Monday, December 31, 2007


Hi friends,

One of our friends, Ashok Singhi has put forward a concept which is gaining acceptance by which relatives of accident patients can be informed immediately of the mishap. It is called ICE.
I will just copy down what he has said so that I do not dilute his purpose.

"Dear All,

W e all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its
memory. But nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these
numbers belong to our closest family or friends.

If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the
people attending on us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know
who to call. Yes, there are hundreds of numbers stored ; but which
one is the contact person in case of an emergency? Hence this 'ICE'
(In Case of Emergency) Campaign.

The concept of 'ICE' is catching on quickly. It is a method of
contact during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by
the majority of the population, all you need to do is store the
number of a contact person or persons who should be contacted during
emergency under the name 'ICE' ( In Case Of Emergency).

The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went
to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with
patients, but they didn't know which number to call. He therefore
thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally
recognized name for this purpose. In an emergency situation,
Emergency Service personnel and hospital Staff would be able to
quickly contact the right person by simply dialing the number you
have stored as 'ICE.'

For more than one contact name, simply enter ICE 1, ICE 2 and ICE 3
etc. A great idea that will make a difference!

Let's spread the concept of ICE by storing an ICE number in our
mobile phones today!!! !

Please forward this. It won't take too many 'forwards' before
everybody will know about this. It really could save your life, or
put a loved one's mind at rest .

ICE will speak for you when you are not able to do so.

Ashoke Singhee, 1980 "

It is a good idea and I would suggest each one of us to accept the idea for our own good.

Well, one new idea even before the new year is ushered in!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


Up to 1964, we lived in Bangladesh at a place called Chuadanga. It was then known as East Pakistan.

I used to study in Goethals with a student Visa that allowed me stay continuously for a whole year.

There were about hundred marwari families and we were very close to each other.Although very few of us were related, we used call each others as if we were a family

The names we gave to each other are given below.

UncleMamaMamaMother’s brother
UncleMausaMesoMother’s sister’s husband
UnclePhupaPeeseFather’s sister’s husband
UncleTauJethaFather’s Elder brother
UncleChachaKakaFather’s younger brother
AuntMamiMayimaMother’s brother’s husband
AuntMausiMasimaMother’s sister
AuntBhua/PhuphiPeesimaFather’s sister
AuntTaiJethiFather’s elder brother’s wife
AuntChachiKakimaFather’s younger brother’s wife
GrandfatherDada ThakurdadaFather’s father
GrandfatherNanaDaduMother’s father
GrandmotherDadiThakurmaFather’s mother
GrandmotherNaniDeedaMother’s mother
Brother-in-lawShalaShalaWife’s brother
Brother-in-lawJethBhasurHusband’s elder brother
Brother-in-lawDevarDadabhaiHusband’s younger brother
Brother-in-lawSaruSarubahiWife’s sister’s husband
Sister-in-lawBhabiBaudiElder brother’s wife
Sister-in-lawJethaniBaraJaHusband’s elder brother’s wife
Sister-in-lawDev RaniChoto JaHusband’s younger brother’s wife
Sister-in-lawNanadDidibhaiHusband’s sister

This is so different than the neutral method by which the English language gives to its relatives.
The Indian system gives us warmth, which is missing in the English language.
People have used brevity in human relations but where brevity is required, they have maintained a divide.
Thus the ONE GOD is known by different name by different religions

SikhsWahe Guru
BudhistsLord Budha
JainsLord Mahavir

What I write now is not for communists, as they do not believe in God.
They believe in Self Aggrandizement at the expense of fellow human beings.
Remember, “Four legs good, two legs bad” of Animal Farm.
But why can’t the other’s realize that we are all sons of ONE GOD.
Why do the Christian’s feel that their God is superior and have a duty to convert the rest of the human race to Christianity for them to achieve salvation?
Why do the Muslims feel that theirs is the one true God and Mohammed is his disciple and all the other’s are Kafirs?
Oh, why can’t people let the people live as they were born?
Improve their lot selflessly without any strings attached.
Each religion has its warts.
The Christians have Catholics and Protestants.
The Muslims have the Shias and Sunnis.
The Hindus have the abominable caste system.
This was originally made on the basis of professional capability of a person.
Interested politicians converted it to basis of birth system.
Being educated and rational, the English speaking and European nations have worked out a system whereby both Catholics and Protestants live harmoniously.
Being uneducated and lead by the nose by unscrupulous politicians and Mullahs, the Hindus and Muslims suffer.
The Muslims suffer because of this Shia / Sunni divide, every now and then.
As a matter of fact, whole nations have been divided on this basis.
Their mullah who has an interest in keeping his flock together rules the Muslims.
So he keeps them uneducated by teaching him only religion at his madarassa.
No relevant education, which will make him suitable to earn a living, is taught to the students.
He keeps an iron grip on his people and maintains the Shia Sunni divide so that his importance is maintained.
Just like the Brahmin’s of Hindus.
He controlled every aspect of his flock’s life.
When to eat, what to eat and on what days to eat.
Where to go, what time to go, which direction to go, which leg to put out first when you leave home.
Where to live, which direction your home drawing room, bedroom, and bathroom should face. Where you should keep water, which side should your entrance be from. We call it Vastu and the Chinese call it Feng Shui.
What days he should or should not shave.
What days he should enter Kolkata or travel north, south, east or west.
What days or season to marry or whom to marry and what Gotra to marry into.
What you have to do when you are born or die on certain days or under certain stars? Of course when you die, your relations do it.
One of our heroes of the Mahabharat waited a whole six months before dying, as he wanted to die when the sun was in the Uttarayan (Northern Hemisphere).
What the Brahmins started is now being continued by politicians like Laloo Yadav, Mulayam Singh and others who have an interest in continuing the caste system, to maintain their vote banks.
When will human beings start thinking of others as their own brothers, from the One God, instead of canon fodder to be used to advance their own selfish motives?
We have just seen the punishment that God metes out when we allow our selfish motives to overtake us.
Pakistan exported terrorism first to Afghanistan through the Taliban to fight the Soviet Union.
The Taliban became so arrogant that they even destroyed the ancient Buddha statues at Bamiyan in March 2001
They again attacked the USA on 9th September 2001.
The Hand of God gave an immediate reprisal through Bush, who attacked Afghanistan within a month
Bush could not eliminate the Taliban but now the Frankenstein turned on its master and started creating havoc in Pakistan.
Benazir Bhutto is the second victim.
We don’t know how many will follow.
By the way, I don’t understand why there is so much sympathy for the Bhutto family.
It was Bhutto who massacred democracy when he refused to transfer power to Mujibur Rehman
when Mujibur won the elections and which finally resulted in Bangla Desh breaking away from Pakistan..
The hands of God grind slowly but surely.
Those who dig ditches for others are the first to fall into them.


Life's like that

Hi friends,

I have been talking of all serious stuff up to now.
Well, here are few definitions and pearls which will curve your lips into a smile while you usher in the new year.


Father: A banker provided by nature.

Nurse: A person who wakes U up to give you sleeping pills.

Marriage: It's an agreement in which a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her masters.

Divorce: Future tense of Marriage.

Lecture: An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the minds of either"

Conference: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present.

Compromise : The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece.

Dictionary : A place where success comes before work.

Conference Room : A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on.

Criminal: A guy no different from the rest....except that he got caught.

Boss : Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.

Politician : One who shakes your hand before elections and your Confidence after.

Doctor : A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you by bills.

Classic: Books, which people praise, but do not read.

Smile : A curve that can set a lot of things straight.

Office: A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life.

Yawn: The only time some married men ever get to open their mouth.

Etc .: A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do.

Committee: Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together.

Experience: The name men give to their mistakes.

Atom Bomb : An invention to end all inventions.

Philosopher : A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead

And another thirteen points which you could remember for a happier life

ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want :)

FOUR. When you say, "I love you," mean it.

FIVE. When you say, "I'm sorry," look the person in the eye.

SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.

EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

TEN.. In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.

TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.

THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, "Why do you want to know?"

Life is Like That

A Jewish couple from the USA had gone to Jerusalem for their holidays.
Whilst there, the wife fell seriously ill and died.
The undertaker asked the bereaved husband whether he would want to take the body to the states or have her buried in Jerusalem.
Between sobs, the poor man asked what would be the difference.
The undertaker informed him that if she was buried there it would cost him $100.00 and if he took her body to the states it would cost him $3000.00.
The man thought deeply for a moment or two and then replied that he would take the body to the states.
This floored the undertaker.
He asked,"But why ? When it is much cheaper to bury here"
The man replied,"I Know. But about 2000 years ago, another man had died here. They buried him here and he rose after tree days. I can't afford to take the risk"

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everybody"


Thursday, December 27, 2007


I’ll report two incidents, which have recently occurred.
Incident 1

Day before yesterday, my wife and I decided to visit my aunt (father’s sister).
(We call this relationship Phupi.
This is also one of the beauties of India.
For each relationship we have a different name and we know where we stand.
Since this is a whole topic, I’ll deal with it in as separate topic in another article.)
Now, when my wife stands on the weighing machine, the machine wishes she had not stood on it.
Consequently she has more aches and pains in her joints.
We had walked a hundred yard or so when she wanted me to call a cab.
I believe in using public transport for reasons I’ll soon explain.
We could not come to an agreement and so returned home.
Incident 2
A week or so earlier, I was traveling to office, again by public transport through Easter Metropolitan Bypass.
For those not living in Kolkata, I’ll explain this road.
This road was made about twenty years ago.
It connected the North and South Kolkata by a
Broad four-lane road passing through the Eastern side of Kolkata.
This road has been widened time and again and is now a 10-lane road.
About 15 years ago, when I used to drive my motorcycle,
I could travel the whole distance of 10 kms from Park Circus to Ultadanga without a single stoppage for traffic lights.
(It has been one of the few development works done by the left front government since it came to power in W. Bengal
All the others were destructive. The ratio being 5 is to 95.
5 % development, 95% destruction.
It is being said by his detractors that the road was made especially for Jyoti Basu,
who started living in Salt Lake, so that he could travel to Writer’s building, his office, without any hindrance.
But development is development and we should praise it, especially since development work has been so few in W. Bengal.)
Now there are at least 10 traffic lights in this same stretch and where I could cover this distance in 15 minutes (I never exceeded 40/50 Km speed), it would take me 30 minutes now, if I drove my motorcycle.
I stopped driving after I got spondilytis 10 years ago.
Well, in the public transport I was traveling one person started cursing the traffic lights for delaying the bus.
I heard him for some time but then asked how long does it take him now to reach office.
He replied, “: two hours”
I then told him, if there were no traffic lights, he would reach in three hours.
That made him think and he kept quiet after that.
I always prefer public transport.
The reasons are:
Foremost, it is easy on your pocket.
It is eco-friendly as it causes less ozone depletion per person.
It saves precious foreign exchange for India.
Of course, now-a-days Indian reserves are bulging with billions of dollars.
But still we should try to conserve our unreplenishable natural resources.
It brings you in contact with the real India.
You come to know the variety of people God has made.
There are disadvantages also.
In the summer heat, traveling in a crowded bus is not easy on your nose, ears, clothes and body aches.
And you have to keep your pockets safe in areas like Raja bazaar, Park Circus, Mechua Bazar.
These areas are infested with pickpockets.
I usually carry a small handbag and keep my valuables in there.
When I travel in these routes, many a time I have felt nimble fingers, probing in my pocket.
But I can smile away for I know there search would be fruitless.



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Msg from Old Boys

Hi friends,

With the Christmas spirit flowing through the air, I thought I would share the messages received from our boys who are extremely pleased to make contact with each other once more.
Further, I am pleased to see that we have started using this as a forum to locate each other.
A message in this post is from Indranil Aich who would like information of his teachers Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer who taught him in 1978-79.
If anybody can help him, I would be obliged.
For the boys in the Western Hemisphere, i.e., Europe, USA and Canada, I have arranged a special gift.
I am attaching a list of all our boys in USA, Canada and UK; with their E-mail ID’s so that you may renew contacts in this Season of Cheers and Happiness,
This list is with my E-mail, which I am sending with two Christmas Charts

Once again wishing each one of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Message from Prakash Bhartia

Hello Prakash,
Yes we have met during the centenary celebrations.
I liked your small speech regarding using one third of what we earn to help others.
One of the first memories I have of school was on my first journey to school.
On the steamer ride from one side of the Ganges to the other, you had explained jokingly what the boatman was saying when he shouted something from the deck.
I don't remember what you said nor will you remember.
One of your friends Swindon was with you.
I had mentioned this to you in the centenary also.
I had always wanted to express my views, although I do not speak much.
My blog gives me the medium to express myself.
Many of my opinions may not be shared by others but there you are.
Variety is the spice of life.
As someone said
"We pass to this world but once.
Any good that we can do,
Any help we can give,
Any smile we can bring to a face,
We should do it now.
We may never get a second chance"
Goethals has taught me this.


I don’t think we have met.
I just wanted to take the time to Thank you for your Blog.
Its great that some kind hearted people like you take the time to share their creation with all of us and spread joy to all.
Have a Great Xmas And a Happy New Year

Prakash Bhartia

Message from Merrill Smith

Thanks Radheshyam Sharma.
I live in Canada about 40 miles from Toronto & enjoy receiving any mail from GMS.
I am 72 now but still remember Mathew Lobo.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Merrill Smith

Message from Ralph Smith

Hello Ralph,

I am very pleased to receive your mail. Thanks.
I was from the 1965 batch and not 1968 batch and I still live in Kolkata..
John Kingsley’s mail ID is
You could give me John Orion's mail ID so that my records could be updated.
To upload Nihar Sircar's ID, you could go to,
There is a register of ex goethalites where you could add further names
I don't believe I am on the bad side of 50
Each age a man passes through is the best, if he makes it so.
A man should enjoy each span of life.
Now when I travel by public bus young people are courteous to me.
Bus conductors halt the bus completely to allow me to get down.
When I sit on a ladies seat in a bus, I do not have to get up when ladies come.
Then on 12th February next year, I become a senior citizen when I reach 60, and I will be allowed 25 % concession when traveling by the Indian railways.
My children are now on their own feet and help me in my finances. Whatever, I earn is saved completely.
With all these bonuses how can I say that I am on the wrong side of 50?
Yes, there are some aches and pains in the joints. I walk slowly. But then I can enjoy the scenery better and thank God for each day of my life.
I thank him for my family, the sun, moon, stars, each day and night as it passes, the hills, valleys, rivers, oceans, the birds, the trees, the animals.
I thank him for being born in India where we have Guru's who help us by bringing us closer to Him.
Oh! there is so much to thank God.
This we never realize when we are younger.
We start valuing this only when we hit the half-century mark.
Do you still say we are on the bad side of 50?
Each decade is a beautiful decade.
We should just appreciate it as a gift from God.
We never know when you will pass on and what form you will take in your next life.
I believe in reincarnation.
It is easier to explain the disparities between Laxmi Mittal, the Steel Magnate and the pauper lying on the road on an empty stomach.
Bye for now.
Best regards

Do keep in touch.
If you are not bored.


Message from Charles C Tresham

Hi Guys
The attached is a Christmas greeting from the UK for you and your families.

Best wishes for 2008 as well!

Charles H Tresham

Message from U L Mehta

Mr Lobo's ID is and a second ID is

Since he is India, he accesses hi mails as and when he gets the opportunity.
Happy remembrances.
Any other ID's you want, do let me know.
If I have them, I'll send it immediately.
If you have ID's of any of our Goethalites, you could also give them to update my records

Hello Radheshyam,

Thanks for your good wishes and also for fwding Mr.
Lobo's card. It is indeed very good.
If you can, could you pls send me his email address,
and I would then send him my greetings.

Wishing you a merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


U L Mehta

Message from Ankur BhattacharyaHi Ankur,
You are very much in my mailing list.
I hope you may have got my latest mail regarding whipping of bus driver.


hi Radheshyam .


Message from K P Bhutia
Thanks for the mails...
please do keep up the good work.
K.P.T. Bhutia.

Message from Gerad D’Souza

Gerad D’ Souza
You are playing a wonderful role for us...Thank You.
Gerry(1958 grad)

Message from Indranil Aich

Dear Mr. Radheshyam,
I am indranil aich I have attended goethals in 1978-79 (class2)and I wanted to know whereabouts of Mr and Mrs. Wilmer who used to teach us .pls let me know the details. Meanwhile i must congratulate you for the efforts taken by you to network all goethalites
pls keep up the enthusiasm.
With warm regards,
indranil aich.,

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Exemplary Summary Justice for Bus Employees

It is seldom that the headline of a newpaper pleases me.
After the headline of 11th October which I reported in my post of that day titled “Birds of a Feather”,today’s headlines in “The Telegraph” “Jawan Belt-Whips bus driver” takes the cake.
On behalf of the people of Kolkata, I would like to congratulate N K Yadav of the Signals wing for meting out summary justice to the erring bus employees on Friday, 21.12.2007.
For far too long have we the general public been made to accept their notorious misbehavior.
They are a rule unto themselves.
They drive rashly causing people to lose their limbs and lives.
They throw out aged, infirm and women passengers from running buses.
They allow pickpockets a free run in their buses knowing their profession.
There is nobody to challenge them as they are unionized and supply canon fodder to the political parties and carry hooligans to the political rallies.
The pot-bellied, unionized police also cannot take any action for they can hardly move because of overeating,disuse of their limbs and political pressure.
This action of the army jawan is like a beacon in a storm.
I would in fact request the G O C, Eastern Command to let loose about 20 such dashing jawans to randomly tour Kolkata, in pairs, in guise as ordinary people in public buses.
Any errant drivers or conductors found to be driving rashly or misbehaving should be given the belting and punching.
Not only them.
Even commuters who repeatedly say “Dichhe, dichhe” when the conductor asks them to purchase tickets should also be belted.
The people who under pay the fare and ask the conductor to keep the money should also be punched.
There is no use asking the police to take any action, as they are useless and act only on political pressure.
There is no use of asking the government to do anything, as it is the cause of this indiscipline in all spheres of public life.
Mr. N K Yadav is our only hope.
He should be rewarded at a public ceremony.
Yours sincerely.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Some Messages from Old Goethals friends

Hi friends,

It’s been quite a few days since I wrote my last blog.
Actually I was trying to organize my address book.
Some of you have complained that they were receiving the same message multiple times.
This is probably not due to my fault.
Probably when Google fails to send the message the first time it sends it again a number of times.
I have tried to weed out the ID’s, which were bouncing repeatedly so that Google does not have to resend.
I may not be entirely successful.
But I hope the bounces and resends will decrease.
While in the process of weeding if any genuine ID’s have been removed, Please let me know so that I can put them back on the list.
One thing I have noticed is that Yahoo ID’s are the maximum bouncers.

As a Christmas and New Gift, I propose to put up all the messages I have received from our Old Boys.
Many of them are anxious to know about their friends and have asked me for contact details.
I have given the same where known to me.
I hope this post will allow old friends to renew old friendships.
I was going to put the contact E mail ID's in this post but my son has advised me against it as
the ID's may be picked up by spammers.
Anybody wanting anybody's E Mail ID may just send your request .
I'll mail it separately.

Message has been received from N K Sircar of 1964 batch

Good day Ralph
Thanks for your mail, unfortunately I did not receive any attachment.
Somir Sircar- passed out from Goethals in1963, presently living in The Belle Vue Clinic, 9, Loudon St. Calcutta, INDIA).
Nihar Sircar - passed out from Goethals in 1964, was living in Sydney, Australia from 1984-2005) presently living in TORONTO, Canada.
, Home Phone #: 1-416-229-4913, mob/cell : 1-647-839-0560 OR 1-647-839-0614)
Pls put this in the Goethals web site , all the good X boys can contact me.
It has been a great pleasure to all X Goethalites are keeping in touch- we all miss the company and the togetherness. I will be happy to get all the good news from you guys.
Wishing all A Merry X Mass & a Happy New Year.
Keep-up the good work
Nihar Sircar
Chief Engineer

Message from Keith Hayward

Hello Keith and Sylvia,
I'll try to answer the questions raised by you.Bruce Wallace was a day schollar who used to come from Kurseong.
Tony Dayton used to come from Mt Carmel.
He had planned to join theChristian Brothers but God had other plans for him
Both were with us in 1964/65..Both are now in Australia. I have Bruce's E mail ID.It is Tony's ID but I am trying to get it and shall let youknow when I get it.
Among the Brothers, only Bro Fitzpatrick came for the centenary.Regarding the others I have no news.

Miss D'Cruz is now MrsSwyny-Goodwyn.
Her E mail ID is She too came forthe centenary.
Sorry to read about your stroke.But in a away it is good.At least now you have got over the problem.At our age we face these risks. But having survived and having had the bypass, you are now forewarned and can now live your life more peacefully.
We should learn to merge the cultures of the East and West in our daily lives.
Why don't you start doing pranayam?
I have put a post regarding how you should do it in my blog.
I havedealt with it quite exhaustively and you could easily follow and do it.
You just have to spend 30 to 45 minutes and you will feel thedifference immediately in your life.
I too had to undergo angioplasty twice.But now I am regularly doing pranayam and am feeling OK.
Touch wood.
In my next post I shall put all the messages I have received.
You maybe able to interact with a few of the boys, of course, now old men.
Well, bye for now.Do keep me informed of yourself and family.
Best regards and love to all.
And A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Radheshyam & Manju

Hello Radheshyam,

Thank you for your email.
I to also have great memories of the old Goethals days,
i can recall the Brady brothers and Clifton D'Aubney but i cant remember Bruce Wallace or Tony Dayton
Do you know the whereabouts of them and do they have emails or mobile phone numbers you could pass on. Along with the Christian Brothers you named can you remember Brother Corbett, Clancey, Cahill, Principal Fitzpatrick and from the teachers side Mr Mackenzie(he used to hold our wrists so tight when we went for walks to Roly Poly and Kettle Valley also he had very long hairs on his nose and ears).
Then there was Mr MacCormack the Arts teacher who was very nice and Miss D'Cruz she always made me her prefect and we cant forget Blackie the cook.
We left India(Calcutta) in 1964 we lived in England for 10 years i Married my wife Sylvia in 1970 we left England in 1974 to settle in Australia.
Our first two children(daughter and son) were born in England.
We had another four children in Australia(1 boy and three girls).
We have lived in Australia for 33years.
Two of our children are married, three of them are in long term relationships and
our youngest daughter(24)still lives at home with us and is very much single.
I myself had to retire from the work force in 2005 at the age of 58.
i suffered two strokes closely followed by a heart attack then 4 months after that i had quadruple by pass surgery.
It took a good 18 months to recover as much as i have but today i feel really well(touch wood).
The rest of the family are all in good health.
I wont bore you with any more family history for now.
Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous new year to you and your family,

Keep in touch,

Fondest wishes,

Keith and Sylvia

Hello Keith,

Yes, I remember you very well.
We were together, in the same class.
Gleason, Roger and Sheane Brady, Clifton D'Aubney were all in our class. Do you remember them?
Bruce Wallace and Tony Dayton were also with us.
Yes, I have pleasant memories of those times.
I am living with my family in Calcutta.You will find my address at the end of this message, below your message.
My elder son, Ajay lives with me with his wife. He is working in Cognizant Technology as Senior Associate.
The younger son is in Hyderabad, working at Dell Computers as Area Manager.
I am semi retired.
Officially I have retired from my company but they have retained my services.
Now I go thrice a week and help them where required.
The rest of the days I dabble with shares and stocks from my home computer.
Life passes pleasantly.
God has been very kind to me.
So tell me about yourself and Keith.

Warm regards


Hello Radheshyam,
Do you remember me Keith Hayward?
I'm sure we knew each other as friends in Goethals.
My older brother is Richard.
We both live in Queensland, Australia with our families.
Where is your Abode?
My E-mail is my Mobile No is (0430069702) my Landline is(0733888983)
Please advise likewise
We have a lot to catch-up with.
With best wishes,
The following message was received from Roy Joseph of 1975
Dear Mr. Radheshyam,
I was surprised to hear that Br. Darryl Conrad Michael came from yourclass.
When I was there he was the Assistant Rector (assistant to Br.McGann who was the Rector in charge of the aspirants at Mt. Carmel).
Br. Michael (as we used to call him) was not only a good singer andguitarist but also a prolific music composer. He used to write his ownlyrics.
Br. Michael was also our English Teacher and thanks to him I can stillrecite by heart many portions of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night becausewe covered the same lines so many times in class.
We also had Cry theBeloved Country by Allen Paton as our novel for study in ISC.
Br.Michael made both these works really come alive in his class and notsurprisingly, due to this, I could secure very high marks in EnglishLiterature.
Please keep in touch and send news regularly about our fellowGoethalites (I feel delicate to call anyone a Goat).
With best wishes,
Roy Joseph.
Superintendent of Customs and Central Excise,
Flat No.8, 6th Floor,Ramani's "Sharada Kripa" Apartments,
55-51, Raju Naidu Road,Sivananda Colony,
Coimbatore-641012.TAMIL NADU.

Dear Roy,
Thanks for your mail.
Not everybody who joins the congregation joins the Christian Brothers.
We had two boys in our class in GMS, Darryl Michael and Anthony Dayton.
Both had joined them in Mt Carmel.
Darryl completed his studies and became a brother but Tony couldn't make it.
He is now in Australia, happily married.
We in Goethals have drifted apart and blown to all corners of the earth.
I am just trying to use the centenary to bring us all together.


Dear Mr.R.S.Sharma,
Thank you for sending the news and photos of the centenarycelebrations at GMS, Kurseong.
You have never met me, as I studied at Goethals some ye
ars after youdid. I was there only for three memorable years which I count amongthe best years of my life, with innumerable pleasant memories.
I studied from Class 9 to 11 at GSM.
Before that, I studied at St.John's School, Chandigarh, which is another school run by the sameCongregation of Christian Brothers, but it is not a boarding schoollike GSM.
At St. John's I evinced the desire of joining the ChristianBrothers' Congregation.
I was asked to join initially as an'aspirant' till I completed my school education.
That is how I leftChandigarh and joined at GSM, Kurseong.
I lived at Mount Carmel alongwith other aspirants.
So I could not join the other boarders for mostof the after-school hours activities.
The Brothers eventuallydecided, after I finished my ISC Exams, that I was not suitable for areligious life and now after all these years I too agree that theytook the right decision.
I am happily married now. I owe a lot to the Irish Christian Brothers for the values impartedto me at school.
I just thought of sharing these things with you.
With regards,
Thanking you,
yours sincerely,
Roy Joseph.

I have received one message from one Sangay Tshering Yolmo.

The message is so full of praise that I am embarrassed to put it up.
God Bless You Sangay for the beautiful message.

The following message was received from U L Mehta of 1961
Dear Mr Mehta
I am really glad to hear from you.
We were together not only in Goethals buy I think also at BIT Mesra, if I am right.
Juneja was also with you.
Where are you at present?
How are you and your family?
Mr. Lobo came for the centenary functions ad then spent a few days with us at Kolkata. He also gave me and my family a day.
A K Shroff, D K Roy, S P Chatterjee also came.
You may have seen the photos.
Mr Lobo has now gone over to Assam to meet his sister.
He will be back by the 18th.
As you may have gauged from the pictures, it was a real happy occasion, the centenary celebrations.
You missed the golden jubilee celebrations in 1957 and now you have missed the centenary.

Best regards


Hello Radheshyam,
It was a pleasure to see your mail and the nice snaps- old ones and the centenary ones.
I was in Goethals from 1958 to 1961, and so couldrelate to the boys in some of the snaps ... the relay race one was in our time, and Banerjee's face is veryfamiliar.
I was also privileged to be taught for a year (1958) byMr. Mathew Lobo, and he was very good and dedicated teacher. I could recognise him right away. Where is he these days?
senior Storey brothers ... Gordon and Roger werein my class.
Goethals was a great schooling experience, and our teachers
were all outstanding ... Mr. Lobo, Br.Forhan, Br. Corbett, the science teacher ...
Thanks again, & regards,
Upendra Lall Mehta

This message was received from Mr S Deb of 1969

Dear RD (nee RS),

Thanks for the photographs. You covered it all.


S.Deb (1969)

Message from Pat Pierce

Dear Radheshyam –
many thanks for sharing !
There were 4 of us planning to come, and then ' wives got into the act. '
Anyway, Jimmy ( Keir ) put me in touch with Basant, and, the rest is history.
I'm so glad I made it ! Lovely meeting so many of you young chaps, seeing old friends, and, GMS after 50 years.
Even had 3 days in Darj with Matt & Myrna after Sports Day. What a bonus!
Got to make this a quickie, ( I'm learning from Basant ! ) as I'm unpacking and repacking to go and visit my new grandson, Evan, in Hawaii for Christmas. Leaving early tomorrow morn..
God bless, and a very Merry Christmas to y'all !
Pat Peirce in BC – Canada


Message from Brian Whiter of 1973

Hi Radheshyam

Many thanks for including me in your email. Great photos.
I am from the class of 1973 and living in Melbourne, originally from Kolkatta, in Park Circus.
I was last in Kolkatta in 2005, to purchase a set of Tablas from Lal bazaar.
I had returned after 25 years and was absolutely gob-smacked by the sconce there.
Anyway buddy, take care.
Brian Whiter

Message from Bhaskar of 1971

Dear Bhaskar,

Mr Lobo was our class teacher in class VIII in 1962. He left our scohol before you joined and then proceeded later on to Australia.
Bro Morrow was our class teacher in class XI in 1965.
He was a great person and a teacher.
Whenever I think of a Guru, I think of Bro. Morrow and Mr. Lobo.
I live at 188, Bangur Avenue, B - Block, Kolkata - 700055.
It is on the way to the city, about 6 Km from the airport.
It was a pleasure receiving your E mail.
I am just trying to weave all the Goethals boys together through my blog.
We have all been blown apart to all corners of the Earth by the winds of time.
Receiving your email shows I am being successful in my effort.
If you happen to come to Kolkata, do come home.
Sudan must be a very hot place. I hope there are no disturbances now.
Cheers for Goethals.

Thank You Radheshyamji for keeping me in your mailing list in connection with our beloved school-Goethal's.
I was in Goethals from 1966 to 1971.
I knew Br. Morrow very well.
I was from Darjeeling later shifted to Calcutta, Mumbai and now I have made Bangalore my home but am working in Sudan for the last five years.
I don't remember Mr. Lobo and am not sure whether he was a teacher during my years in school
Where is your residence since I read that you took Mr. Lobo to your house.
Pronams to you.
Hi friends,

Congrats toall those who went to the centenary celebrations at GMS.
For all those who could not make it I have been able to post some photos and write ups on my blog
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did on taking the effort.

Cheers for Goethals

Radheshyam Sharma
1965 Batch

"If we cannot love the person whom we see, how can we love God,whom we cannot see?"- MotherTeresa

Message from David Philips of 1960

Hi David,
Thanks for your mail Very happy to receive your E mail.
We were together in Sister Felix's hospital when the Asian Flue brokeout in Goethals.
One of our boys Lu died in that flue.
I am trying to weave all our GMS boys together.
Best regards

Hi Radheshyam,
Thanks for including us with your news from the GMS centenary celebrations, always interesting to read about the ‘Old Place’,
I attended GMS from 1954 to 1960 leaving for the UK in 1961, hope to be able to visit GMS at some point over the next couple of years.
Good luck in all your endeavors.
Helen & Dave
David Phipips,
25, Hume Place, Mt. Colah, NSW 2079

Message from Frank Macedo of 1959

Hi Radheshyam:
Great to read your blog.
Keep up the good work and help rekindlememories of the good ole days at GMS.
Frank Macedo
Class of 1959

Message from Sushil Dixit of 1964
Hi RS,
For Dayscholars it was Rs.12/= per month only.
Sushil Dikshit
(1964) Dayscholar

Message from Safiul Huda of 1964
Radheshyam:Thanks for the Gita.
For me reading comes easier in book form. [I amsuch a dinosaur -- also heavily technology-challenged].
I have, ofcourse, read various [Bangla and English translation] versions of boththe Ramayan and Mahabharat. Indeed I have them both -- the versions Ihave, though, are not the best in expressing the drama and movement ofthese great texts. So I keep looking.
A short version of theMahabharat by R.K. Narayan the famous, recently deceased novelist, ispretty good, but rather condensed.
One great big gap in my life is that I have wanted to but have nevergot around to reading the Gita yet [neither the Koran, for thatmatter]. Your email was a great and timely reminder. I'll be visitingthe bookstore soon. I think you may've sent a print version too. Butthinking you sent the same email twice, I kept this one.Be well.

Message from Partha Sengupta

Hi friends,
One of our school friends has taken all the trouble to have the BhagvadGita put in the computer and sent us copy.
This is such a valuable book, that I am forwarding the same to all of you to make the best possible use of it.
For your peace of mind and for your other friends.
Best regards

Dear Friends
While in Greenways Shipping, I requested my Secretary, Miss RuruGhoshal to key in the entire English version of the Bhagvad Gita into the computerwhen ever she had some spare time.Ruru took great pains to do this over several months and proof- readthe entire text with another colleague.The attatchment is the result of what was produced and I feel veryhumble on behalf of Ruru and myself to share it with you.I hope you will save it on your desktops to read sometimes and alsoshare it with your family and friends.Best Regards/
ParthaParthasarathi Sengupta

Message from John C Tresham of 1959


Always a pleasure to see Br Fitzpatrick looking so well and still going strong.
Br Fitzpatrick was my Class Master, Senior Cambrodge Class in '59 and a very wise and gifted teacher.
He was also the School Principal .
I'm still amazed at how he managed both jobs and still find the time to join the senior boys
in a regular game of football which incidentally he was also very good at.

Congratulations on your excellent blogspot.



Message from Deborsh Sengupta

Dear Radheshyam,

Appreciate your efforts in passing the pics to all.

Thanks once again.
Warmest Regards,
MOB # 98453 58202.Tel:- +91 80 412 26 332/33
Fax:-+91 80 412 26 331.E

Message from John Tresham of 1959

PS: I hope you have read about my latest love for Politicians, especially of Bengal at ,,Kindly advise if Prakash Bhatia was the P Bhartia I remember. He was in the year below me in the class of 1960. For what has he been honoured by the Canadians?


John Tresham
Class of '59

Yes, John,
He is the same P Bhartia. Only difference is a Dr. has been added as prefix in his name.
I have attached a write up we made of him and Joe Galibardy in our Centenary Sovenir.
The stamp is in recognition of the many inventions he has made which have benefitted Candian Defence Research

Thank you Radheshyam. I am pleased to see he has achieved a life of distinction in his field and brought honour to the school.

I remember him being top of the class even in those days. My classmate, Frank Macedo with whom I keep in touch als
o did his PhD in Electrical Engineering while here in the UK and until his retirement a few years ago held a senior position in Ontario Hydro and now works as a consultant to the Energy Commission in the USA.
Frank and his wife are currently enjoying some leave in Goa and will be visiting me later this month.
Your write up was not attached so I would ask that you kindly send it again.
Regards and thank you again.

Dear John,

I probably attached the write up in our blog and missed attaching it to the email.
I am attaching it now.
It was good of you to send a copy of your mail to Frank.
I would like to include him and any other old boys whose E mail ID's you may be having in my mailing list to keep them abreast of events and persons.
Our other boys should also know of yours and their activities to make them proud.
And there is no need of the formalities of thanks.
This blog is an attempt to bring all Goethalites closer together again.
We had been blown with the winds and tides, without any moorings.
The centenary celebrations has brought us all together.
I am just trying to keep the spirit going until the next get-together, when I hope the attendance will be even more.
I am sorry Frank came to Goa slightly late.
He just missed the centenary celebrations.
Warm regards

Cheers for Goethals

Message from Saibal Basu of 1983

By most accounts the Goethals Centenary was a resounding success!
However, I was unable to attend, living outside India is one reason.
I did register though, hoping to at least obtain the commemorative souvenier and school tie etc.
However, I have received nothing so far.
I do understand that the planning committee has done their very best to plan and organize such a large event and I am not holding them responsible for this guffaw. Such things are bound to happen. If this e-mail reaches the right person could he please look into this matter and respond. My e-mail is ,,and I am from the 1982 batch. Cheers for Goethals and the GMS Centenary Organizing Committee!!Saibal
Hi Saibal,

I understand your grievance.
Of the boys who were in Goethals only those with registration nos upto 400 received the Souvenir in Goethals.The printing job was not complete, hence everybody could not get their copies.
You may rest assured you will get your copy as the next print comes through.Sorry for the delay
Cheers for Goethals

Dear Saibal.
I recall it was me who received your Registration.
Fact of the matter is that we tried our best and succeeded in printing and bringing out the Souvenir and reaching them to Kurseong in time. (on 02-11 along with me). Unfortunately, however, due to the initial very poor response to our repeated appeals to Register in time fell on deaf ears and there was a rush of last-minute registrations.
However, if I am not mistaken, your Registration should be within the first 400and hence you are entitled to a cop
However, the balance of the first 400 copies have been retained by Kurseong and therefore, although I know the facts and feel for you, there is nothing I can do. I am marking a opy of this mail to Rajah Banerjee, the President of the Organizing Committee as well to Ashok Goyal with whom the balance copies are supposedly lying.
I wish I could have helped you directly because I remember that it was because of my appeal and assurances that you registered although you had informed me that you cannot attend.
Please keep me posted / informed by marking all your mails in this regard to me also so that I can do what ever possible to ensure that you receive at least a copy of the Souvenir, although I cannot give you the same assurance for the school tie etc.
Thanks and Regrets for the inconveniences.
Ranjan Guha Majumder
CE-163, Salt Lake, Sector-1, Kolkata - 700 064
Message received fro Amitava Maulik of 1977

Dear all,

I think with all this centenary activities going on, we have now published our dates of graduation on the net and are now prey to scamsters trying to get our certificate formats so that they can commit fraud themselves.

Read the letter below. I received it recently from a guy named Sanjiv Kumar Jain in Delhi who is pretending to pursue a fraudster with the hope of committing fraud himself.

Amitava Maulik

Dear Sir,
I had got your reference from one of the websites through which I came to know that you had passed ICSE board in 1977.
I am looking for only format of statement of marks of year 1977 of Class Xth of ICSE board, without your name, without your marks to catch imposter indulging in serious fraud affecting lives of new born babies.
Can you take look at format of statement of marks attached with this email and tell me short comings from your 1977 statement of marks certificate if any ?
Your kind help will be highly appreciated in the matter and will help in catching the imposter posing as doctor.
RegardsSanjiv Kumar Jain
It seems that person may not be a fraudster. Here's his reply to my email suggesting that he stop committing Fraud. He went on to provide a lot of documents, which would be hard for a fraudster, but of course not impossible. Anyway, I now believe him, but I have lost my certificate anyway, so I cannot help him.


On Nov 18, 2007 10:18 PM, S. K. Jain < wrote:
Thanks to you for sending it to police. I hope at least now they will file FIR. I am a sufferer and not fraudulent identity. My son had died in this fraud episode.I am on mission to save human lives. Carry on and read it ....And now do not tell CIC is also fraud.RegardsSanjiv kumar Jain
Message from Saibal Basu
Mr. Sharma

My wife has read your very detailed, well expressed opinions and given her comments which I have posted in your blog. Please feel free to comment. Let's hope others join in as well and give their own reasons either for or aginst..
I had given a reply to the above in one of my blog posts

Message from John Tresham

Thanks Radheshyam. Nice to have some feedback from the boys who were fortunate enough to make it.
John ('59)

Message from Nigel Hildreth

Dear Mr.R Sharma,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful articles and information you share with every Goethalite. Today after seeing the pictures that you have taken of the centenary celebrations I was filled with happiness mixed with grief. Happiness 'coz i was seeing my school after so many years and grief 'coz i could not make it for the centenary celebrations. Thanks to you that i got a glimpse of my old school.

Please carry on the good work sir.

Thanking you,


1989 BATCH

Hi Friends,

I am back from a pilgrimage I have made after 42 years after paying homage to the institution which has made me what I am today.
I have put down my feelings through the photographs I have taken and posted on my blog Hope you enjoy the pictures as I enjoyed the visit.
Thanks Radheshyam. Nice to have some feedback from the boys who were fortunate enough to make it.

Message from Partha Sengupta
Many thanks RS
I enjoyed your diary and the pictures immensely.
Best Regards/Partha

Message from Umesh Singhania

dear sir,i just love to read ur e mailsur this e mail made me feel as tough i was at gmsi had all the plans to come to gms for the celebrations but coz of some urgent work i had to canceli even had my bookings done in a hoteli will always wait for ur e mailsthax and rgdsumesh singhania

Dear Umesh,You really missed something.Ever since we participated in the Golden Jubilee in 1957, we werewaiting for this event.Now you shall have to wait until 2057, when you will probably be 80 years old.I hope you are able to see it then.This is my small effort to change the world.We from Goethals cannot be politicians as they are a dirty lot.I just run out of terms to describe their nastiness.We can just use our pens to vent our feelings.Cheers for GoethalsRadheshyamPSI just have one suggestion son.English is a beautiful language.Don't use short cuts even when writing E mails or sending SMS.Our school taught us very good English.Let the world know we know our English.Short cuts are for those who do not know English, which they hide withthese devices.No offense meant. Just guiding you as father to son.Do feel free to write to me, anytime.

dear sir,

thank you very much for your mail

i too am from kolkata in lake town

presently i am out of india

i will in kolkata in november end

and will try to meet you


umesh singhania
What happened.
I was expecting you in end November.
Haven't you come to Lake Town as yet.


Message from Bruce Wallace 1965

Hi RS,What you have posted on your blog is fantastic. Lovedthe photos and the text. Well done.It was great to see you again after some 42 years. Weall haven't changed too much in that period of time.It was unfortunate that we couldn't spend more timetogether. The days passed very quickly and we had tomake an early exit back to Melbourne. I was delightedwith the wonderful turn-up of ex-students(530 Ibelieve) and in particular with the class of '65. The' 65 batch looked great. I don't know when I willnext be in India but I would like to extend aninvitation to you and your wife to visit us inAustralia, we would love to be able to show you aroundour state.'Cheers for Goethals and Do All Things Well'Kind regards,Bruce Wallace
Hi Bruce,Thanks for your comments.It is just a small effort for everybody to remain connected.It was also very great seeing you your family and the rest of thegang. I noticed that you looked very trim.In the photographs you had sent earlier you seemed to have put onweight. And throwing away the spectacles did much to improve yourappearance.I just spoke to K K Rai and Ashoke Oberoi about half an hour ago.K K Rai has built a guest house in Gangtok where he has invited us all.Next time you come to India, you must keep ample time at hand so thatyou can spend time with us.Let me see if we can make the to Australia.Try to locate Tony Dayton and tell him to contact me. If you have hisE mail ID you could give it to me and I shall contact.Jeffery Knight was also to have come.The mails I have been sending to him have bounced.Where is he?It was a great one week.We can never have such a week again when so many friends meet.Chatterjee and my wife were not very well on the 7th after our visitto Mirik. Probably tired out. Now they are both OK. now.DK also has some problems from the area where he had been operated. Hewill be visiting the doctor todayJK went back to Delhi and today he should be in Nainital. He isenjoying his retirement.I have also joined duty.Cheers for Goethals.With warm regards


Message from Safiul Huda

Superb! Superb! Superb! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Now I will regret forever that I did not go. I KNEW this was going tohappen.
I had taken virtually all of the last two years off and Ithought my taking off soon after
rejoining would not have gone over bigwith the powers that be.
But now I feel I should’ve just buzzed offand told them to love it or lump it.
Now I’ll have to live another 25years so that I can attend the next big event – the 125th anniversary.
I’ll be 85 then – won’t look as good as Matt [Mr. Lobo] – but I’d liketo stand with him and be photographed [maybe by then it’ll be“holographed”] together.
Which reminds me –Matt, seems you travelquite a bit, why not plan a trip to the States?
There’s always goingto be a place for you in Connecticut.
This invitation extends to all myGoethals friends from Ms. D’Cruz’s and Bro. Doyle’s classes.
How can Iget in touch with Bro. Fitzpatrick [my dentist is of that name,
so I’mreminded of our Principal at least twice a year] so that I can persuadehim to make a similar trip?
Before I get too deep into my senile ramblings and totally sidetracked,
here’s a 3-part APPEAL to all who receive this:
EVERYONE:1. Some names jumped out at me from the captions of the pictures
andfrom the body of Radheshyam’s text: D.K.Roy, A.K.Roy, RamdhariAgarwalla, Ghosh, P.K.Dev Verman, Ganguly, D.K.Agarwalla, Bhandari,Neogi, Ashok Oberoi, K.K. Rai.
If any of the aforementioned are readingthis, whether you remember me or not, please drop me an email.
If anyof the others know of these persons, their whereabouts, their email orpostal addresses, I’d be much obliged if you forwarded the same to me.
2. There are some others with whom I would really like to touch base –N.K.Sarkar, Hector Keelan, Shane Offrey, Abu Sirkar, Bhandari, theTenzings, B. Tshering, K.Y.Lim, Bernard.
If any of you know theirwhereabouts and/or email addresses as well as of those mentioned in (1)above, I’d be grateful if you let me know.
3. Here is an on-going request of mine which has been studiouslyignored till now but which I will keep nagging you with: if anyone hasall or some of the Annuals for 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1960,especially the latter, or access to them, please, please let me know.
BASANT:Radheshyam sent the entire text of your speech. I loved it. It wasreally nice.
It made me all nostalgic. I could hear Old Khattoosaying, “Be quiet you datty fool!”
I know he is no more, but he liveson in our memories.
From him I first heard the name Sherlock Holmes.
It was he who sparked in me the desire to read fiction. He was such agreat story teller.
I remember quite clearly the account he gave ofhis trip to Tiger Hill.
You might not remember Shailen Sarkar. I think he may have left after1956.
He was also from Jalpaiguri and so I remember him.
His olderbrother was a fast runner but reminded us of a horse when sprinting
andso was nick-named “tatt-tu”. Anyway, he made up this song about theDhobi
that went “O Dhobi, O Dhobi/Why don’t you turn/Your dhoti intolangoti?”
and sung it to a tune very close to that of “O babu O babu/Ojanaye wale babu/Ek paisa de de.” – do you recollect?
I recall veryfondly the “bati-chhat” [that's in Bangla, English translation:“bowl-cut”]
that the barber would give us and Kapoor’s [drummer]mystification as to why
the bandmaster had to have so many haircutsconsidering he was quite bald!
Much later did I figure out the significance of the name “Blackie” andstill can’t but smile at the irony of us “blackies” cluelessly usingthat name.
The paniwallah’s [then] face is quite vividly etched in mymemory.
Did Sister Felix attend the ceremonies? If the hospi now isstaff quarters, where’s the new hospi?
Brother Fitzpatrick is veryrecognizable – he has just lost some hair.
He looks to be in goodhealth. Where does he live?
How does one get in touch?Congrats on a fantastic speech and on having pulled off an excellent100th Anniversary celebration.
RADHESHYAM:Yes indeed, some of us have fallen to God’s will.
None more sadly forme than Bhatta [S. Bhattacharjee]. Here I was anxiously hoping we’dstart exchanging emails when Jeff told me he had passed away in 1965!
The name D.K. Roy sent a thrill through me. I planned to write and askif this was the D.K. whose younger brother was A.K. Roy. And yourletter revealed yes, indeed it was.
A.K.’s boyhood face is stillrecognizable in his current visage. I can still remember the excellentperformance he turned in for “Where are you going to my pretty maid…”as though it were yesterday.
Ramdhari Agarwalla’s face I can stillsee, but I would not have recognized him in the street.
J.K. Ghosh –are you the Ghosh who was from Cooch Bihar?
P.K. Dev Verman – there wasone picture of him and his brother.
I cannot but help remembering himevery time I hear a song by/of S.D.Verman/Burman or R.D. Verman/Burman.
Ganguly – are you the same Ganguly who ran out of class when Bro. Doylewas on one of his rampages?
There is a Dipak Agarwal in the list ofreceipients. Are you the Dipak who hailed from Gauhati?
You told usthe story of “Madhumati” which was shot in Assam.
It must have had agreat impact because even now songs from that movie are hauntinglyevocative for me. Bhandari – are you the Bhandari with whom I exchangedcoats and when we had a quarrel and returned our respective coats Miss[D’Cruz] scolded us for wearing the other person’s coat?
Ashok Oberoi– only recently did I become aware of the significance of that name.
But I thought it was just coincidentally the same as the famoushotelier's.
Then Jeff, when he was visiting, enlightened me.
So you’rebasically of the same celebrity status as Paris Hilton.
I wouldimagine there’d be a sizeable Oberoi presence in a tourist magnet suchas Darjeeling.
Many of the celebration visitors stayed there I’dimagine. K.K. Rai – remember you very well.
What news of D. Singh?Dorje Dadul’s name has been ever present in my mind, but I have lostthe face.
S.P. Chatterjee – sounds familiar, but my mind may beplaying tricks. Did you join after I left?
My last year was 1960; Idid not come back in 1961. All of you – please write.
Really sorry to hear Roly Poly has vanished.
Surprised to hear thatfor you too it was the first visit to GMS since graduating.
I was quite gratified, actually, to see my name on the old boys list.
I notice that my parents spelled my name Shafiul then.
I also noticethat I dropped the A.R.A. perhaps because when Bro. Kyle used to
callout names for those who received letters he’d go “ Afroze daal currymutton Safiul Huda”
--or some such -- with the long names – remember?I wonder what he’s up to.
Seeing the names of S. Dev, A.L. Alphonso,K.K. Gurung, in the list immediately reminded me of them.
I wasinterested to see the name Agacy [whom I do not at all recollect] there– that’s a famous name hereabouts, spelled Agassy.
S.K. Bannerjee –hewas one year our senior, with my cousin Nazru Huda – and affected [whatI now recognize as] a very American accent. I liked him. Know wherehe is?
Why can’t I place Bruce Wallace? Where is Alan Moses? Remember?“Moses the poses thy toeses are roses?”]
What about Hill -- the oneAustralian and Alan Robinson-- the one Yank?
[Perhaps he lives righthere in the same State as I!] I’d love to be in touch with all thesepersons.
MARY: MATT: NBT:Now that I’ve been spoiled by Radheshyam, I’ll crave equally detailedaccounts of events from you guys, with pictures.
I am especially eager to hear about Mary’s reunion with you, Bahadur [=NBT; sorry, I’m having a senior citizen moment and can’t recollect yourpreferred and current name].
Do you still play the trumpet?That’s it for today. Send any and all info you have.Saf/Safi/Safiul [as in Safiul Huda listed as A.R.A. Shafiul Huda].

Message from Jigme Chimmi

thank you soo much for the pictures... yes I am sorry to have missed out on the celebrations....
Jigme Chhimi

Dear Jigme,
I am really sorry you could not attend the centenary celebrations.
You missed a lifetime experience which you will only be able to recapture in 2057 during the 150th anniversary.
However, I have taken a few photographs which I am posting on my blogg for all those who miised the celebrations.Hope you will be able to relive the past after viewing the photos.
Cheers for Goethals
Radheshyam Sharma
Hope you have all had a wonderful time catching up with old friends and having a blast at GMS.
For those of us who didn't make it - we just cant wait to see pictures/videos of the centenary.
If you have any pictures and videos you would like to share please post on either one of the websites.
If you are having problem please feel free to email me (Thank You...
Please don't be a stranger and even though the centenary celebrations have ended please use the forums or email and keep up with your friends. Sorry for missing out on the festivities..
Jigme Chhimi

All messages above are after the Visit to Goethals

Hello Amitava,

Thanks for the info.
I and four of my friends of 1965 are all leaving by Darjeeling mail today, ie 31st. But you'll get plenty of comapany on that day.
Ranjan Guha and quite a big batch are going on that day.
So just interacr with them

Hi Mr. Sharma and other schoolmates,I am traveling alone by Darjeeling Mail on Thursday night (1st Nov) byAC 3 Tier, Coach B3, Seat 56.If any of you are traveling, please contact me at 9831024929. It willbe good to connect and travel together, rather than alone.
Amitava Maulik76 December ICSE

Message from A K Roy of 1965

Dear RS,
Some years back the price of fish shot up to unreasonable speculative heights and nobody could think of a legislation to stop this unethical act which created a turbulence in the economy. Then some medical people came up with a solution. They circulated a flash in the media that some of the fish in certain markets had red spots on their bodies and people should shun fish in their diets and opt for eggs, chicken, mutton, etc. as these fish were infected with a virus. The fish market crashed!
Nowadays, the media is circulating stories that the radio waves that are emitted by the mobile phones and the communication towers are injurious to health, especially to the younger generation and that the government is contemplating the introduction of a legislation to curb the use of the mobile phone by minors. If this does instil a terror in the minds of parents the sale of mobile phones might plumet, thereby reducing the volume of SMSs and the unethical practices of the telecom companies and their agents or contractual partners.
You cannot stop the use of technology but you can make the people understand that some of the companies are using unethical means to achieve higher earnings. I hope you can gain access to the government and put in your suggestion that a legislation should be introduced to curb this unethical practice.
Yours truly,
Message from H L Roy 1972
Dear R.S.,

Your concern about SMS ing is also our concern.

You will appreciate that the entertainment media is thriving on this game plan and would continue to do so, unless your proposal that only a single vote would be acknowledged from a mobile set for the purpose of supporting a candidate is introduced by the TV companies.

Lets pray that better senses prevail and wait for the responses on the views that you have forwarded to the print media.


Message from A K Roy
Dear RS,
It's the "then & now" effect that struck me when I saw the old snaps. \
Did I look like that? Were those fellows my dearest classmates? Where are they now? etc.
I am sure that your collection is increasing and some day you shall have memories to cheer the ex- Goethalites through your website.
Yours truly,

Message from Saibal Basu 1982
Enjoyed the pictures very much. Appreciate your effort. Can we knowthe names of the two Brothers in the first picture(with the dogs -Daschunds?) seated in the first row? I might have known them whenthey were much older.I recognize Br. Fitzpatrick(I think) in the second picture. He wasthe Principal when I graduated in November 1982.Thanks againX-GoatSaibal Basu
Message from J K Ghosh
Dear RS,

I like to take this opportunity to thank you for the stupendous effort in making a collection of old photographs in relation to GMS Days.

I think that probably I can provide you a few old photographs, but since I have recently relocated, I would request you to allow me a little time so that I can retrieve them from the relevant packings.

Thanking you and with best regards,


Messages from Saibal Basu 1982

R S Sharma
Visited your blog. Iam a 1982 passout. Saw some of my batchmates in the pictures on your blog. Some I have never met since I left Goethals in Nov'82. Thanks for publishing the pictures. I have been living in the US for the past 13 years, therefore, seldom get a chance to go to such re-unions. I was wondering if it is possible to publish the slide show about Goethals on your blog- site so people like us can enjoy the same as well..


Saibal Basu
ICSE- Nov'1982

Hi Saibal,I am glad I could bring back some memories.Why don't you come over from the 1st to 7th November.It will be a grand affair, I can assure you.You will be able to re-live the past.You will have to register immediately for security reasons as theGovernor of W Bengal will be coming also. The registration charges arevery nominal by US standards. Only RS 1500/- per person + Rs 500/- foreach additional member.You will be issued Identity Cards.For I Cards you will have to send 2copies of passport photos for each person.Only those persons possessing I Cards would be allowed entry to the School.Functions for the old boys are on the 3rd and 4th Nov.I"ll see if I can get the CD to put on the blog.We are taking out a souvenir.If you would like to write anything for it, please send the samebefore the 30th September for inclusion. The souvenir will be acollectors item.I am posting a copy of the invitation on the blog also.Bye for now.Cheers for Goethals!!Radheshyam1965
Dear Mr. Sharma

I visited India for about a month with my family in August 2007. Therefore it would be difficult to get leave again so soon. However, no matter how absurd my attending the Centenary sounds to me I still cannot get it out of my head! Thanks for all your encouragement.

Regarding the souvenir to be published, how could somebody like me get a copy of it even though I may not attend. I am willing to pay. Also, if I would like to contribute for the souvenir and I think I still have some time, whom do I have to send my article to?


Saibal Basu, ICSE Nov'82
Dear Mr. Sharma

Thanks again for the e-mail and enquiring about my request. Meanwhile I have been in touch with Ranjan Guha Majumdar. He has consulted with Rajah Banerjee and other committe members and they are of the opinion that I could register for the centenary even though I am unable to attend. This would enable me to get the souvenir, address book etc.

Also, I have sent a nostalgic article about Goethals to Ranjan for possible publication in the Souvenir. Ranjan has confirmed receipt of the same and forwarded it to the editor of the Souvenir.

I appreciate your invitation to join your blog. I have visited it recently and read some of your memories. I had no idea how convenient it had become for us to travel by train to New Jalpaiguri after the Farakka Barrage was completed. We did not have to take any ferry.

Hope the flood situation is better now. We had floods in 1978 when I was still in Goethals. I made a road trip to Kolkata through a badly flooded countryside. Maybe I will share it on your blog..

That's all for now. Thanks and cheers for our 'dear old school'


Message from Edwin Bernard

Dear R.S. Sharma,
Your blog describing your years at Goethals in the late 50's and early 60's brought back wonderful memories. I loved your descriptive writing style as it transported me back to another time, another place. Like you, I lived through all those places and events and interacted with those teachers in much the same way. I could relate. Thanks for sharing.
Edwin Bernard1958-1962

Message from A K Roy

Dear RS,
It was a pleasant surprise to see your mail in my inbox and I enjoyed your website.
I too enjoyed my years of education in the hills. The slides were good and the ex-students forum has taken a step in the right direction. Your contribution too is admirable.
So many events and changes have come about in my life after leaving our alma mater. Anyway, nowadays I am preoccupied with my personal matters and have little spare time. Although the centenary celebrations are drawing me like a magnet I shall not be able to attend. However, if certain circumstances change then I may be able to make it to Kurseong. The mandatory registration is a bar and I hope to take a decision soon.
I am sure your wife and children are happy and eager to attend the gala event at GMS. Your children may be eager to see Prashant Tamang, the Indian Idol and the hero of Darjeeling if he is invited.
Wishing you all the best.

Message from Kaldip Choudhury of 0980

Hi Kaldip,
I'll mention the names of persons whom I remember. I had introduced myself to all of them and they had also done the same but you and the others must forgive me for at this age our memories become slightly week. For the others I will forward this email to Jitendra and Ranjan and the whole group, they will be able to add the remaining names. I will start at the topPhoto # 1 Arjun Biswas and S Kumar # 2 K D Gupta # 3 ?, Partha Mukherjee,? # 4 LtoR,#4,K K Chiramar, # 5 Partha Sengupts, # 7 Jitendra Agarwal # 5, Same in #4, other ?? # 6, Suman Mandal, Manos Choudhry, Jitendra # 7 Mr Day, Atul Chaturvedi # 8 Gasper (legs 11) and D,Silva # 9 U S Chanda, Mrs A K Shroff and A K Shroff #10, A K Roy, A Roy, Ranjan Guha Mazumdar, K D Gupta # 11,Nirmal Gupta, Anupam Dasgupta,Amnath Sinha, Ranjan # 12, Amitava Guha, Partha, Somnath Roy # 13, Suman Mandal, Sanjay,Avjit Guha,Vikas Binrajka # 14, A K Shroff, Nelson Flavien, Gasper # 15, A K Daw, K K Chiramar, ? # 16, Rudra Choudhury, ? #17, Lalit Dhanawat, Peter Remedios # 18, A K Roy, H L Roy, D K Roy # 19,Flavien, Arun Gazi # 20,?,A K Sabui, P Mukherjee, ? # 21, S Dey, Ranjan Mitra, ?, Vivek # 22, Group Photo, You will have to recognize.To find out their last year in Goethals, you will have to double click the photo. You can read the year in the enlarged photo.There were a few more snaps, which I will add in my next blog. Cheers for Goethals.Radheshyam1965

Jitendra, Ranjan, could you please, help with the balance names?

Hi Radheshyam,thanks for the trouble of putting it in the website. Any chance we could connect some names to the photographs - some faces look vaguely familiar
Kalidip Choudhury, '80

The blog journey started from here

Omni Bene Facere

Yesterday was a very enjoyable evening for all the old students of Goethals who could make it to the party at Bengal Club. Boys, now of course old men, form 1953 to 2001 came and reminisced.
What I really liked was a slide show of pictures of the school, boys and teachers taken during different eras.
After yesterday, I opine that anybody who does not visit Goethals during the celebrations from 1st to 7th November will be really missing something.
There were a few of us who were there during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations and we really enjoyed them. Hope everybody. goes. A few doubting Thomases, who were sitting on the fence, took the jump after yesterday and decided to go. I had take a few snaps at the party.
So as not to clutter this E mail,I have posted them separately at my blog I hope they bring back memories of the school.
I shall post further photos as and when I take them.
R S Sharma 1965 batch

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Oh God! Deliver Us from These Politicians

I think most of you must have had these encounters if you traveled in a public transport.
A few days ago I was traveling on a bus when a co-traveler came and sat beside me and muttered something.
I looked enquiringly at him. He pointed to one person and repeated softly, “that man is a thief”
I looked at that person and I found that he was trying to open the chain of a bag of a fellow traveler who was standing in front of him.
I was shocked. The bus was quite empty and that man was performing his trick knowing full well that many people would be observing him.
I could not stand the sight and immediately got up and told the man whose bag was being opened to hold his bag carefully.
Immediately, two persons got down from the bus cursing me openly.
I suppose I was being a fool but I had been a victim on two occasions and could not allow that gentleman to suffer the same fate.
I have made inquiries and found that pickpockets have become quite common in Kolkata public transport.
They go about doing their jobs and if anybody dares challenges them they immediately make a sharp gash with a razor blade, which they carry and then get off the bus.
The bus conductors also recognize them but keep mum for they fear the pickpockets will harm them later on.
Sometimes pickpockets are caught.
Then the general public beats them up mercilessly.
At these times the public pour all their previous grievances into the beating remembering the times they were the victims.
It is the police, which come to the rescue of the pickpockets.After all they get a share of the loot.
And when you think of it, what the thief picks is just small pittance compared to what the politicians are looting.
Oh God! When will you deliver us from these corrupt politicians?
They have corrupted the whole system.
I for one would support the Maoist if they limited their violence to this creed and not to the general public who are also sufferers like the Maoists.
When the general public does not get justice and the system persecutes them then they take the law unto themselves.
Just as George Bush did not find any WMD’s in Iraq, our Chief Minister did not find any Maoists in Nandigram.
But I wonder, how many Maoists this adventure of the W Bengal Government has created.


Friday, December 7, 2007

Some more Memories of the Sixties

After much cajoling Arun Shroff rummaged through his old boxes and almirahs and came across these gems.
In this age, when schools are minting money, would you believe that our school charged only Rs 100/- per month in April 1958 and Rs 120/- per month in May 1963.
Note, the first bill has been signed by Bro Fitzpatrick and the latter by Bro Morrow.
The progress report too has been signed by Bro Fitzpatrick.
These bills just show that although we paid Goethals hardly anything, what it gave to us is priceless.
These papers do bring old memories rushing back.
I must congratulate Arun for having kept the papers all these years.
The photographs are all black and white of that age
I am sure these photographs will bring back pleasant memories for all those who were in school from 1953 to 1965.
I wonder what the fees are in Goethals nowadays?
Many of our old boys have asked me that question.
I would be obliged if the school could send me a recent prospectus to put on our blogg for everybody’s benefit.
It would also inform them of the procedure and time of admission nowadays


Peter Thomas, Rajah Banerjee & Arun Shroff
Lawrence Keenan
Mohan Shivdasani

Victorious Relay Team of Goethals
With Victoria Relay Team
Ridhi Pokharual
Mohan Shivdasani &
Glenn Storey
Peter Thomas

Rajah Banerjee

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Guru visits his Sishya

Yesterday was a RED LETTER DAY in my life.
Hinduism teaches that in a person’s life, there are three Gurus to guide him through the world.
The first Guru is Mother, who teaches the baby how to crawl, then walk and then run.
She teaches him to first utter sounds, then lisp and then speak.
It is she who first takes his hands on a slate and guides him to write ABC and 123.
As he grows older she hands him over to a more qualified Guru, the educational Guru. Who teaches him to find ways to earn a living by giving him education.
Later, in life, he selects a spiritual Guru who teaches him about the Power Who cannot be seen but Who controls everything. He teaches him to observe nature and feel Him in everything.
My first Guru, mother is dead.
My third Guru, I pay my respect everyday and visit him every year during Guru Poonam.
Two teachers(Gurus) whom I and my class is Goethals believe really helped us in developing into what we are were Sirs, Mr. Lobo and Bro B C Morrow.
Bro. Morrow is no more. God bless him. We could never express our appreciation and gratitude to him. This I sincerely regret.
But we were blessed by the presence of Mr. Lobo during the centenary functions.
And yesterday, he came to our home and purified it.
I cannot express my gratitude for his coming to my home.
Four of us, Arun Shroff, S. P Chatterjee, D K .Roy and I were the lucky ones to be with him
We talked nostalgicallly for about three hours about the good old days and then had lunch together.
Mr. Lobo then went away with Arun as he had a busy schedule.
The remaining three of us then ended the evening, viewing a movie of our time, “My Fair Lady”
This was a day all four of us will cherish for the rest of our days.
Thank you Mr. Lobo, Sir. .


Mr. Lobo with R. S. Sharma and Mrs. R S Sharma
L to R: S.P Chatterjee, Mr. Lobo, R S Sharma, D K Roy and Arun Shroff
L to R: Mr. Lobo, R S Sharma, D K Roy, Arun Shroff, S P Chatterjee

Marry Bill Gates Daughter

Not everyone can marry Bill Gates daughter and/or become Vice President of the World Bank.
However, one of my colleagues in office has found a foolproof method.
You could try it if you are qualified and have the guts
Do read his methodology below.
Do let us know if you rise to the top.


Father: "I want you to marry a girl of my choice"
Son: "I will choose my own bride!"
Father: "But the girl is Bill Gates daughter."
Son: "Well, in that case...ok"

Next - Father approaches Bill Gates.
Father: "I have a husband for your daughter."
Bill Gates: "But my daughter is too young to marry!"
Father: "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank."
Bill Gates: "Ah, in that case...ok"

Finally Father goes to see the president of the World Bank.
Father: "I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president.
President : "But I already have more vice- presidents than I need!"
Father: "But this young man is Bill Gate's son-in-law."
President: "Ah, in that case...ok"

This is how business is done!!

Moral: Even If you have nothing, you can get anything. But our attitude should be

No matter what we are a how we are ? Think that we can achieve....and we can.....
just plan it....execute it.....
Day dream or night dream , never reaches any shore
we can see only success...only food results.....
just try..

By the way I do not know whether Bill Gates does have a daughter. Does he?


Saturday, December 1, 2007

Pseudo-Secularism - M F Hussain

Hi friends,

I have received some paintings of M F Hussian over the net wherein he depicts India, our Motherland, the States of India and the different goddesses whom we Hindus worship in the unclothed condition.
I won’t show the paintings, as they are demeaning.
I have been asked to give my comments.
What comments should I make against a sexually starved, depraved old man who has passed his youth?
And now imagines the female genitalia in everything.
People call it art but I think Freud would have called it otherwise.
If it was art he would have seen it everywhere not only in Hindu deities.
But he knows what is the penalty for thinking obscenely of anything connected with his own religion.
He is aware of the life Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen have had to lead.
At least they had the guts to say what they wanted, but he does not even have the guts.
He believes that the Hindus are a docile lot and would accept whatever he ditches out.
Well this time the Hindu anger has been roused and he will have to live the rest of his life in exile outside India.
He will not be safe in India.
If Taslima can live outside Bangladesh, so can he live outside India.

God has given him certain gifts by which he can bring peace to humanity.
Instead, to gain media attention, he makes controversial use of his art to hurt people’s feelings
And the political lot, whom I love so much, want to show their pseudo-secular credentials,
By rewarding him so that they can pamper their vote banks.


M F Hussain is not the end of life.

We have other things for which to thank God, inspite of Hussain



Feeling my anguish in not finding an alternate to the communists in Bengal,
many friends have come up with different suggestions.
I have received quite a few, as many states at various periods have had to cope with this disease.
We have Goa and Karnataka at present.
Earlier we had the Lals causing headaches to the people of Haryana
and the Aya Rams and Gaya Rams of Bihar are also worth remembering.
Among the suggestions, the best I felt is the following.

The people of India should demand a null or negative vote in all elections.

We already have two fronts vying with each other and literally dying to serve the people.
If you notice, the election related deaths are increasing with each election.
A third front tries to be born every now and then but dies a stillbirth.
I am sure you all know who form the three fronts.
The corrupt parties, the more corrupt parties and the most corrupt parties.
Please take your choice.

We the people of India should ask the Election Commission and the Judiciary to select good,responsible people of repute from each state to
represent the people if,
the party candidates in the above three fronts do not get 50% of polled votes.

Now you may be wondering why I did not select the President of India?

Well, if Dr. APJ Kalam had been the President,
I would have had no hesitation in leaving the choice to him.

But now we have a president, who is a political appointee,
who has corruption charges against her even before taking the post.
The president of a party who has the Bofors corruption albatross hanging round her neck has appointed her.
How can you expect she will appoint non-corrupt persons?
She has already shown which side of her bread is buttered with the alicrity
with which she has given her assent to the AIIMS (Amendment) Bill, knowing full well
that one of the aggrieved party had already approached the Supreme Court,
and which was to be taken up by the Court on Monday.
The Government has three wings. The Executive, headed by the President,
the Judiciary and the Election Commission
We have more faith in the Election Commission and the Judiciary and will accept their choice.
We have no faith in the present president.
So, if the any candidate of the above three fronts do not receive 50% of polled votes,
a candidate selected by the above two authorities should be appointed
to represent the people of that constituency.
I feel this is the best suggestion, by which we could replace all corrupt politicians.
Otherwise no good people will come in the government
I would request the people who are in authority and who have the power
to help implement the above or any better suggestions.
I also would like your views.