Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Amit Shah seeks like minded Mafia Dons

Yadav with Shah at Ambala City

Ten years after he was thrown out by the BJP amid an outcry over his criminal background, mafia don-turned-politician D P Yadav is back on the party’s stage.
Yadav says BJP president Amit Shah is his “friend”, and that he might “definitely” join the party.

Yadav accompanied Shah to three places in Haryana on Monday to campaign for BJP candidates for assembly elections next month.
“So what if I accompanied the BJP national president? He is my friend. I am campaigning for the BJP in Haryana because of my friends. There are many candidates who share an old association with me. Some studied with me in school, some were athletes with me, a few were business associates. I will be campaigning for BJP candidates in Haryana,” Yadav told 

The Indian Express. Asked if he had joined the BJP, he said, “No, I have not. But if a good offer comes, I will definitely join any time.” 

Yadav is the father of Vikas Yadav, who has been convicted in the Nitish Katara and Jessica Lall murder cases. He was inducted into the BJP on February 20, 2004, but had his membership terminated after only four days. The then BJP president, M Venkaiah Naidu, who is now Minister for Urban Development, told a press conference: “We have withdrawn his (Yadav’s) membership. I have spoken to him (Yadav) and also to Prime Minister (Atal Bihari Vajpayee) and Deputy Prime Minister (L K Advani).” 

Sources in the BJP said D P Yadav flew with Amit Shah in the latter’s helicopter, and attended public meetings in Ambala City, Tohana and Bhiwani. They were on stage together at the rally in Ambala, where Shah sought votes for the BJP candidate from Ambala (City), Aseem Goel. “Whoever comes to campaign for us, we welcome him. Amit Shah and D P Yadav came together, and campaigned for me. There is nothing wrong in it,” Goel told The Indian Express. 

Yadav said, “I have been a two-time MP, a minister, and a five-time MLA. In all my life, I have never committed a crime. All the controversies about me are the creation of either my rivals or the media. I have never approached either the BJP or Mulayam Singh or the Bahujan Samaj Party for membership. I am a man of self-respect. If anybody invites me, then only I go to them.” Asked if Amit Shah had invited him to campaign in Haryana, Yadav repeated that he never goes to campaign for any political party unless “invited”. 

Amit Shah did not respond to repeated phone calls and text messages seeking a comment. The BJP co-incharge for party affairs in Haryana, Anil Jain, declined to comment on Yadav sharing the stage with Shah. 

Yadav said, “I will campaign in Narnaul, Nangal Chaudhary, Bhiwani and many other places in the coming days.” 

Just before the 2012 UP assembly elections, Yadav had wanted to join the Samajwadi Party, but was stopped by (now Chief Minister) Akhilesh Yadav.

I had earlier said one is known by the company one keeps.
Amit Shah, being himself an accused criminal who has be outcast from his home state will naturally seek the company of other criminals.
The names of two persons are given.
I wonder, if the third person is also a criminal.

Is Modi's Charisma just Media Build-up?

I have been telling every one that what ever we get to hear of Modi is just media build-up. 
The above pictures show what happened in the USA but was not reported by the media. 
As pointed out in the first ad of ABP, as long as the media is Meherban (favorable), up till then even an ass is a pehalvan (super wrestler).
A summons was issued against Modi and a reward was to be given to anyone who served it.

I don't understand why Modi Bhakts accuse me of being of negative mentality.
You tell me -
Should I not ask Modiji of Article 370 ?
Should I not ask Modiji of the reduction in tax on beef so that cow slaughter is increased ?
Their election promise was to ban cow-slaughter.
Should I not ask Modiji about the Z Class security given to Robert Vadra ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the horse trading of MLAs of the Delhi Assembly ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the withdrawal of FIR which was made by Arvind Kejriwal against Mukesh Ambani in Delhi?
Should I not ask Modiji about the withdrawal of powers of the Anti Corruption Bureau in Delhi and making it impotent ? 
Should I not ask Modiji about the removal of Sanjiv Chaturvedi who was looking into the various corruption cases in AIIMS ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the steps taken so far for removal of corruption ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the inflation running unabated ?
Should I not ask Modiji about why he has gone slow on black money ?
Should I not ask Modiji about his promise to declare black money as national wealth ?
Should I not ask Modiji about his drama to oppose FDI ?
Should I not ask Modiji about our soldiers who have been killed by firing by Pakistan soldiers across the border ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the steps taken against the Chinese dadagiri?
Should I not ask Modiji about Love Jihad talked by his party men?
Should I not ask Modiji about the recent Communal riots in Vadodara ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the attempt by the DISCOMs in Delhi to influence the CAG audit?
Should I not ask Modiji about making people like Yeyurappa as Vice President in the Party ?
Should I not ask Modiji about making criminally accused people like Amit Shah who have not been allowed to enter their own states, as party President ?
Should I not ask Modiji about Smriti Irani submitting a false 12 th pass certificate being made the HRD Minister of India ?
Should I not ask Modiji about people like Smriti Irani and Arun Jaitley who have failed to win the people's support yet been made ministers ?
Should I not ask Modiji about the donations received by his party ?
Should I not ask about the paid news being circulated with money from Modiji?
Should I not ask Modiji about the illegal alcohol distributed by his party candidates during the elections ?
Should I not ask Modiji about a rapist being made a minister ?
Should I not ask Modiji about his election speeches to make the CBI an independent entity ?
Should I not ask Modiji about stopping the Collegium system of appointment of Supreme Court judges and instead, appointing two persons who were private lawyers of two politicians of his party ?
Should I not ask Modiji about appointing an ex-chief Justice of the Supreme Court as Governor of Kerala as the said judge had given a judgement in favour of Modiji ?
If not then it means that I am not a citizen of this country or Modi is not an elected Prime Minister of this country.



Swacch Bharat - the Difference between AAP and the rest

Tomorrow is 2nd October.
The day selected by  Modi to start his "Swacch Bharat" movement.
As I said earlier, Modi is all gas and no substance.
The above picture shows the BJP taking a broom in four different areas which are already clean, just for TV coverage.
On the left, you can see a AAP MLA actually dirtying his hand to actually clean-up Delhi.
You cannot even see his face so the question of TV coverage does not arise.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jayalalitha Convicted - at last, after 18 years.

Sept. 27: Jayalalithaa was today unseated as Tamil Nadu chief minister and faced a possible 10-year bar on contesting elections as a Bangalore court sent her to jail with a Rs 100-crore fine for amassing unexplained wealth two decades ago.
A lawyer unconnected with the case, who was in the courtroom inside a jail complex, said Jayalalithaa, 66, felt giddy and ill as judge John Michael D’Cunha passed the verdict and was allowed to step out briefly for fresh air.
Her four-year sentence means the AIADMK leader, the first serving chief minister to be convicted of corruption, must spend at least two days in her Bangalore prison cell as inmate No. 7402 before bail becomes a possibility.
Jayalalithaa arrives at the court in Bangalore. As soon as she was convicted, the flag was taken off. (PTI)
Bail from the trial court was ruled out because the sentence was longer than three years. The high court next sits on Monday, giving Jayalalithaa a two-day window before it closes for the Dussehra holidays till October 5.
Her bigger worry will be the blow to her political career, and not just because conviction has automatically disqualified her as a lawmaker under a July 2013 Supreme Court ruling and ejected her as chief minister.
If she fails to secure a high court acquittal in the coming months, she will not just have to spend four years in jail but face a further six-year ban on voting or contesting elections — by when she will be 76.
As news of her conviction seeped out, an alert police officer was seen removing the national flag from Jayalalithaa’s Toyota, parked inside the court complex, in symbolic recognition of her ouster as chief minister.
Her party will meet tomorrow to choose a successor. The likeliest pick is finance minister O. Panneerselvam, a loyalist who had filled in for Jayalalithaa in 2001 too when the apex court unseated her because of a prior conviction over a corrupt land deal. Jayalalithaa had returned to her post after a few months, courtesy a high court acquittal.
Jail sources in Bangalore said Jayalalithaa had been lodged alone in a cell that has a ceiling fan and given a blanket, the authorities having rejected her demand for hospital admission after the mandatory medical check-up.
It’s not clear how Jayalalithaa will pay the Rs 100-crore fine: in her last election affidavit in 2011, she had declared assets worth just over Rs 50 crore.
The staggering fine comes on a week the Supreme Court slapped a compensation levy on companies while cancelling their coal block licences. The companies have been asked to pay Rs 295 for every tonne of coal they had mined. Some estimates put the cumulative blow to the companies at Rs 10,400 crore.
The 17-year-old case against Jaya related to Rs 66.65-crore worth of unaccounted wealth accumulated during her first term as chief minister between 1991 and 1996. She then drew a monthly salary of Re 1 and had no other regular source of income.
Judge D’Cunha handed a four-year term and a Rs 10-crore fine to each of her three co-conspirators: friend Sasikala and Sasikala’s sister-in-law Ilavarasi and nephew V.N. Sudhakaran, who happens to be Jayalalithaa’s estranged foster son.
Jayalalithaa has been convicted under the Prevention of Corruption Act and two Indian Penal Code sections relating to abetment and criminal conspiracy.
The case, filed in Chennai in 1997, was shifted to Bangalore on a plea from Jayalalithaa’s political opponent DMK, which feared subversion after 72 witnesses turned hostile.
The trial was held at a court in central Bangalore but the verdict was delivered in the Gandhi Bhavan courthouse inside the Parappana Agrahara jail complex off the Bangalore-Hosur Road, where Jayalalithaa is now lodged. The venue shift came on an appeal from Jayalalithaa, who cited her Z-plus security.
She had made just one court appearance during the trial, for four days in 2011, after one of the 14 judges who heard the case put his foot down.

Our India judicial system is too slow.
It has taken 18 years since the case was filed and 23 years since the theft had occurred.
The 100 crore fine imposed on her is too meagre.
If you consider the 14 % interest on 66 crores charged by banks, the fine should have been 528 crores 

How money from this glittery mega IT Park built on public land will go into a company of Sharad Pawar’s son-in-law

by  - on 
Gulail in collaboration with an intrepid RTI activist from Pune, Ravi Bharate, has accessed hundreds of official documents revealing how a company associated with Sharad Pawar’s family was given over 19 lakh sq feet of public land in the heart of Pune city for a pittance. Ashish Khetan uncovers the massive land scam running into thousands of crores of rupees.
This author has in the past written about three major land scams involving Sharad Pawar’s family in Pune city  Now Gulail has dug up evidence of another scam involving the Pawars that is bigger than all the previous three put together.

Pawar Realty: The mega IT SEZ in Kharadi, Pune
In the heart of Pune city, in a locality called Kharadi, stands a glistening new Information Technology Park with four massive towers of glass and concrete already constructed and a few more that are under construction. The park is spread over 180,000 sq. meters or over 19 lakh sq. feet of land. On the surface it all seems perfectly alright, till you dig a little deeper and find that the land on which this structure stands was a public resource until a few years ago.
On 11 October 2004, Panchshil Premises Private Limited, one of the group companies of Panchshil Group, the Pune-based real estate conglomerate in which Sharad Pawar and his family have a substantial equity holding, approached the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), a government owned corporation for promoting industries, with an application seeking transfer of this massive piece of land to the company.
Within a month the Pune Collector assessed the premium at Rs 600 per sq. meter or Rs 55.74 per sq. feet for the period of 95 years. Another Rs 62,80,771 was charged as deprecated cost of the then existing structures on the land. Thus a total of Rs. 11,42,80,771 was charged for a period of 95 years for land measuring 19,37,520 sq. feet.
What's scandalous is that 50 percent of the premium eventually assessed by the MIDC was paid by Panchshil as earnest money along with the application. This shows that the entire process of allotment was done as per a pre-conceived plan.
Eventually the land was leased out for 95 years extendable by another 95 years at the end of the lease.
The company name was later changed from Panchshil Premises Pvt Lt to Eon Kharadi Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. The documents available with Gulail show that company has built 4 million sq. feet of built-up commercial area for commercial sale or lease.
The going market rate for commercial built up area is 22,000 sq feet hence the company stands to earn Rs 8,800 crores in revenue even while the government has received a mere 11.42 crores or Rs 55.74 per sq. feet for 95 years as premium. In addition the company pays Rs 1 (you read it right; it's Rupee One) to the government in rent every year.

The Panchshil-Sharad Pawar Connection

The website of Forbes magazine pegs the net worth of the Pune-based builders Atul Chordia and his brother Sagar Chordia at 635 million dollars and rank them as the 100th richest persons in India. Against the heading ˜Source of Wealth it reads Real Estate, Self Made. However, a more apt description would have been Real Estate, Sharad Pawar Made.
It is a rags to riches story for the Pune-based Chordias. The old residents of Pune would tell you that in the early 70s Ishwardas Chordia, the father of Atul and Sagar Chordia—was a small time sugar trader. He owned a gala or a small shop at Nana Chowk, a crowded wholesale market. But Ishwardas had one qualification that others lacked and it was enough to propel him and his family into the orbit of the super rich. He was a college friend of Sharad Pawar. Both had studied and graduated together from BMCC College in Pune.
Besides being a man of various talents, Pawar is a man with the Midas touch. The phenomenal riches earned by Shahid Balwa and Vinod Goenka the prime accused in the 2G scam case– after they came in touch with Pawar is part of folklore. The lesser known story of the Chordias falls in the same league.

Thorn in Pawar’s flesh: Pune based RTI activist Ravi Bharate has till now unearthed half a dozen land scams of the Pawar family.
In the 70s Sharad Pawar and Ishwar Das Chordia together floated a company by the name of Panchshil Hotels Ltd.
Documents with the RoC also reveal that as of September 2004, Pawar and his wife had 1.47 lakh and 1.45 lakh shares respectively in the company. In December 2009, Panchshil allotted 1:1 bonus shares to the duo. This raised Pawar and his wife’s holding in the company to 2.94 lakh and 2.90 lakh shares respectively.
Between them, the Chordia family and Pawar's daughter and son-in-law Supriya and Sadanand Sule all own substantial stakes in four mega IT Parks cum Commercial Hubs set up in the heart of Pune City. Eon Kharadi is one of them. All have been built on vast stretches of public land that was systematically transferred to Panchshil Group of companies.
Sharad Pawar's son-in-law Sadanand Sule has direct connection with Eon Kharadi Infrastructure. ROC records show that Premsagar Hotels is a holding company of Eon Kharadi Infrastructure. Sadanand Sule holds 2,50,000 shares in Premsagar Hotels.

How public land was transferred into private hands

It is illuminating to track down the history of the Kharadi land before it was transferred to companies linked with the Pawars.
A total of 36,46,000 sq. feet (36 hectares 46 r) land was acquired from farmers by the Pune Collector under the Urban Land Ceiling Act.
The Pune Collector declared the land as grazing land and handed it over into the possession of the Kharadi Gram Panchayat.
Laterthe Pune Collector took over the possession of the land for building residential schemes for economically weaker sections and a portion of the land was earmarked for industrial development. 18 lakh sq. feet was allocated to the MIDC. The land use was changed and development plan and town plan were accordingly amended.
On 8 January 1997, the MIDC wrote to Pune Collector wanting to relinquish the land and asked the government to take the possession back.
In 1998 the Maharashtra Government (Shiv Sena-BJP was in power at the time) laid down the Information Technology Policy. One of the main focus areas of the policy was to strengthen and expand human resource infrastructure in the state. The Industries Department mooted a proposal to set up a world class IT Software Engineering Institute on this same piece of Kharadi land. Discussions were also initiated with Carnegie Mellon Institute for a tie-up. Eminent business leaders like HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh, Infosys Chairman Narayanan Murthy and then UTI Chairman P S Subramanium had give their consent to be part of the Governing Body of the proposed institute.
In October 2009 the NCP-Congress Alliance formed the government and the proposal was soon shelved. Five years later the land was given to the Panchshil Group for a pittance.
Gulail sent detailed questionnaires to Panchshil Group and MIDC. But till the time of publication of this story they had not responded.
That is why I have always maintained that Sharad Pawar is one of the most corrupt politicians. He knows how to switch sides so that he is always in power. Now he is alll ready to ditch the Congress and join the NDA.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Justice R S Sodhi supports Justice Lodha, says do not seek post retirement jobs

New Delhi, Sept.26 (ANI): Agreeing with Chief Justice of India R. M. Lodha's remark, retired Justice R S Sodhi on Friday said that the retired judges must learn how to exit gracefully without seeking any post retirement jobs.
"I welcome CJI's statement, re-employment of the retired judges was never a healthy precedent. I have been opposing any kind of post retirement appointments of the judges," Sodhi told ANI while reacting on CJI R.M. Lodha's statement that no judge should accept any constitutional or government post after retirement,.
"Retired judges must learn how to retire and must not seek these post retirement jobs because they appear to compromise with the independence of the judiciary," he added.
Earlier on Friday, the 41st Chief Justice of India, R.M. Lodha retired and said that no judge should accept any constitutional or government assignment after his or her retirement. (ANI)

I fully endorse Justice Sodhi and Justice R M Lodha.
Judges, if they start hankering for post retirement jobs will be clouding their judgement to support the government when they are in the SC. A recent case in example is the way Ex-Justice Sathasivam delivered his judgement in support of Modi so that he could be appointed Governor of Kerala or any other post which Modi may have found suitable to reward him.
Another, is the example of Justice Markandey, Chairman, Press Council of India. He has been issuing statements in favour of the government in power so that his post is safe. Earlier he supported the Congress and now he supports the BJP.
Ex judges should use their expertise in commissions of enquiry, if and when these are set up. Of course, these Commissions of Enquiry serve no purpose. They are just eye-wash to fool the people to show that the government appears to be taking action. Most of the the reports  find their way to the dustbin without any action being taken. The so called Action Taken reports are themselves a farce.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Deliberate mess created outside Red Fort for his photo-op

Sanitation workers became litterbugs on Thursday when they threw plastic bottles and crumpled pieces of paper outside the Red Fort so a Union Minister could get his photo-op while picking up the garbage.

This staged littering and cleanliness drive was organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) as part of the Swachh Bharat Mission.
Even as Minister of State (independent charge) for Culture and Tourism Shripad Naik was speaking at the event, safai karamcharis started littering the premises by throwing used mineral water bottles and waste paper on the road, which had earlier been swept clean.
As Mr. Naik wrapped up his speech, the cleaning staff were ordered to add more garbage as it didn’t look dirty enough. All the while officials associated with the event oversaw the organised littering.
After he had finished, Mr. Naik was promptly handed over a broom, which he wielded with aplomb to bring about a sweeping change in the area.
A casual employee of the ASI said the staff usually cleans the busy tourist spot thrice a day. “Today, we cleaned the area at 1 p.m. and were asked to keep the bottles and paper for the Minister’s visit at 4 p.m.,” said the sanitation worker who couldn’t help but smile at the irony.
The stage-managed littering seemed to work out with the Minister being mobbed by camerapersons and ordinary visitors, who were curious to see what the man dressed in a sparkling white kurta was up to. Culture and Tourism Ministry and ASI officials were unavailable for comment.
Sixteen-year-old Ravinder, who works at a souvenir shop at the fort, said visitors don’t listen to his appeals to not litter. “Now, we are hoping something will change,” said Ravinder, gesturing at the Minister with a broom in his hand.
German tourists, Johannes and Angela, said the lack of sanitation was not a problem for them, but they couldn’t imagine living in India. “For us, it’s not so bad as we are here for a month or two. But, for Indians it must be quite bad,” said Angela. Johannes added: “India has so many nice buildings and such great food, so it should be kept cleaner.”
Meanwhile, at the event a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry, the ASI and the Oil and Natural Gas Commission for the maintenance of monuments. Mr. Naik said the ONGC will maintain and improve visitor facilities at the Taj Mahal to begin with, and will take on more monuments in the future.
“We should be bringing in corporate houses and industries in our cleanliness campaign. Since the Ministry’s responsibility is towards tourist spots, we’re starting with our home, which are monuments,” said Mr. Naik.
The Narendra Modi Government’s cleanliness mission will be launched on October 2, the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

So this is how Modi goes about creating "Swach Bharat"
As I have said earlier he does everything for the media.
A very hollow person