Friday, November 30, 2007



I am sure most of you who have seen it will remember the unparalleled rendition of the song “Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak” by Rex Harrison in the above film.
I am reminded every morning of the song when I go to office, with a slight difference.
I sing, “Why can’t the government teach the transport people how to write”
While I stand on VIP road, at the Bangur Avenue stoppage, public and private buses whiz past me without any fixed bus stops.
They stop as they will or do not stop at all.
And the most difficult part is finding out which bus is going where.
The government has passed a law that all vehicles will have the registration number plates of so and so size and the background and letters should be of such size and colours. That’s very good and highly appreciated.
But what about the poor commuter.
He has to look all over the face of the bus to see where the route is written.
If he locates it, he has to wait until the bus is just 10 ft away to be able to read it.
Why can’t the government also instruct the bus people to write their routes clearly at some place on the buses faces so that it is visible at a distance of at least 50 ft.
But we in Bengal can also count one blessing.
Everything is written in English.
If you have been to Tamil Nadu, you will find that they write the bus routes in Tamil and in Gujarat write in Gujarati.
So even if you are educated, you have to ask the local people like a rustic as to where this bus is going.
Why can’t the Central government instruct all states to write the bus route and all important road signs in English and the local language?
I wish I could satisfy the whims of the Cow Belt politicians and have them write in Hindi also but there is no space on the bus face to write in 3 languages and if you do write the letters will become too small to make them useful.
As it is, the cow belt politicians are the root cause of this language paracholism , which exists in different states.
If they had not tried to impose Hindi, this problem would not have occurred.
Our Bombay film industry would have ensured that everybody in India knew Hindi.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi friends,

In my report on the centenary celebrations at Goethals I had mentioned that on 4Th November, we had an inter-active session with the class X boys.
Richard Johnson who has had previous experience in such inter-actions arranged this event.
It was a good start.
I would like to carry it forward from there.
About 550 old boys came for the centenary.
We may assume another 500 boys knew of the centenary celebrations but could not make it for some reason or the other.
We may assume an equal number may not have any inkling of the celebrations and showed no effort to come.
So we have about 2000 boys with an average of about 20 years of experience with them.
This comes to about 40000-man years experience.
This experience is in all professions
This could be used for the benefit of the boys.
I would suggest our blog could be made interactive where the boys of the school can post their queries or problems and the 2000 boys who have now come together could help them find answers.
Why, even the old boys, if they have problems, could get a solution from the others.
This is just a suggestion.
I await your response.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Goethals's Centenary - More Pictures

Hi friends,

Answering my request for more photographs of the Centenary celebrations,
Arun Shroff of 1963 was kind to send me the following photographs taken during those great days.
While the other photographs are excellent,
the Roll of Honour photographs may not be very clear because
they were taken from a distance to cover the maximum boys.
You may be able to see your name if you enlarge it.
Arun has also given me some vintage photographs which I shall try to put up by tomorrow.

Cheers for Goethals


A scene from the Mall, Darjeeling

A view of Darjeeling

A complete view of the classrooms taken from the hospital end

Arun Shroff, Dr Prakash Bhartia and his sister taken on the first floor in front of the classrooms

Arun Shroff with Anup Daw

Arun Shroff with Anup Daw

A View of the March Past.
Can you hear the Colonel Boogie’s march being played.

Another view of the March Past

Rev. Bro T P Fitspatrick with A S Chanda and Soumen Neogi

Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1951 and 1954

Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1951 and 1954

Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1951 and 1954

Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1958 and 1961

Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1951 and 1954
Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1951 and 1954

Roll of Honour
A list of some of the boys admitted between 1953 and 1954

Fireworks on the 3rd November

Fireworks on the 3rd November

Fireworks on the 3rd November

Soumen Neogi, Arun Shroff and A S Chanda


“Kindly advice if Prakash Bhartia was the P Bhartia I remember. He was in the year below me in the class of 1960. For what has he been honoured by the Canadians?


John Tresham
Class of '59 “

Dear friends,

I just received the following message from John Tresham of 1959 batch.

The best reply I can think of is sending him a picture of the write-up we made in our Centenary Souvenir for both Joe Garibaldy and Dr. Prakash Bhartia.

Since, many of you may not have got the souvenir, it would help you appreciate the greats Goethals has produced.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Modern Day Animal Farm

The events in Nandigram and response of the communist party leaders is on expected lines.
It takes me back to my school days when I read "Animal Farm" by George Orwell, that master story teller.
It reminds me of Napoleon, a Yorkshire boar ( good name for pig) who was modelled after Joseph Stalin.
Napoleon would bleat "Four Legs good, two legs bad"
Just like our communists bleat killing for party is good but killing for religion is bad.
It makes no difference whether you are a Narendra Modi killing the minorities, or Budhadev Bhattacharya killing people who oppose his grabbing their land for industrial purpose by sending in his cadres.
You are killing a human being, a creation of God.
But then, of course, they do not believe in God also.
Ironically, George Orwell's book is about communists and they are the heroes of the Nandigram misadventure.
They behave so arrogantly, saying what they have done is good.
They know that there is no opposition to kick them out of power in this state.
That is what they deserve.
The Congress party has sold its soul to them for power at the centre.
Mamta Banerjee could have taken them head on.
But she is a bundle of confusion and contradictions.
She does not know whether to align with the Congress or the NDA.
Whether to resign or to continue.
The people of Bengal too have lost faith in her.
So what do the poor people of Bengal do?
The communists destroyed our educational system.
Bengalis were the leaders in education.
Bengal's strength was English.
By removing English from the primary stage, our boys have been so weakened in English speaking that they do not stand any chance outside Bengal.
Karnataka and other states saw the mushrooming of Engg Colleges about 20 years ago.
Our communist leaders just stuck with B E College, Jadavpur University, Durgapur and Jalpaiguri Engg. colleges and of course IIT, Kharagpur.
They probably thought Engg Education is for the reactionary forces.
The result is for all to see.
Karnataka and Bangalore have become another Silicon City.
Bengal is trying to catch up. They will, may be after 50 years.
Now like people from Patna, they try underhand means in places like Chandigarh to gain admission in good educational institutions for they cannot do so with their abilities.
The communists destroyed our industries with their Bandhs, Hartals, Go Slows and other non productive activities.
They destroyed the IT industry in Bengal by not allowing computers in Banks when they first came to India with the result no IT industry came to Bengal
Now they talk of having software Parks and IT SEZ's when they cannot even control their cadres from halting work in these 24 x 7 offices.
I just feel sorry for Bengal.
With the Left front in power, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
Even God will not be able to save Bengal, as long as they are in power.


Saturday, November 24, 2007


On the 19th of November, Bengal celebrated the Jagadatri Puja.
Jagadatri is a form of Durga whose Puja Bengal did abut a month back.

In days gone by, Jagadatri Puja was celebrated as a community Puja only in Chandannagar.

The Para boys, having once had the taste of blood in the form of Durga puja donations could not let this chance pass by.
So now we see the slow mushrooming of Jagadatri Puja pandals all over Kolkata.
In days gone by, Bangur Avenue did not have a single Jagadatri Puja. Pandal,
Then one came up.
This year, I understand, a second one has been started.
As corruption increases, the number of Puja pandals increase.
I wonder if there is a direct relationship between them.
Is that why the communists do not believe in God?
If one were to see the activities of the Para boys, post the puja, one would stop believing in God.
Of course, we do not deny that the local politicians are involved with the Para boys in all their activities, good or bad..
On the 19th we were invited to the family Jagadatri Puja of the Roy’s in Hatibagan.
This Puja is 80 years old and the murti is made of gold. So they tell us.
It was an enjoyable evening with school friends and families meeting so soon after the centenary celebrations. It ended with a very good vegetarian dinner and arati.
Some photographs are attached for your benefit.

Today was Guru Nanak’s Birthday and also Purnima.
So My wife and I decided to visit our Gurudev’s ashram at Garia..
The ashram is set in more of a village location and is good for spending a day of peace.
It used to be difficult to reach earlier but now with the increase in bus service on the Eastern Bypass, going to it is more convenient.
We spent a half day there taking photos for you all.

A view of the Main Entrance of the Garia Ashram of Asharam Bapu

A view of the Barbasha.
This is the Banyan tree where we Bhakts do the parikrama.
We believe that if we wish anything and it is good for us, our Guru will grant it, if we do the parikrama, reciting our mantras

A view of the Asharam Bapu Ashram

A view of the Shanti Kutiya

A view of Dada Guru's Mandir

A view of the Asharam Bapu Ashram at Garia

Another view of the Barbasa

Different Murals made on the wall inside the main hall
Lord Krishna: “ Everyday, in this world, use your body to serve others,, your mind to think good for them and your wealth to help them”

Meerabai “ Without Satsang you cannot be a good thinker and satsang is given to you only with the blessing of Lord Rama”

Chaitanya Mahpravu: “ Overcoming all hindrances, attend satsang daily.
If you do not find the opportunity, your life is wasted”

Bhagwan Buddha: “Everybody in this world is poor, there is no rich person.The only person who can be considered rich is one who has Lord Rama’s name on his lips”

Guru Nanak :”Everybody loves a person who is soft spoken, lovable at heart, controls his feelings, simple and straightforward and broad hearted ”

A view of the Asharam Bapu Ashram at Garia

A view of the Jagadatri Puja Murti at Bangur Avenue

A view of the Jagadatri Murti and Thakurbari

Standing L to R:A K Roy, S P Chatterjee, H L Roy
Sitting: L to R : Mrs S P Chatterjee, Mrs H L Roy

A view of the Jagadatri Murti and Thakurbari

D K Roy and Family

Standing: Mrs R S Sharma and Mrs. D K Roy
Sitting L to R : A K Roy, H L Roy,D K Roy, S P Chatterjee



Welcome to India, the world’s largest Corrupcracy.-
We have the CEO of the country facing corruption charges even before assuming office
We have the president of the largest ruling party being under cloud for having received kickback against a gun deal done by her late husband.
We have the railway minister being under a cloud because of fodder he had bought for his cows.
Where…. where…where.
This could just go on and on and on.

We do not have Democracy in India, we have C-O-R-R-U-P-C R-A-C-Y.

Is it any surprise therefore that we are facing three more bomb blasts at the same time at three different places in India.
It has been so well timed.
The terrorists have just shown that they can strike at will at any place in India, at any time.
The choice is theirs.
Am I surprised?
What surprises me is that it has taken them so long to strike.
Right from the top to bottom we are corrupt.
What is to prevent them from striking?

After 9/11, USA and other western countries have made security of their country their prime responsibility.
But what do we do?
Our Prime Minister gives out the word that we should use kid gloves against the perpetrators of these terrorist activities.
Because of Vote Bank.
Corruption helps the terrorist right from the time he enters India.
He enters India by bribing the people who are supposed to be guarding our boarders with probably a few ten-rupee notes.

Small money?
But see the havoc he has caused by accepting the bribe.
The suffering he has caused to the mother, father, wife, husband, and children of those who have been killed in these blasts.
And he is probably a God fearing peace loving Hindu who prays mornings and evenings.

The terrorists has been assisted by being brought over and housed by another Indian who arranges all this for a few 100-rupee notes.
A ration card, driving license or some other identity card is arranged for the would be terrorist through the good office of the local politician, without even knowing or seeing the person concerned.

Or a passport issued by the authorities on the recommendation of the policeman from the local thana who issues the verification certificate after receiving again a few 100 rupee notes to be shared with the thana OC.
The would be terrorist gets a SIM card from the many telecom operators who are jostling and fighting amongst each other for extra spectrum after misusing the present spectrum allotted to them.
They issue the cards without doing any verification.
Even going to the extent of issuing SIMs in the name of non-existent and fictitious persons, just to add to the number of connections issued by them so that they can ask for more spectrum.
I would suggest that for every bomb blast that occurs and it is proved that it has been caused by mobile phone, 10 crores each should be charged from operators of both the mobile phones, the sender of the message and the receiver of the message.
This money should be distributed amongst the persons who have been killed in the bomb blasts, Rs 10.00 lakhs for those killed and 1.0 lakhs for those injured.
Further, no further spectrum is released to any telecom operator unless he completes thorough verification of all SIM cards issued so far.
Verification requires manpower.
This would also increase employment.
The telecom operators just want to maximize profits without incurring required expenses.
If any terrorists are caught their are identities should be verified.
All those involved in the issue of ration cards, voter ID cards, passports or any other proof of residence should also be tried as terrorists.
All terrorists accused of terrorism should be tried by fast courts with day to day sittings and judgment should be delivered within one month.
No mercy petitions should be entertained from terrorists after they have been convicted.
They should be summarily tried and executed within one month.
We cannot afford to feed the terrorists from our scarce resources and also have the added fear of other terrorists hijacking planes and using the passengers for bargaining their release.
They deserve no mercy for they cause death to innocent people.
If politicians were killed, I would not mind for they are the cause of this entire problem.
But innocent people are killed.


Friday, November 23, 2007


God is omni everything.
He knows everything.
He is all-powerful and all knowing.
Yet he made man imperfect.
He could have made him perfect with no faults.
But he gave him the pimples and warts with very good white sparkling teeth.
Now it is up to us to feel sorry for his pimples and warts or to appreciate his teeth.
Everything is God’s creation so we should appreciate everything, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Whatever He has made is with a purpose.
I could not express myself better than what Julia K has said on Rex-Barker's site, which I am copying below.

"I am thankful for the wife who says, "Hot dogs for supper"
Because she is home with me, not someone else.
I am thankful for the husband who is on the sofa being a couch potato,
Because he is home with me and not out at the bars.

I am thankful for the teenager who is complaining about doing dishes,
Because she is at home and not out on the streets.

I am thankful for the taxes I pay,
Because it means I am employed.

I am thankful for the mess to clean after a party,
Because it means I have been surrounded by friends.

I am thankful for the clothes that fit a little too snug,
Because it means I have enough to eat.

I am thankful for my shadow that watches me work,
Because it means I am out in the sunshine.

I am thankful for a lawn to mow, windows to clean and gutters to fix,
Because it means I have a home.

I am thankful for the complaining I hear about the government,
Because it means we have freedom of speech.

I am thankful for the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot,
Because it means I am able to walk and I have been blessed with transportation.

I am thankful for my huge heating bill,
Because it means I am warm.

I am thankful for the pile of laundry and ironing,
Because it means I have clothes to wear.

I am thankful for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day,
Because it means I have been able to work.

I am thankful for the alarm that rings early in the morning hours,
Because it means I am alive.”

We could go on and add our own.
I am thankful for the British who ruled over us,
Because now we can rule the world.
I am thankful to Goethals for having disciplined us,
Because we can bring up disciplined children.

Now, I would ask each of you to continue to mention what you are thankful for

For those of you who have a Google account
they could add what they are thankful for in comments.

For others, they could sent it by E mail to me and I could add your comments

Cheers for Goethals


Monday, November 19, 2007

Boarding School or Day School ?

Hi friends,

I have received the following query from Saibal Basu of 1982 batch. He lives in USA and is in a dilemma as to whether he should send his son to a boarding school like Goethals.
Since this is a very pertinent question for all of us ex-students, I have tried to answer it with my 52 years experience. Remember I joined school in 1955.



Happy to receive your note and explanation about the souvenir. I wanted to add that I greatly enjoyed reading your detailed blog about your visit to GMS after 42 years. You used the right words, it was indeed ' a pilgrimage'.
My wife has also been taking a keen interest in the Centenary and it was a good opportunity for me to share with her stories about my days at Goethals. She is avowedly against sending either of our children to boarding school as is my mother-in-law who is visiting us here in the U.S. She often wonders how many ex-Goethalites (not living in the Darjeeling hills area) have sent their children to Goethals. I was wondering if you have any statistics regarding this matter. Since we ex-Goats hold such fond memories about Goethals and it was a fulfilling experience for most, did that motivate us into sending our children there too?



Dear Saibal,

There is no fixed rule as to whether you should send your son to a boarding school
I will tell you my story.
In 1955 when I joined Goethals, we used to live in erstwhile East Pakistan, at a place called Chuadanga, in Kushtia district. It was only in 1971, the country came to be known as Bangladesh, thanks to Indira Gandhi.

There were two more boys (brothers) who had joined Goethals before me from Chuadanga. Om Prakash and Nandalal Agarwala. Om Prakash was about four years senior to me and Nandu was one year senior.

Chuadanga was a small place.

Nandu was especially protective and saved me from bullies. At that time the school was full of Anglo Indian Bullies, one of whom by the name of Timothy Lyons, I still remember.

My father was very impressed with the English speaking prowess of Om and Nandu and wanted me to be able to speak the same way.For him it was prestige, for me it was a life saver.

You see, living in E Pakistan was very difficult.We felt very unsafe.Every time there were communal riots in India, we felt the repercussions there.

Further, all our relatives lived in India. So whenever there was a family gathering or function we used to come over to India. This used to be quite often as my grandfather had five sons and three daughters and the families then were large. People during those days had not heard of restricted family growth.

Naturally this movement between Kolkata and Chuadanga used to play havoc with my education.

So, it was in my best interest that I was sent to a boarding school

I used to cry a lot when I left our house in Burrabazar and even more when the Darjeeling Mail left Sealdah. I used to sit by the window and as each station passed I would think can I go back home if I get down now.

It was only when our train passed Rampurhat, where we got our lunch, that I gave up hope and started mixing with the boys. So you must understand the trauma we felt when we parted from our parents.

In fact, that was the first question I asked the two small boys of class II whose photographs you may have seen in my report. "Do you cry when you come to school?"

Their answer was the same as mine. " Yes, we cry for sometime and then forget"

My aunt (Jethi), father's elder brother's wife, used to reprimand my mother asking her what sort of mother she was sending her only son away so far. At that time I was the only son. I had an elder and younger sister. It was only later that I got three more brothers.

My uncle (Jetha), used to then explain to my aunt that it was a very good decision which will benefit me later in life. I now agree with him although at that time I used to curse my parents.

I was the first member in our family being educated.

In the previous generation only my second Jetha was a Matriculate. All the other uncles and aunts had dropped out of school after a few years.

The school had given us a prospectus. In it they had mentioned that all clothes of a student should be marked with their names so that they did not get lost.

My father gave all my pants and shirts to a tailor to mark my name.

Now, my name is "R S Sharma".

I don't know how, but the tailor got it into his head and marked them "R D Sharma".

This name was prominently displayed at the bottom of my shirts and pants (seat area) .

Well for the shirts, it was no problem, for they are tucked inside the trousers.

But for the pants you may imagine my embarrassment, walking all around the school with R D Sharma displayed in 1" size letters on my behind.

And the worst part was explaining what R D stood for.

Well, I was ingenuous even in those days.

I used to say Ra Dheshyam Sharma. But I new at heart the boys did not believe me.

Even to this day some of my old friends still call me RD instead of RS.

As matter of fact one friend A K Shroff called up my home a few days back and asked for R D Sharma.

My wife replied that there was no R D Sharma living here.

Fortunately,I was standing by and overheard her reply and retrieved the situation.

Well having lived through all those sad days at that time but happy days looking back, and with all these years of experience.I shall try to answer your question.

You should put your sons in a good boarding school like Goethals, if you can afford it.

I wanted to put my sons in Goethals after around class VI but with all the family responsibilities, I could not afford it.

One should make a dispassionate decision and have their sons admitted if any of the conditions below are fulfilled.

a) If one has a transferable job and would not be able to get his son admitted into a good school in his next posting.

b) If both parents are working and the son is left in the care of ayahs and servants.

c) If he and/or his spouse are of the partying kind and any one or both of them come home drunk.

d) If one has a job which requires a lot of travel and the wife cannot take the responsibility of the son's education

e) If one is an anti-social element, criminal, politician or sex worker, since he/she will be a bad influence on his/her son. Of course, if they want the son to follow their footsteps, DO NOT SEND HIM TO SUCH SCHOOLS, for he may revolt against their activities and leave home.(Many politicians, minister, chief ministers and even prime ministers have made this a family business)

f) If you live in a joint family. Since there always seem to be functions in joint families where every body has to attend and the child's education suffers.

g) If at least one parent is not conversant with the English language to speak to the child at home in English.

h) If you have the child's grandparent(s) living with you who will spoil the child with excessive love and tolerance without any discipline. This is unpleasant to say, I know, but many children have been spoilt by grandparents.

However, if the even one or more of the above conditions conditions do not exist, it is better that the child has his education at least up to class VI or VII, in the care of the parents.

Thereafter, I understand it is difficult to get admission in a boarding school. But if it is possible, a boy should go to a boarding school to gain discipline.

This discipline would stand them in good stead, later when he goes to college.

I have seen boys coming to college.

Getting this freedom suddenly after a sheltered home life spoils many a student.

Their results were good in school when they were at home.

Suddenly in college, they start smoking, drinking and other harmful activities and their results go from bad to worse.

These boys, if they had been broken into hostel life from class VI or VII in school, would not suddenly misuse the new found freedom.

There, I have given my views

I know some may not agree with me. But then dissidence is part of democracy.

Cheers for Goethals


Saturday, November 17, 2007


The sages of ancient India did not have the present day medication.
They searched for common cures for their ailments in Nature.
Thus was founded the Ancient Medical practise of Ayurveda.
But this was a curative treatment, i.e treatment after the onset of disease.
They wanted something which would prevent the disease.
They looked around them and found that animals usually passed their whole lives without disease.
They studied their postures and inculcated those in their daily exercises, calling them yoga asanas.
As a matter of fact quite a few of the asanas are named after animals and nature
This was all dormant until now.
People had heard about them, read about them but they all remained in the books.
Until one man popularised it with the help of modern day media.
That man is Swami Ramdeo and the media is Astha Channel.
I have been practising it for the last 5 years or so and spend about 45 minutes daily doing pranayam with beneficial effect.
Not the complicated Asanas, as my body is too old to take on all those contortions.
I practise the simple breathing exercises with simple asanas.
I had angina pain sometime in October 2001.
After about three months of medication, I underwent angioplast in January 2002.
I started Pranayam around June 2002.
I started feeling so well thereafter that I stopped my medicines, without consulting the doctor.
That was my fault.
My angina pains started again in September 2005 and I had to undergo my second Angioplast that same month.
Since then I have been doing pranayam regularly for about 30 to 45 minutes daily and have reduced my medicines under medical advise.
I am feeling hale and hearty and even visited the Roly Poly area near our school in Kurseong on foot during the recent centenary celebrations.
I want to share my gains with everybody so that they can also gain good health and wealth. It is only in old age that a person realizes the value of good health.
It is only then , with rising medical bills, that a persons realizes the truth in the saying, Health is Wealth.
I am explaining below lucidly the pranayams I do with pictures so that everybody can follow clearly and start a pranayam programme themselves.

Certain precautions are to be taken. These I mention right in the beginning.
WHEN: The best time for doing pranayam is early morning on an empty stomach, after going to the toilet.
If you do not get time in the morning, you could do it in the evening also, again on an empty stomach. At least five hours must have lapsed after your last meal.
BREATHING: Breathe in (Inhale) when you bend backward and breathe out (Exhale) when you bend forward.

Before inhaling deeply, if you exhale all the air in your lungs and allow the stomach to go in, you will be able to fill your lungs to the maximum capacity.
BENDING: People with backaches should not bend forward and people with hernia should not bend backward.

KAPAL BHATI should not be done by a)pregnant ladies, b)ladies during their periods, c)patients who have had stomach or by pass operations in the last 3 to 6 months.
Pranayam should be done in the open fresh air.
In case it is done in a room there should be free flow of fresh air from outside through a window or door.
There are three types of Lotus poise or Padmasan.
Padmasan, Ardh-padmasan and Sukhasan.
For the first you must start at an early age, otherwise it is difficult. In this both your feet cross each other and rest on the thighs.
Ardh Padmasan is easier but still many cannot sit in this posture. I can't. In this one foot crosses the other and rest on the thigh but the other foot rest on the ground
Everybody can sit in Sukhasana.
You can sit straight on a mat laid on the ground with your legs folded comfortably with both feet on the ground.
You can also sit erect in a chair if you have difficulty sitting on the ground.
Sick people can also lie in the bed while doing pranayam, if, they are too ill to sit up.
Sukh means pleasure and Asana means posture.
So you should be comfortable when doing the pranayams.
Sit in a posture which gives least discomfort.

Your hands should lie loosely on your knees as shown.
The index finger and thumb should touch and the other tree fingers remain straight.
This is called the Gyan Mudra.
Keep your mouth and eyes closed lightly.
(A) Exhale all air from your lungs and stomach slowly.
(B)Then inhale deeply through your nose so that your lungs are filled with air..
Hold the breath for a second and then exhale through your nose until it is completely exhausted. Then repeat
This intake and exhaust of breath should be done at least 25 times.
This would take about 5 minutes.
In the beginning you can start with 2 minutes and gradually increase to 5 minutes.
When you inhale, repeat the word "Om" in your mind and when you exhale count the breath.
Sit in the same posture as in (01).
Take a deep breath and exhale as in (A)
(C)Just before the breath is completely exhaled, force air through the nose in a rush. When you do this, the stomach will automatically go in by itself.
This is something like when you blow your nose or cough, your stomach goes in.
You force out air through your nose, your stomach goes in.
Each stroke should take about a second.
You do not do anything to take in air.
Air enters your lungs automatically when you release your stomach after it goes in.
Do not hold your breath.
You can do about 200 stomach strokes in 5 minutes.
I do it for about 200 times.
I repeat this thrice alternately with Anulom Vilom to give me 15 minutes.
You can begin with just 5 minutes and then gradually increase to 15 minutes.
When air is pushed through the nose, count the stroke and when the stomach is released, say "Om" in your mind.
(03) BAHAYA also called TRIBAND
Sit straight.
Inhale deeply and exhale air slowly through the nose.
Pull in your stomach.
Squeeze your anus muscles and pull up.
Lower your chin to your chest.
Hold your breath and pull up your body so that it is even more straight.
Hold for about 5 seconds and then release your body.
Repeat the procedure another two times.
This Bahaya pranayam is done to make your spine straight for the next pranayam Anulom Vilom.
Kapal Bhati has a tendency to make you slouch slightly.
So after about 100 strokes in Kapalbhati, you could stop.
Take a deep breath and release it.
When you do this your body again becomes straight.
You can then resume the Kapalbhati strokes.
If you have acute heart problems or cervical Spondilitis, you could do Agnisar instead of Bahaya Pranayam.
Take a deep breath and release it slowly.
Then pull in your stomach and release it while holding your breath.
This is repeated about 15 times.
Again, take a deep breath and release slowly.
Again repeat the cycle.
This cycle can be repeated about 7 times to give a total of 105 strokes.
This pranayam is very beneficial for people having constipation and gas problems and also can be done while sitting on the toilet seat.

Sit in the same straight posture.
Exhale all air from the lungs and stomach.
(A)Raise the right hand and close the right nostril with the thumb.
(B)Inhale slowly through your the left nostril until the lungs are full.
Hold the breath for a second.
(C)Close the left nostril using the middle and ring finger.
(D)Exhale the breath slowly through the right nostril.
The left nostril should remain closed until all the air has been exhaled
(E)Now, inhale deeply through the right nostril
Close the right nostril as in (A) and hold the breath for a second.
Then release the air slowly through the left nostril. Now, take a deep breath through the left nostril as in (B).
Now repeat the cycle about 30 times.
This should take about 5 minutes.
While inhaling you could recite "Om" in your mind and count during exhaling
You could start with one cycle of 5 minutes and gradully increase to 3 cycles of 5 minutes (Total 15 minutes) alternately with Kapalbhati and Bahaya pranayams.
That is 02,03 and 04 are repeated.
Close both your ears with the thumb of both hands.
Close both your eyes. The index fingers are positioned on the forehead. The middle and ring fingers positioned lightly on the eyes and nose bridge and the little finger positioned lightly below the eyes. Concentrate your mind at the centre of the forehead, between the eye brows.
Take a deep breath until your lungs are full and then exhale the breath slowly with the humming sound of a bumble bee. The vibration should take place with the mouth closed so that the sound vibrates through your head and brains.
This is repeated 3 to 5 times.
Sit striaght.
Keep your hands on your knees in the Gyan mudra.
Take a deep breath and release the air slowly through the mouth with the sound of "OM"
"O" should be short and "M" should be long.
Since "M" is sounded with the mouth closed we again have a humming sound vibrating through our mind.
For (05) and (06) while the sounds vibrate through the brain, we should think of the Almighty and His powers. We think of His grace and all He has given us. We concentrate our minds at the centre of our foreheads.
We should see a bright glow of light.
(07) Now sit still, eyes closed and concentate on your own breathing for about a minute.
The air goes in and out.
Concentrate on each breath as it goes in and out.
After a minute or so raise both your hands, rub them to generate heat and then place them on your eyes.
This is the complete Pranayam Package advocated by Swami Ramdeo.
A few asanas are recommended by him for different parts of the body


Sit on your feet in the Bajraasana as shown.
Take a deep breath and release your breath.
Press both your fists on either side of the navel, count 5 and then release the pressure.
Repeat three times.

Take a deep breath and release your breath
Place the palm of both hands on the navel, one on top of the other and press the stomach.
Count 5 and then release pressure
Repeat three times.
If you do not have any pain in the back, you may bend forward so that your head touches the knee when you press the fist or palm into the stomach.
If you have back problems, sit straight while you press the fists or palms in Bajrasana.

Sit with your knees stretched to the right and left and your feet soles touching each other.
Hold the feet with your hands with your fingers interlocked.
Now rock your knees up and down like a butterfly so that the kenes touch the ground

I must admit I am not very good in this
My clasped hand do not reach the feet
My knees do not touch the ground
I suppose that is because I am not a butterfly
See if you can do it

Your hands are stretched back to support you in the next three asanas

Bring your feet close together again.
Using your heels as fulcrum, rotate the feet first in the clockwise direction and then in the anticlockwise direction. Ten times in each direction

Keep your stretched legs abour 1 1/2 to 2 feet apart.
Rock the complete leg and feet from thigh downward in both the right and left direction.

This should be done about 20 times. Right and Below

(A)Stretch your legs forward so that your feet are near each other.
Move both the feet together forward and backward while wriggling the toes.
This should be done about 10 times.

Sit in the Sukhasan
Raise both hands with closed fists in front of you upto your shoulder level as shown.
Rotate the fists ten times first in the closckwise direction and then in the anticlosckwise direction ten times.
Bend your hand at the elbows and touch your shoulders with the fingers of your hands.
Move your elbow in front.
Now rotate the elbows from your shoulders in complete circles while the hands remain touching the shoulders.
Rotate ten times in one direction and then ten times in the opposite direction.
Right and Below

(D) Hold your left hand with your right hand and pull it to the right behind your head, holding your head straight.
Repeat the same, now holding the right hand with the left hand.
This is also done twice or thrice
Right and Below

Press the palm of the right hand against the right side of your head near the ear.
The head is pressed with equal force against the hand,
This is repeated twice or thrice.
This is repeated with the left hand
and the left side of the head, thrice.
Right and Below

Clasp your hands and interlock the fingers as shown.
Press the interlocked palms against the back of your head..
The head presses the hand and the hand presses the head with equal force.
This is done twice or thrice.

Note: When you do these asanas, breathe in while you raise your body(bend backward) and breathe out when you lower your body(straighten out).
Lie flat on a hard surface on your stomach but with your hand by your side, palms facing down near your chest and elbow raised at angle to the body.
Raise the top portion of your body from the waist using the palm of your hands as support. Hold for 5 seconds and then lower your body.
This is repeated 3 times

Lie flat on a hard surface on your stomach with your hands flat, palms facing up on both sides.
Raise the top portion of your body from your waist and the lower portion of your body from the waist down.Hold for 5 seconds and then lower your body.
This is repeated 3 times.

Lie flat as in on your stomach with your hands on your side, palm up
Raise first the right leg slowly from the waist down and hold for 5 seconds.
Lower the leg slowly.
Now raise your left leg slowly from the waist down, hold for 5 seconds and then lower your leg slowly.
This right and left leg cycle is repeated 3 times.
Right and Below

Lie flat on your back with your hands outstretched at right angle to your body and palm facing up, knees bent and your feet close together near your thighs as shown.
Move the whole body to the right so that the right knee touches the ground and the left knee lies on the right knee and the head is turned to the left.Hold for 5 seconds.

Return to the central position.
Now move the whole body to the left so that the left knee touches the ground and the right knee touches the left knee and the head turns right.
Return to the central position.
Repeat 3 times.

Lie on your back with your hands outstretched at right angle to your body, knees bent and your feet one foot apart near your thighs as shown.
Move the whole body to the right so that the right knee touches the ground and the left knee touches the right feet and the head is turned to the left.Hold for 5 seconds.

Return to the central position.
Now move the whole body to the left so that the left knee touches the ground and the right knee touches the left feet and the head turns right.
Return to the central position.
Repeat 3 times
I do not take any cedit for what I have written.
All credit should go to Swami Ramdeo who has brought about a revolution in health consciousness, using pranayam, of not only Indians but the whole world, wherever, he has visited.
This is just a small effort on my part to light the lamp of pranayam in your minds.

For more details I would advise all of you to watch Astha Channel where the Swami explains the benefits even better with live interviews with people who have benefitted by doing pranayam.
You could benefit even more by paying a visit to his Patanjali Yogopeeth in Haridwar.
This visit too I have not been able to make as yet.
In conclusion, I would suggest that if the boys in Goethals could also start doing Pranayam and Yoga, they would also benefit greatly.
Their general health, stamina concentration and memory power would improve.

Cheers for Goethals.