy for my father and it was evidently clear that he had passed away. Shockingly enough, the doctors present there kept on telling us that my father was still alive.

9) At about 6 AM, Dr. Chaurasia came up to us with a smirk on his face and asked us to sign a form for the insertion of “ARTIFICIAL PACE MAKER” for my father. Of course, I refused to sign the said form because it was beyond any doubt that my father had already died some time ago and this was nothing but a sinister attempt on part of the Escorts Heart Institute to cover up the act of gross negligence that killed my father. In fact, I came to learn later that they inserted the artificial pacemaker into my father anyway even after his death and without any signature for “consent”.

10) Dr. Sameer Srivastava arrived eventually at around 6.30 AM and candidly admitted before us that my father had died due to negligence committed by Dr. Chaurasia. He also apologized and promised that he and the hospital would punish Dr. Chaurasia for his misdeeds. It must be mentioned that all arrangements for immediate care of my father was made with Dr. Srivastava the night before and despite promising to be there as soon as my father reached the Escorts Heart Institute, he was nowhere to be found until long after the death of my father. This is a brazen violation of medical ethics and a clear transgression of the Section 2.4 of the MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations” which is mandatory for all physicians in India and which clearly states that a patient must not be neglected at any cost and that a doctor must appear on time to save the life of a patient.

11) After acting a pathetic drama to show that the doctors/nurses were making all attempts to save the life of my father (even though he was dead a long time ago), we were asked to clear hospital bill of Rs. 36,000/- (thirty-six thousand) to take the dead body of my father. However, in a strange development which can only imply medical negligence on the part of the hospital, the said bill was waived for no apparent reason. In fact, the hospital even returned the Rs. 10,000/- that we had paid earlier at the time of admission.

The unfortunate description of the horrific way that my father had to die at the Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi leaves no room for any doubt that my father was a victim of gross medical negligence. The said hospital including the associated nurses/attendants and specifically Dr. Chaurasia and Dr. Srivastava have recklessly treated my departed father even after being fully informed that he was being brought from a long distance for better treatment to the Escort Heart Institute. The way my late father was treated blatantly violated the MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations” including Sections 1.1.2 (prime objective is to “render service to humanity”), 1.2.1 (should treat patient on “scientific basis”, 2.1.1 (should respond immediately “calls of the sick and injured”), 2.4 (should not “neglect the patient”) and 7.1(violation of any MCI rules).

In view of the discussion above, I earnestly request you to investigate and take immediate disciplinary actions against the brazenly errant doctors and hospitals as mentioned above. The Section 8.4 of the MCI “Code of Ethics and Regulations” also stipulates that complaints against doctors/hospitals must be taken within a period of 6 months and as such, I sincerely hope that you will investigate this matter as soon as possible and take exemplary punitive action against the reckless doctors who caused the untimely demise of my father.

Thank you.


Ankit Dev Kalra,
Address - 4 East Canal Road,
Dehradun - 248001.Uttranchal.

Phone - 0135-2745897

(M) 09719050969

(M) 09811110977

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And God made Eve


After three weeks in the Garden of Eden, God came to visit Eve. 'So, how is everything going?' inquired God.

'It is all so beautiful, God,' she replied. 'The sunrises and sunsets are breathtaking, the smells, the sights, everything is wonderful, but I have just one problem.

It's these breasts you have given me. The middle one pushes the other two out and I am constantly knocking them with my arms, catching them on branches and snagging them on bushes. They're a real pain..'

And Eve went on to tell God that since many other parts of her body came in pairs, such as her limbs, eyes, ears, etc. She felt that having only two breasts might leave her body more 'symmetrically balanced'.

'That's a fair point,' replied God, 'But it was my first shot at this, you know. I gave the animals six breasts, so I figured that you needed only half of those, but I see that you are right. I will fix it up right away.'

And God reached down, removed the middle breast and tossed it into the bushes

Three weeks passed and God once again visited Eve in the Garden of Eden.

'Well, Eve, how is my favorite creation?'

'Just fantastic,' she replied, 'But for one oversight. You see, all the animals are paired off. The ewe has a ram and the cow has her bull. All the animals have a mate except me. I feel so alone.'

God thought for a moment and said, 'You know, Eve, you are right. How could I have overlooked this? You do need a mate and I will immediately create a man from a part of you. Let's see....where did I put that useless Tit?'

Now doesn't THAT make more sense than all that crap about the rib?