Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Woman who complained of sexual harassment by Pachauri quits TERI

New Delhi, Nov 4 (PTI): The research analyst who complained of sexual harassment by climate scientist R.K. Pachauri has resigned from TERI, the organisation where both worked, alleging that it had treated her in the “worst possible manner” and harmed her “mentally, professionally and economically”.

In her resignation letter to Dinesh Varma, the human resources director of The Energy & Resources Institute, the complainant has said that although its own inquiry committee found Pachauri guilty of misconduct, the organisation has “failed” to do the “bare minimum” to ensure that she is not impacted.

”Your organisation has treated me in the worst possible manner. TERI failed to uphold my interests as an employee, let alone protecting them.

“The organisation has instead protected R.K. Pachauri and provided him with full immunity, despite being held guilty of sexual harassment at the work place by your own inquiry committee. The Governing Council too let me down in an unprecedented way,” she said.

”The Council could not even suspend a man pending inquiry and took no action despite the indictment. You also created a hostile environment for me which has only escalated and showed no signs of subsiding whatsoever. It is becoming clear that the Governing Council works for the DG and under his instructions,” she wrote.

”There has been no changeover in the DG as well as stated on 23 July, 2015.I am tendering my resignation from TERI with immediate effect,” the complainant wrote.

The complainant had registered a complaint against Pachauri for sexual harassment at the workplace and lodged an FIR with Delhi Police in February 2015. 

Is this another example of 56" chested Modi, protecting women?

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