Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Wonder in a baby


When a newborn baby is placed on his mother's stomach so that she can embrace him, it is no accident that the umbilical cord is of just the right length - approximately 20 inches - to make this possible while the baby is still attached to the placenta.


The bony plates of a baby's skull remain separate after birth. Small gaps between them are covered by a tough, membranous tissue that is strong enough to resist all but a sharp, direct blow. The plates eventually touch, forming wavy sutures which become harder and stronger until the skull is fused; in most cases, this takes between 18 and 24 months.


A full-term newborn has a secret weapon - "brown" fat. This special type of fatty tissue, which burns calories, makes up five per cent of the baby's body and is located in the back, shoulders and neck. It liberates heat through a special chemical process if the baby's body starts to cool unduly.


If a parent presses their forefingers into the palms of a newborn baby's hands, his tiny fingers respond by curling tightly and clinging on. Amazingly, if the parent then gently lifts the clasped forefingers, the baby's grasp is usually so strong that his whole body can hang in mid-air, with his bent fingers supporting his weight.


The resting heart rate for an infant (115 pulses per minute) is about the same as that of an adult who has been performing strenuous exercise.


A baby can identify his mother by her unique body fragrance and a blindfolded woman has the ability to identify her child from a host of other babies by scent alone. A sleeping mother can identify the cry of her baby, too. She is programmed to wake only at the sound of her particular infant.


Adults respond to particular features - found in their most exaggerated form on a baby's face. These include a large forehead, a button nose, big eyes, fine hair and a small chin. When an adult sees an unfamiliar baby face, so powerful is the instinct that the brain reacts within one-seventh of a second.


The average weight of a baby at birth is 7-8lb, but the smallest baby ever to survive (a premature one) weighed only 8.5oz at birth. The heaviest weighed in at 22lb.


The exact number of infant bones varies but there are usually about 270 at birth compared to an adult, who has 206. The reductions take place in the central skeleton, owing to the fusing together of bones in the spine and skull. A baby is born without ossified kneecaps - these do not develop until he is two years old.


During his first week outside the womb, a typical baby sleeps for 16.6 hours out of every 24 in as many as 18 separate naps. By the age of six months, his total sleep time is 14 hours, and by the age of five, it is down to 12 hours per day.


One in 10 children is left-handed; from studies of ancient axe handles, we know this bias has existed for at least 200,000 years. A clue may lie in the fact that the majority of babies lie in the womb with their right sides closer to their mother's body surface, therefore it receives more stimulation during pregnancy.


Girls are more sensitive to touch than boys - on average, girls just a few hours old react to a weak puff of air against their belly and squirm and cry more than boys when uncovered. Other investigators have found that plenty of skin contact produces babies who cry less and are healthier.


The brain of a child is much busier than that of an adult. In the brain of a newborn, there are about 2,500 synapses (connections between brain cells) attached to each of the 10 billion neurons or brain cells he possesses. In a two-year-old, this number rises to 15,000 - more than in the brain of adults, who lose some of these connections over time, as the ones that are used less are eventually eliminated.


When a toddler reaches the age of 15 months, a moment of truth arrives. He looks in the mirror, waves his hand, and the "other person" waves back in exactly the same way. The child realises that what he sees is himself and not another child. Apart from human toddlers, only chimpanzees, orang-utans, dolphins, elephants and just one gorilla have managed this with any certainty.


Even at the 26th week of pregnancy, it is possible to distinguish a male foetal brain from a female one. Male babies have brains that are more asymmetrical than female babies. They also have more white matter and less grey matter. In female brains there is more symmetry in the "higher association cortex"; the part of the brain that deals with complex mental processes

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Two Coffees in Heaven:

Having arrived at the Gates of Heaven, Barack Obama meets a man with a beard.

'Are you Mohammed?' he asks. 'No my son, I am St. Peter; Mohammed is higher up.'

Peter then points to a ladder that rises into the clouds.

Delighted that Mohammed should be higher than St. Peter, Obama climbs the ladder in great strides, climbs up through the clouds and comes into a room where he meets another bearded man.

He asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?'

'Why no,' he answers, 'I am Moses; Mohammed is higher still.'

Exhausted, but with a heart full of joy he climbs the ladder yet again.

He discovers a larger room where he meets an Angelic looking man with a beard.

Full of hope, he asks again, 'Are you Mohammed?'

'No, I am Jesus, the Christ; You will find Mohammed higher up.'

Mohammed higher than Jesus!

Man, oh man! Obama can hardly contain his delight and climbs and climbs ever higher.

Once again, he reaches an even larger room where he meets this truly magnificent looking man with a silver white beard and once again repeats his question:

'Are you Mohammed?' he gasps as he is by now, Totally out of breath from all his climbing.

'No, my son, I am Almighty God, the Alpha and the Omega, But you look exhausted. Would you like a cup of coffee?'

Obama says, 'Yes please!'

As God looks behind him, he claps his hands

And yells out: "Yo, Mohammed, two coffees!"

Keep your trust in God;

Your President is something else.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

No one can go to jail till CBI is made independent: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, July 14 (ANI): Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday expressed his concern over the number of pending CBI cases which are closed due to the death of the main accused.

"In the last 50 years, the CBI was able to nab only three people- Nar Bahadur Singh Bhandari, Bangaru Laxman and Sukhram. CBI keeps delaying the cases against the accused, the accused dies and the case is closed," he said.

He further said that Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi's death in Milan from a heart attack was another example of where the CBI has failed to unearth the truth in connection with the Rs.64 crore Bofors kickback scam.

"The aim of the CBI was to put corrupt bureaucrats in jail. But the CBI is controlled by corrupt people. No one can go to jail till the CBI is made an independent body, because I feel it's a deliberate attempt to hide the truth," he added.

Quattrocchi,74, died on Saturday in Milan, Italy.

Quattrocchi allegedly acted as a conduit in the scam which caused heavy damage to the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi who lost the 1989 elections. The Italian businessman left the country in 1993 to avoid being arrested.

The case was closed by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in 2011 with no person ever being convicted of in the scam.

The Bofors scam relates to a March 1986 deal between the Indian Government and Swedish arms company Bofors for the supply of 410 155mm Howitzer field guns worth about 285 to 286 million dollars. (ANI)

I agree with Arvind Kejriwal.

What he failed to mention is why these people were nabbed by the CBI.

Bhandari was a leader of a small state with only MPs going into parliament.

Bengaru Laxman was from the BJP so it did not affect the Congress.

Sukhram was from the Congress but he had been utilized fully by the party and therefore there was no more use of him.

He too was a telecom minister.

The Telecom ministry has become a happy hunting ground for all the corrupt ministers.

Three come to mind immediately, Sukhram, Dayanidhi Maran and A.Raja.

It is imperative that the CBI is made completely impervious of political manipulations.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sending SMS's

An elderly couple had just learned how to send text messages on their cell phones.

The wife was a romantic type and the husband was more of a no-nonsense guy.

One afternoon the wife went out to meet a friend for coffee.

She decided to send her husband a romantic text message and she wrote:

"If you are sleeping, send me your dreams.

If you are laughing, send me your smile.

If you are eating, send me a bite.

If you are drinking, send me a sip.

If you are crying, send me your tears.

I love you."

The husband texted back to her: "I'm on the toilet. Please advise."

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Brilliance in Three Parts

Part I :

A. Back off and let those men who want to marry men, marry men.

B. Allow those women who want to marry women, marry women.

C. Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, abort their babies.

D. In three generations, there will be no Democrats.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Part II:

10 Poorest Cities in America and how did it happen?

City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level

1. Detroit , MI 32.5%

2. Buffalo , NY 29.9%

3. Cincinnati , OH 27.8%

4. Cleveland , OH 27.0%

5. Miami , FL 26.9%

5. St. Louis , MO 26.8%

7. El Paso , TX 26.4%

8. Milwaukee , WI 26.2%

9. Philadelphia , PA 25.1%

10. Newark , NJ 24.2%

What do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

Detroit , MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961

Buffalo , NY (2nd) hasn't elected one since 1954

Cincinnati , OH - (3rd) since 1984

Cleveland , OH - (4th) since 1989

Miami , FL - (5th) has never had a Republican mayor

St. Louis , MO - (6th) since 1949

El Paso , TX - (7th) has never had a Republican mayor

Milwaukee , WI - (8th) since 1908

Philadelphia , PA - (9th) since 1952

Newark , NJ - (10th) since 1907

Einstein once said, 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats .. yet they are still POOR.

Part III:

"You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.

You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves."

Abraham Lincoln

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him had better take a closer look at the American Indian.” - Henry Ford

Another Government study provides outstanding results . . .

CSIRO Officials admitted that they found about 200 dead crows on the highway between Noonamah and Palmerston, in Northern Territory, where there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu.

The Territory Government approved and the CSIRO contracted a bird pathologist to examine the remains of all the crows and he confirmed the problem was definitely NOT Avian Flu, much to everyone’s relief.

However, he determined that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with trucks, and only 2% were killed by car impact.

(Didn't know there was a difference!)

The Territory Government then hired an Ornithological Behaviourist to determine the disproportionate percentages for truck versus car kills.

After 18 months of research and $2.7 million spent, the Ornithological Behaviourist determined the cause in the deaths.

When crows eat road kill, they always set-up a look-out crow in a nearby tree to warn of impending danger.

His conclusion was that the lookout crow could say “Cah”, but he could not say “Truck”.

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Madhya Pradesh CM Chauhan pulls up Centre over Food Security ordinance

Bhopal/New Delhi, July 13 (ANI): Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said on Saturday that his government was already providing food grains to the people at a subsidised rate as compared to the Congress-led UPA Government.

"They are talking today, but we have already brought the Food Security Bill in 2008. Since then we are providing reasonable and nutritious food. We are even subsidising it to one rupee per kilogram wheat and this work is going on in Madhya Pradesh for the poor people. The Congress is doing it now whereas we have already done it earlier," he said.

Meanwhile, yoga guru Baba Ramdev, who met Chauhan here, lauded his work as the state's Chief Minister and also criticized the Congress Party for its tactics to win votes.

Ramdev said that Congress's strategies to earn votes will not work any more.

"Congress's strategy of providing food at a cheap price and give them vote will not succeed," he said.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi earlier in the day chaired a meeting at her residence in New Delhi, which was attended by Congress Chief Ministers and PCC chiefs, and discussed the steps for implementation of the Food Security scheme.

As many as 34 party leaders, including Chief Ministers of 14 Congress-ruled states, AICC General Secretaries and members of Congress Core Group, were present in the meeting along with Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and party Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. (ANI)

Many states like Punjab, Tamil Nadu and MP are already doing what the UPA is proposing to do now.

They are trying to hide their own corruption by giving these sops in an election year.

Narendra Modi on TIME's Cover

The world wakes up to India's next Leader!

‘Modi Means Business:

But can he lead India' says the cover of TIME Magazine's Asian edition.

American weekly news magazine published since 1923, TIME is the world's largest circulation news weekly with a readership of 25 million, of which 20 million are in the US. Its latest edition puts Modi in the erstwhile company of past Indian greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi – who also adorned its cover.

Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat; has transformed Gujarat into a developmental success story appreciated the world over! TIME endorses this 10-year-long journey of progress - of the state becoming "India's most industrialized and business-friendly territory". It further identifies the drivers of this success as "good planning – exactly what so much of India lacks", and a leader with the "ability to get things done".

Appreciating how Gujarat has "largely escaped the land conflicts and petty corruption that often paralyze growth elsewhere in the nation", the article talks of how "Modi has set about revamping the State's economy" leveraging on Gujarat's natural advantages. Amongst the State's many strengths that the article mentions, is Gujarat's being the only state in India where both big businesses and small farmers can expect 24 hours uninterrupted power supply - with "the premium rates paid by big business used to subsidize rural electrification." Further examples include the establishment of a "streamlined bureaucracy", as well as the State's emergence as an Auto-hub over the last 10 years – with Gujarat's auto industry growing "from one modest plant to an expected capacity of 700,000 cars in 2014".

Praising Narendra Modi the person as well, TIME highlights how unlike many other politicians, "Modi doesn't put his faith on display", having no religious icons in his office – which instead has only statues of his hero, Swami Vivekananda. It further points out how "in a country where nepotism and dynastic politics are the norm, Modi's family is invisible."

TIME acknowledges the public perception of Modi being seen as a "firm, no-nonsense leader who will set the nation on a course of development that might finally put it on par with China". Maybe it's about time, the Indian Media takes a cue from America's TIME – giving credit where it is due, and recognizing the winds of change as they flow by ...

Listed below are sections from the article, copied verbatim:

"What's certain is that during his 10 years in power in Gujarat, the state has become India's most industrialized and business-friendly territory, having largely escaped the land conflicts and petty corruption that often paralyze growth elsewhere in the nation." "Gujarat's $85 billion economy may not be the largest in India, but it has prospered without the benefit of natural resources, fertile farmland, a big population center like Mumbai or a lucrative high-tech hub like Bangalore. Gujarat's success, even Modi's detractors acknowledge, is a result of good planning — exactly what so much of India lacks."

"But when others think of someone who can bring India out of the mire of chronic corruption and inefficiency — of affirm, no-nonsense leader who will set the nation on a course of development that might finally put it on par with China — they think of Modi."

"Modi has set about revamping the state's economy by attracting high-value manufacturing companies, whose bosses are now among his staunchest backers."

"Modi took Gujarat's natural advantages — its long coastline, non-unionized labor force and a develop-able land bank of thousands of acres — and added the streamlined bureaucracy and reliable electricity supply that big industry craves. Today Gujarat is the only state in India where both big businesses and small farmers can expect an uninterrupted power supply for nearly 24 hours a day, with the premium rates paid by big business used to subsidize rural electrification."

"In 10 years, Gujarat's auto industry has grown from one modest plant to an expected capacity of 700,000 cars in 2014, including billion-dollar investments announced last year by Ford and Peugeot. "It is not luck," Modi says. "It's a carefully devised process.""

"His ability to get things done is in stark contrast to the Congress-led central government in New Delhi."

"In a recent opinion poll by the magazine India Today, 24% of those surveyed thought Modi should be the next Prime Minister; Rahul Gandhi polled 17%."

"his successes at the state level — two re-elections with solid majorities and an unmatched record on economic growth

"Unlike many Indian politicians, though, Modi doesn't put his faith on display. There are no religious icons in his office; the only adornments are two statues of his hero, the philosopher Swami Vivekananda."

"In a country where nepotism and dynastic politics are the norm, Modi's family (he is the middle child of nine siblings) is invisible. One younger brother works in the state government but "he has never come to my office in the last 10 years," Modi says.

I do not support either the Congress Party or the BJP.

I support the Aam Aadmi Party.

However, that does not prevent me in admiring Narendra Modi, Shivraj Chawhan (CM od MP), Dr. Raman Singh (CM of Chattisgarh) of Nitish Kumar (CM of Bihar).

If I had to vote in these states, I would be in a dilemma whom to vote for in these states, AAP or these people.

For all the other states in India, my choice would be AAP.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Book ex-minister for theft, says activist

Mumbai, July 12 (IANS) A social activist Friday demanded that former Maharashtra minister Laxman Dhoble, accused of stripping his official bungalow here of its fixed and movable assets, should be booked for theft.

Athak Seva Sangh chairman and RTI activist Anil Galgali wrote to Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar and top civil and police officials highlighting Dhoble's actions after he was dropped last month from the state cabinet as a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) minister.

Dhoble has denied that he indulged in the "theft".

Galgali said the ex-minister for Water Supply and Sanitation had allegedly stripped his official bungalow of all its fixed and movable assets, including curtains and kitchen appliances.

In his letter to Chavan, Galgali wanted to know why the state PWD Department has failed to lodge an official complaint against the ex-minister though a departmental report has been submitted in the matter.

"After the matter was exposed, Dhoble agreed to compensate for all the items, estimated at Rs.700,000. But compensating does not absolve him of the grave crime," Galgali told IANS.

He added that if the case was ignored, it would be tantamount to all thieves citing Dhoble's reasoning to escape punishment if they are caught, and urged Chavan to book the ex-minister to serve as an example to all officials.

Health Minister Azad cites China's example to intensify check on population explosion

New delhi/Kolkata, July 12 (ANI): Indians must check the nation's increasing population by emulating China's efforts in controlling its population, said Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad on the occasion of World's Population Day.

Azad was speaking after participating in a march with school children to mark the World Population Day here.

Azad said India is still far away from its goal of attaining stable population growth.

"Only China has a greater population than our country. But they have tried to keep the population under control. So, our citizens will also have to work a lot in this direction," Azad said.

According to United Nations, India is world's second fastest population growing country.

India's total population now stands at 1.21 billion, which is 17.7 per cent more than the last decade.

A latest UN report, released on June 13, said global population could reach nearly 11 billion by the end of this century.

This year United Nations has spotlighted the issue of adolescent pregnancy that was leading to an over-population.

UN Population Fund (UNFPA) reports say that about 16 million girls under age 18 give birth each year, and another 3.2 million undergo unsafe abortions. (ANI)

At last I am seeing one request by a minister to check our population.

But is this enough?

Our population grows through birth and infiltration from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

We have to control both aspects.

I understand we are a democracy and cant use a fiat like China does.

But we can use the carrot and stick for forcing the people to limit the sizes of the families.

The government could easily withdraw benefits which it gives to the general population and impose penalties on its servants who continue to procreate like holding back their promotions and other benefits.

Population growth is a very serious matter which our politicians are not understanding.

It negates all the advantages India may make economically because the gains are to be distributed among a wider population.

It creates pressure on our resources and raises the number of criminals who fight over the resources.

Unfortunately, it is the weaker section of society who are the culprits as the more hand they have in the family, the more the work force to help them out.


The teacher asked the class to use the word 'fascinate' in a sentence.

Molly put up her hand and said, 'My family went to my granddad's farm, and we all saw his pet sheep. It was fascinating.'

The teacher said, 'That was good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate, not fascinating'.

Sally raised her hand. She said, 'My family went to see RockCity and I was 'fascinated.' The teacher said, 'Well, that was good Sally, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate.'

Little Johnny raised his hand. The teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before.

She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word 'fascinate', so she called on him.

Johnny said, 'My aunt Gina has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight.'

The teacher sat down and cried.

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There's a Hole in the Bucket, dear Liza


Betreff: The parrot is dead

At dawn the telephone rings,

"Hello, Señor Bob ? This is Ernesto, the caretaker at your country house."

"Ah yes, Ernesto. What can I do for you ? Is there a problem ?"

"Um, I am just calling to advise you, Señor Bob , that your parrot, he is dead."

"My parrot ? Dead ? The one that won the International competition ?"

"Si, Señor, that's the one."

"Damn ! That's a pity ! I spent a small fortune on that bird. What did he die from ?"

"From eating the rotten meat, Señor Bob .."

"Rotten meat ? Who the hell fed him rotten meat ?"

"Nobody, Señor. He ate the meat of the dead horse."

"Dead horse ? What dead horse ?"

"The Thoroughbred, Señor Bob .."

"My prize Thoroughbred is dead ?"

"Yes, Señor Bob , he died from all that work pulling the water cart."

"Are you insane ? What water cart ?"

"The one we used to put out the fire, Señor."

"Good Lord ! What fire are you talking about, man ?"

"The one at your house, Señor! A candle fell and the curtains caught on fire."

"What the hell ? Are you saying that my mansion is destroyed because of a candle ?!"

"Yes, Señor Bob .."

"But there's electricity at the house ! What was the candle for ?"

"For the funeral, Señor Bob .."


"Your wife's, Señor Bob . She showed up very late one night and I thought she was a thief, so I hit her with your new Ping G15 204g titanium head golf club with the TFC 149D graphite shaft."


"Ernesto, if you broke that driver, you're in deep sh!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

SC verdict to keep criminals out of power

New Delhi, July 10 (IANS) In a landmark judgment, the Supreme Court Wednesday declared unconstitutional the provision of the Representation of the People Act that allows elected representatives to continue as members of the elected bodies even after conviction in criminal cases.

"If because of a disqualification a person cannot be chosen as a member of parliament or state legislature, for the same disqualification, he cannot continue as a member of parliament or the state legislature," the court said.

"Parliament does not have the power under Articles 102(1)(e) and 191(1)(e) of the constitution to make different laws for a person to be disqualified for being chosen as a member and for a person to be disqualified for continuing as a member of parliament or the state legislature," said the apex court bench of Justice A.K. Patnaik and Justice S.J. Mukhopadhaya.

"The language of Articles 102(1)(e) and 191(1)(e) of the constitution is such that the disqualification for both a person to be chosen as a member of parliament or the state legislature or for a person to continue as a member of parliament or the state legislature has to be the same."

The judgment would come into effect from Wednesday.

Justice Patnaik said: "Sitting members of parliament and state legislature who have already been convicted for any of the offences... (and) saved from the disqualifications by virtue of sub-section (4) of Section 8 of the Act should not, in our considered opinion, be affected by the declaration now made by us in this judgment."

"This is because the knowledge that sitting members of parliament or state legislatures will no longer be protected by sub-section (4) of Section 8 of the act will be acquired by all concerned only on the date this judgment is pronounced by this court," the court said.

"...if any sitting member of parliament or a state legislature is convicted of any of the offence and by virtue of such conviction and/or sentence suffers the disqualifications after the pronouncement of this judgment, his membership of parliament or the state legislature, as the case may be, will not be saved by subsection (4) of Section 8 of the act which we have by this judgment declared as ultra vires the constitution", the court said.

Subsection 4 of Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act permits an elected representative to continue in the legislature or parliament even after he or she has been convicted of a criminal offence, provided he or she gets a stay on the conviction and sentencing by a higher court.

Under this provision of the Act, such a person can even contest elections after the existing house has been dissolved. However, a similar right to contest an election is not available to a convict who is not a member of a state legislature or parliament.

The court said this while allowing two public interest litigations Lily Thomas and NGO Lok Prahari.

The petitioners said subsection 4 of Section 8 of the Act shielded elected representative with criminal antecedents.

Congress welcomes SC ruling on disqualification of convicted MPs, MLAs

New Delhi, July 10 (ANI): Congress Party on Wednesday welcomed the Supreme Court verdict on disqualification of convicted lawmakers, saying it welcomes any ruling that seeks to cleanse the political system.

"Any checks and balances to clean public life are appreciated. I can't say more on it," said Congress spokesperson Renuka Chaudhary.

BJP plays safe on SC verdict on disqualification of convicted MPs, MLAs

New Delhi, July 10 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday avoided commenting on the Supreme Court verdict striking down a provision in the electoral law that protects a convicted lawmaker from disqualification on the ground of pendency of appeal in higher courts, saying it would come out with an opinion only after going through the judgment.

BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said that his political outfit would be supportive of any initiative for purifying the political process.

"If you are convicted, you cannot contest elections. However, if you are a sitting MP or MLA, and if your appeal is accepted, then you can retain the position. A lot of questions have been raised on the verdict," said Prasad.

"Many also termed it discriminatory. The party will comment on this later after studying the court verdict," he added.

Yesterday was a RED LETTER DAY in India's history.

It should be declare a National Day, I would not say holiday for we already have plenty of holidays.

This should be a national day, without a holiday.

The Supreme Court should be congratulated for passing one more judgement against corrupt, criminal politicians.

Now, these politicians will have to get their names cleared before they can stand for elections instead of just dilly dallying in courts through adjournments for frivolous reasons.

This is what I have been fighting for since I first started this blog.

I would also like to congratulate Association of Democratic Rights and National Election Watch for high lighting the issue of criminalisation among our Honourable? MLAs and MPs.

The Congress and BJP have given their muted comments.

I am waiting with bated breath for the comments of the BSP, SP and JMM, as these are the most corrupt parties.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I am Santosh

Dear Friend,

Santosh, noted RTI activist, dedicated AAP volunteer and committed corruption crusader, was attacked by a speeding car last week and received serious head injuries, which broke the hearts of so many people across India.

We are pleased to report that Santosh is finally out of danger today after battling for life for more than a week. But Santosh will spend few more weeks/months in bed recovering instead of campaigning on the streets of Seemapuri.

Our brave-heart who has survived nine similar heinous attacks in the past, has survived one more brutal attack this time. While we are in awe of her bravery and sacrifice, it is time to show that we are solidly behind her. It is time to show the culprits behind this attack that every time you hurt one of us, there will be thousands who will rise up to take her/his place. We will rise up against this mafia-style politics. It time for one such solidarity action:

On July 10th, a day of solidarity with Santosh, we launch the 'I am Santosh' campaign. This means all of us will own up the responsibility for campaigning on behalf of Santosh and ensure her victory in Seemapuri constituency in Delhi. As a first step, we will try and raise the entire legal permissible amount of Rs. 14 Lakhs needed for her constituency to fight the elections. This will be a befitting reply to those who thought they can silence her/us.

What YOU can do now:

1. Make a generous donation on July 10th to show your support to Santosh. Every donation, big or small, matters and all money raised will go directly to supporting Santosh's candidacy.

2. Forward this message widely to all your friends, talk to them about our Santosh and why people like her should go into the assembly to change our governance. Ask them to donate too. 3. Make our campaign go viral in next few days and help us achieve the 14 lakhs target.

You can also send a DD or cheque in favour of " Aam Aadmi Party " at the following address :: A-119, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad – 201010, UP.

Learn More About Santosh

Together, we can!

In Solidarity,

Team AAP

DEPORTATION A new Government initiative:

To help save the economy, the Government will announce next month that the Immigration Department will start deporting senior citizens (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and N.H.S. costs ('flu jabs, zimmer frames, wheelchairs, free prescriptions, bus passes, etc.)

The Government has established that older people are easier to catch and, in most cases, will not remember how to get back home.

I started to cry when I thought of you - maybe I'd never see you again.... Then it dawned on me...bummer!...

I'll see you on the bus!

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

Press Release: Supreme Court verdict on convicted MPs and MLAs

Dear Friends,

Following the Supreme Court judgment, many of you have asked us for data on the number of current legislators who have declared criminal cases against themselves. Please find the corresponding data below:

The Supreme Court has today delivered a landmark verdict with regard to convicted MPs and MLAs. The judgment has ruled that a convicted elected representative cannot continue in office and the conviction will lead to instant disqualification of the elected representative. The safeguard provided under Section 8(4) of the Representation of the People Act,1951 has been struck down and declared ultra vires of Constitution. The Supreme Court has held that there cannot be two separate laws for elected representatives and contesting candidates.

Please find below the analysis of criminal cases declared by sitting MPs and MLAs as put together by Association for Democratic Reforms(ADR) and National Election Watch(NEW). Also find attached a copy of the release with this email.

PRESS RELEASE - 10th July,2013

Analysis of sitting MPs and MLAs with self declared Criminal Cases- Election Wise

Following are the salient features that emerge from the analysis carried out by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch (NEW):-

· A total of 4807 sitting MPs and MLAs have been analyzed by ADR and NEW. A total of 1460 out of these 4807 (30%) sitting MPs and MLAs have declared criminal cases against themselves in their self sworn affidavits submitted by them to the Election Commission of India prior to contesting elections. 688 (14%) out of the total number of sitting MPs and MLAs analyzed have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.

· 162 (30%) out of the 543 Lok Sabha MPs have declared criminal cases against themselves. 14% of the current Lok Sabha MPs have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.

· 1258 (31%) out of the 4032 sitting MLAs from all state assemblies have declared criminal cases against themselves. 15% of the current MLAs from all state assemblies have declared serious criminal cases against themselves.

· The Jharkhand 2009 Assembly has the highest percentage of elected representatives (74%) who declared criminal cases against themselves. 55 out of 74 MLAs of the Jharkhand 2009 Assembly declared criminal cases against themselves.

· Among the recent elections that have been covered by ADR and NEW, the Bihar 2010 Assembly has 58% MLAs who have declared criminal cases against themselves. The Uttar Pradesh 2012 Assembly has 47% MLAs with criminal cases.

· None of the MLAs of the Manipur 2012 Assembly have declared criminal cases against themselves.

Analysis of sitting MPs and MLAs with self declared Criminal Cases- Party Wise

Following are the salient points that emerge from the analysis that was conducted by ADR and NEW:

· 82% of MPs and MLAs who have gotten elected on JMM tickets have declared criminal cases against themselves. 64% of MPs and MLAs who have gotten elected on RJD tickets have declared criminal cases against themselves. 48% of elected representatives who have gotten elected on SP tickets have declared criminal cases against themselves.

· 31% of MPs and MLAs who have gotten elected on BJP tickets have declared criminal cases against themselves (Out of the 1017 MPs and MLAs from BJP, 313 have declared criminal cases). 21% of MPs and MLAs who have gotten elected on INC tickets have declared criminal cases against themselves (Out of the 1433 elected representatives from INC, 305 have declared criminal cases against themselves).

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Yes, Prime Minister

Jawaharlal Nehru proved that a rich man can become the country's Prime Minister;

Lal Bahadur Shastri proved that a poor man can become the Prime Minister;

Indira Gandhi proved that a woman can become the Prime Minister;

Morarji Desai proved that an old man can become the Prime Minister;

Rajiv Gandhi proved that a young man can become the Prime Minister;

I.K. Gujral proved that a gentleman can become the Prime Minister;

Deve Gowda proved just about anybody can become the Prime Minister;

Manmohan Singh has proved that India does not need a Prime Minister

Sent by Arun Shroff

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mamata calls up Vijayamma, discusses proposed front

Hyderabad, July 7 (IANS) West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Sunday spoke to YSR Congress's honorary president Y.S. Vijayamma over phone and discussed the proposed Federal Front of like-minded parties.

Banerjee, who heads the Trinamool Congress, told Vijayamma that Lok Sabha elections are likely to be held much before May 2014 and that the possibility of like-minded parties coming together should be explored.

"She proposed that TMC, YSR Congress and other such parties can come together for the snap polls which are likely to be held in November," said a statement issued by YSR Congress.

Banerjee asked Vijayamma to take the issue to her son Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy and obtain his opinion on the issue.

Recalling her association with late Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, she enquired about Jaganmohan Reddy and the cases foisted on him.

YSR Congress president Jaganmohan Reddy is in jail for over one year in a disproportionate assets case.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.

Mamata, who claimed herself to be very honest is making friends with Jagmohan Reddy's party which has been of amassing unaccounted wealth.

Most of the cases foisted on Jagmohan reddy, I agree, are politically motivated and would not have been done if he had remained with the Congress Party.

But still some of the cases are genuine as there cannot be smoke without fire.

So her much toted fight against corruption has gone for a six.

She is now as corrupt as any of the existing political parties.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rajnath Singh for comprehensive action plan to tackle internal, external security threat

Amritsar, July 7 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President Rajnath Singh on Sunday lashed at the ruling Congress Party for not having any comprehensive plan to tackle internal and external security threats

Rajnath Singh, who was commenting on the multiple blasts in Bodh Gaya, said if the Centre had prior information about the threat to the temple provided by the security agencies then it has certainly failed to prevent a security lapse.

"It's not just a question of internal security, but also a matter of external security crisis which is aggravating by each passing day in this country. To meet the crisis situation, the government needs a comprehensive action plan, but this government is yet to come up with something to tackle the situation," said Singh.

" Every day we hear news of a bomb blast or innocent people being killed in the country," he added.

Eight serial explosions rocked the internationally renowned temple town of Bodhgaya, including four in the Mahabodhi Temple complex, injuring two monks in the blasts suspected to be engineered by some terrorist organisation.

While four blasts took place inside the Mahabodhi Temple complex, three occurred in Karmapa monastery, one each near the 80-ft Buddha statue and at the bus stand near bypass. The blasts took place between 5:30 to 5:58 a.m.

An alert has been issued in the entire state with additional security forces being deployed at all religious places. (ANI)

There is a saying that you can awaken a man who is asleep but you cannot awaken a man who is already awake.

Our politicians know the problem but they prefer to play shadow boxing to make a fool of the people.

India is such a vast country that it is impossible to secure the whole country especially when we have two varieties of criminal politicians. One variety call themselves secular. They make the Muslims their vote banks and the other variety who say they look after the interest of the Hindus, make the Hindus their vote banks.

None of them look after the good of the country.

The USA had a terrorist attack on 9/11/2011.

After that they have secured their country so much that terrorists have been able to do harm to the countries peace only after 12 years on 15.4.2013 during the Boston Marathon. This also could have been avoided if they had taken the warnings from Russia seriously.

In contrast, we in India have had hundreds of attacks after 26/11/2008 in Mumbai.

It is because we do not allow the police to do their duty.

We politicize all criminals according to their castes and religion or party affiliations and the politicians force the police to free criminals of their caste, religion or party.

If we are to improve the countries crime scene, we have to make the police impervious to political manipulations.

Amit Shah seeks grand Ram temple, Parties slam bid

Ayodhya/New Delhi, July 6 (IANS) BJP leader Amit Shah's bid to revive the Ram temple issue ahead of the 2014 general elections invited a sharp rebuke from political parties Saturday even as party chief Rajnath Singh defended him saying he had just expressed his wish.

Visiting Ayodhya, Shah, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) general secretary and in charge of Uttar Pradesh, said that he hoped a grand temple dedicated to Lord Ram will be built there soon, signalling the direction the party's campaign will take in the 2014 polls.

"I came here to pray to Ram Lalla. I wish we will soon build a grand temple for Lord Ram here," Shah told reporters.

His comment drew strong reactions from the Congress, the Samajwadi Party, Left parties and BJP's former ally Janata Dal-United (JD-U). Senior Congress leader and External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid said the BJP leader was fooling the people.

"They have raised the issue many times.. Why didn't they do anything when they were in power? The issue is in the Supreme Court and they are not presenting on full facts to the people," he said.

"The BJP's nature is that of Ravan. If it frees itself of this, it will be able to see Lord Ram," Information and Broadcasting minister Manish Tewari said, claiming that the BJP "always remembers Lord Ram a year ahead of the polls and forgets him later."

The Samajwadi Party warned against "outsiders" trying to spoil the communal peace in Uttar Pradesh, where it is in power.

"There is an urgent need to keep a close eye on those who have come from outside to spoil communal brotherhood in the state before the Lok Sabha elections " SP spokesman Rajendra Chaudhary said, in a reference to Shah who is a former Gujarat minister.

JD-U chief Sharad Yadav said when his party was a part of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), they were clear that the Ayodhya temple issue can be resolved only after the courts give a verdict or through talks between both the communities.

Communist Party of India leader D. Raja said BJP is "reviving" its Hindutva ideology and politics. "It is open now that RSS is dictating policies to the BJP. It is very clear. BJP is bound to revive its Hindutva politics," he said.

BJP chief Rajnath Singh however defended Shah.

"What I got to know is that he said he wished a grand Ram temple is built. I would say, any Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, every religious person wants their religious structures to be grand," Rajnath Singh told reporters in Nagpur, after meeting Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat.

"To express this wish is not wrong. Won't a Muslim want a grand mosque?" he told reporters.

He denied the party going back to it's "Hindutva agenda".

"What is Hindutva.. Supreme Court has defined it. It is not a religion, its a way of life," he said.

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said Ram temple has always been on the party's agenda.

"It has always been BJP agenda, and it is not a political issue, it an issue of faith of whole India," she said.

"We are very clear that a temple should be built... should it be built after court order, or by a ordinance or legislation, or by a meeting of political parties, that is to be decided," she told TV channel Times Now.

If this is the direction, the BJP poll campaign is to go, the BJP has already lost the battle without a single bullet being fired.

Instead of harping on the good goernment the BJP has given in Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Gujarat it is flogging a dead horse.

Of course, it should not affect me and I should be happy that the BJP would lose for I am an ex-BJP supporter.

I now support the Aam Aadmi Party and we are now concentrating on decimating Sheila Dixit and her Congress party there.

The BJP is a lost cause in Delhi.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Cure for Constipation, Gases and Piles

The human body is made up of a number of systems
The skeletal system, the nervous system, the respiratory system for our breathing, the circulatory system for our blood, and the digestive system for our food, are some of the main ones.
I will take up the digestive system, also called the alimentary canal.
This consists of a pipe of more than 30 ft in length.
The fore-end is our mouth and the nether end is our rectum.
In between we have the stomach, duodenum, the small and large intestines.
These four organs carry out their work automatically without any help from us except to see that they don't become ineffective because of our dietary mistakes.
We have the power to control the two ends.
We care for the mouth, brush it once after getting up in the morning and again before going to bed.
We floss and do hot gargle, if required.
We go to the dentist if our teeth give us problems or to the ENT specialists if the throat gives us pain. That should be for it is the first to be seen by the outside world and may make or break your office, home or social life.
But what about the nether end?
Except for a perfunctory wipe with a toilet paper or a slush wash with water, we forget all about that end unless piles occur.
I agree this end is not visible to the outside world unless you be an exhibitionist but shouldn't we take more care of it.
Those who live in apartments know that if the drain pipes are blocked, water flows back into the toilets or kitchen, creating a mess.
Then we start looking for a plumber to clean the pipe.
As I said earlier, our alimentary canal is a pipe and if the rectum end gets blocked the waste enters the large intestine creating problems.
Then we start using various home remedies or allopathic purgatives like "dulcolax" to clean this pipe. There are various Ayurvedic formulations under different names which liquefy your stool so that it moves out quickly.
 They sometime liquefy it so much that you cannot leave your home.
Further, we old people have another embarrassing problem. We pass out gases of both the silent foul smelling variety and the shockingly loud neck turning one.
What is the solution?
Last year, after coming back from Ahmedabad in July, I had mentioned in our blog of an enema set up I had installed at home.
I am proud to say that both my wife and I have been using it very satisfactorily for two years with no side effects.

A picture of the same is given below. 

This enema kit with extra insertion pipes (in the bottom picture) for use of individual members of the family can be bought in any of the medical instrument shops in Central Avenue, besides Central Metro Station.
Some of us had mentioned to me that the enema pipe may damage the sphincter muscles at the entrance of the anus or the lining of the rectum.
We use a a few drops of soap water to lubricate the anus before the insertion so there is no damage or pain.
People normally eat every three to 4 hours so our large intestine releases stool into the rectum in the same intervals.
If we can wash out the rectum when the rectum is loaded, say every six hours, our body will not release any obnoxious gases.
Once the rectum is unloaded, there is no back pressure on the large intestine.
This is beneficial for those who are having piles problems.
We Indians are in the habit of eating hot, spicy food.
This aggravates ones piles and going to the toilet becomes a painful affair. For the whole of last year, I am pleased to say, that our piles have not troubled us at all.
For a smiling non-painful start to the day, I would recommend it to everyone who have their own toilets, not common toilets like we had in school.
After using it for the whole year, I just wonder, why I had not started using this earlier.
I assure you, you too will feel the same. 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

What America stands for

July 4th celebrations, not only in the USA, but in democracies everywhere, that are represented in the same spirit, as we watch the many momentous events involving "freedom" across the globe./bm

Ruling by Judge William Young, US District Court.

Prior to sentencing, the Judge asked the defendant if he had anything to say His response: After admitting his guilt to the court for the record, Reid also admitted his 'allegiance to Osama bin Laden, to Islam, and to the religion of Allah,' defiantly stating, 'I think I will not apologize for my actions,' and told the court 'I am at war with your country.'

Judge Young then delivered the statement quoted below:

Judge Young: 'Mr. Richard C. Reid, hearken now to the sentence the Court imposes upon you.

On counts 1, 5 and 6 the Court sentences you to life in prison in the custody of the United States Attorney General. On counts 2, 3, 4 and 7, the Court sentences you to 20 years in prison on each count, the sentence on each count to run consecutively. (That's 80 years.)

On count 8 the Court sentences you to the mandatory 30 years again, to be served consecutively to the 80 years just imposed. The Court imposes upon you for each of the eight counts a fine of $250,000 that's an aggregate fine of $2 million. The Court accepts the government's recommendation with respect to restitution and orders restitution in the amount of $298.17 to Andre Bousquet and $5,784 to American Airlines.

The Court imposes upon you an $800 special assessment. The Court imposes upon you five years supervised release simply because the law requires it. But the life sentences are real life sentences so I need go no further.

This is the sentence that is provided for by our statutes. It is a fair and just sentence. It is a righteous sentence.

Now, let me explain this to you. We are not afraid of you or any of your terrorist co-conspirators, Mr. Reid. We are Americans. We have been through the fire before. There is too much war talk here and I say that to everyone with the utmost respect. Here in this court, we deal with individuals as individuals and care for individuals as individuals. As human beings, we reach out for justice.

You are not an enemy combatant. You are a terrorist. You are not a soldier in any war. You are a terrorist. To give you that reference, to call you a soldier, gives you far too much stature. Whether the officers of government do it or your attorney does it, or if you think you are a soldier, you are not-----, you are a terrorist. And we do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not meet with terrorists. We do not sign documents with terrorists. We hunt them down one by one and bring them to justice.

So war talk is way out of line in this court You are a big fellow. But you are not that big. You're no warrior. I've known warriors. You are a terrorist. A species of criminal that is guilty of multiple attempted murders. In a very real sense, State Trooper Santiago had it right when you first were taken off that plane and into custody and you wondered where the press and the TV crews were, and he said:

You're no big deal.

You are no big deal.

What your able counsel and what the equally able United States attorneys have grappled with and what I have as honestly as I know how tried to grapple with, is why you did something so horrific. What was it that led you here to this courtroom today?

I have listened respectfully to what you have to say. And I ask you to search your heart and ask yourself what sort of unfathomable hate led you to do what you are guilty and admit you are guilty of doing? And, I have an answer for you. It may not satisfy you, but as I search this entire record, it comes as close to understanding as I know.

It seems to me you hate the one thing that to us is most precious. You hate our freedom. Our individual freedom. Our individual freedom to live as we choose, to come and go as we choose, to believe or not believe as we individually choose. Here, in this society, the very wind carries freedom. It carries it everywhere from sea to shining sea. It is because we prize individual freedom so much that you are here in this beautiful courtroom, so that everyone can see, truly see, that justice is administered fairly, individually, and discretely. It is for freedom's sake that your lawyers are striving so vigorously on your behalf, have filed appeals, will go on in their representation of you before other judges.

We Americans are all about freedom. Because we all know that the way we treat you, Mr. Reid, is the measure of our own liberties. Make no mistake though. It is yet true that we will bear any burden; pay any price, to preserve our freedoms. Look around this courtroom. Mark it well. The world is not going to long remember what you or I say here. The day after tomorrow, it will be forgotten, but this, however, will long endure.

Here in this courtroom and courtrooms all across America , the American people will gather to see that justice, individual justice, justice, not war, individual justice is in fact being done. The very President of the United States through his officers will have to come into courtrooms and lay out evidence on which specific matters can be judged and juries of citizens will gather to sit and judge that evidence democratically, to mold and shape and refine our sense of justice.

See that flag, Mr. Reid? That's the flag of the United States of America . That flag will fly there long after this is all forgotten. That flag stands for freedom. And it always will.

Mr. Custody Officer. Stand him down.

Sent by Prakash Bhartia

An Appeal from Arvind Kejiwal

Dear Friend,

The Aam Aadmi party is constantly striving to set a new bar in Indian politics. Since its inception, our party volunteers have come together to support the Aam Aadmi in many ways - providing support to victims of rape, jhuggi fires and most recently assisting in relief efforts in Uttarakhand. Given that we can no longer rely on the Delhi government and Delhi police to provide security to women, party volunteers have created their own “Mahila Suraksha Dal” in each mohalla of Delhi. These are just a few of our many activities that never get reported in the media.

But the truth is we care, and we want you to know that we care about genuine change that directly serves the Aam Aadmi's welfare. We want to usher in accountable governance in the interest of the Aam Aadmi and “Swaraj” or participatory democracy. Its not about AAP "capturing" power, its about returning true power to the people of this country.

I urge you to join hands with us as we strive to "clean up" politics. Generations to come will never forgive us if we let this opportunity pass by. Your participation is critical. Don't be a bystander during this historic opportunity.

Lastly, clean politics needs clean money. So lets not delay. Make your donation to the AAP today! And most importantly tell your friends and family so they too too could participate in this effort.

You can also send a DD or cheque in favour of "Aam Aadmi Party" at the following address:

A-119, Kaushambi, Ghaziabad – 201010, UP.

My video, also present on the donation page, confirms the authenticity of this email.

Jai Hind.

Warm Regards, Arvind Kejriwal

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

AAP candidate from Delhi critical after car accident

I am forwarding the mail received from Aam Aadmi Party.

It seems that the Congress Party and the BJP have become so scared of AAP that they are trying their best to annihilate the AAP candidates.

They are probably using as fronts the people against whom RTI applications have been filed.

Since, these candidates are fighting the third war of Independence against these corrupt political parties to bring about true economic independence, these people who are killed should be declared martyrs.

I am sure, the AAP will do so and they will be given all the benefits which were given to the martyrs who fought against the British.

Yours sincerely,


AAP candidate from Delhi critical after car accident

Dear Friend,

The last few days have brought two cases of grievous assault on AAP supporters. It started with the killing of an AAP volunteer, Brajlal Rajput in Uttar Pradesh, he was crushed under a car repeatedly untill he died. Today, the AAP candidate from Seemapuri, Santosh Koli, became a victim of a car accident in Ghaziabad, UP.

Santosh and another AAP supporter, Kuldeep were on a motorbike, travelling at a speed of 40 Kmph on a nearly empty road, about 200m into UP, in the Ghazaibad area. A car came up from behind and inspite of Kuldeep making way for it, the car hit the bike and bolted away. It left behind a critically injured Santosh.

Yes, this is the same Santosh that has been living under constant threat to her life because of her fearless crusade on RTI. She has already had two attempts made on her life and today seems like the third.

As we write this, blood is accumulating in her brain, she has had one surgery already and remains critical and under observation at Yashoda hospital, near Kaushambi. The police was initially reluctant to file a FIR for attempt to murder against unknown people has now done so. There are hundreds of people outside the hospital praying for Santosh.

And that is what she needs. Your prayer, Your support. Most importantly, she would want you to remember the values she has stood for and fought for.

May god bless her with a long, meaningful and a good life!

United in support,

Team AAP

Santosh in an interview:

Railway bribery case: CBI awaits nod to act against official

New Delhi, July 1 (IANS) The CBI is trying to file a charge sheet in the railway job bribery case by July 3 and still awaiting sanction from the ministry to prosecute key accused Mahesh Kumar, sources said Monday.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) director Ranjit Sinha told reporters here that the probe was still underway.

"The probe is still on. We will try to file the charge sheet," Sinha said when asked if the agency would meet the deadline of filing the formal set of charges within 60 days.

Pawan Kumar Bansal had to quit as the railway minister after his nephew Vijay Singla was arrested in the bribery case. The CBI questioned Bansal in the case.

Singla was allegedly paid a bribe of Rs.90 lakh by Railway Board member Mahesh Kumar for being appointed to the post of member (electrical). Singla and Mahesh Kumar were booked as main conspirators in the bribery case in which eight more people have been arrested.

Mahesh Kumar, posted as Railway Board member (staff), was arrested May 3 while Singla was arrested May 4.

Sources said the CBI approached the ministry for granting sanction for prosecution against Kumar but it was still awaited.

And why has the sanction not been given, if I may ask the Congress government.

The more the say that things will change, the more they remain the same.

This corrupt government will not change its ways until the Supreme Court pressurizes it.