Friday, November 13, 2015

18 injured in communal clash over bursting crackers in Muzzafarnagar - The Modi Effect?

At least 18 people, including three women, were injured in a clash between two communities over bursting crackers at Bhensi village under Khatoli police station in the district, police said.

The violent clash, involving fire arms and stones, erupted last evening when children from one community allegedly started bursting crackers in front of houses of another community.

Senior police officers rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control, police added.
Security has been tightened up in the village and extra police and PAC forces have been deployed in the area. Police said that the injured have been admitted to hospital and some of them are in serious condition. 

It is most unfortunate that an event which is occasion for joy & happiness turns into a tragedy. The above has turned into a communal problem but it occurs everywhere in India, including Bengal where a number of people of have been killed because they raised objections to bursting of crackers.
Why should this occur?
It is because as a nation we have become selfish, egoistic with no sense of understanding.
Muslims take out Tazias during Muharram right through the centre of main thoroughfares, brandishing swords and beating themselves with chains and bleading. It is a horrific sight.
Hindus similarly take out processions during Holi, Dipawali, chhat, Ganesh Chaturthi and other festivals, bringing the complete traffic to a halt.Their loudspeakers and crackers disturb everybody but they have to bear it with a smile.
There is no point is talking of the processions taken out by political parties, disrupting traffic and the lives of people wo have to earn their living.
Why can't we be more considerate.
Religion is a personal thing. 
Why can't we celebrate the festivals within the confines of our homes without disturbing others?
Is it because our politicians cannot fulfil even the most basic needs of the population so they organise these tamashas so that the people can forget the woes and the para dadas can make some money which will carry them through the year.
As Karl Marx said  "Religion is the Opium of the masses"
Although we deride the USA for being materialistic, but I feel that they are even more spiritual than us Indians.
That country cares for its people and after all that is what God wants.
Every child there has to have a basic education. No child is allowed to stay at home as they consider education very important.
During Guy Fawkes Day children wear scary dresses and masks and visit their neighbours crying "Trick or Treat". The neighbours give the children some candies or cookies. However, here again, the people put out a sign outside their homes which denote it is OK for the children to visit them. If the sign is not there, children do not knock on those doors.
They do not celebrate Diwali although this year Obama made a fool of all Indians by declaring a Diwali Holiday. Actually the holiday was for Veteran's Day which they celebrate every year. This year, that day fell on Diwali and so like Modi, he decided to fool us. The Modi effect!
They burst crackers on 4th July, their Independence Day.
The crackers are burst in an open space and arranged by the local government  If anyone wants to burst crackers, he too can do the same on that day and time.
At other times, nobody is allowed to bust crackers. 
Here we burst crackers throughout the night, not caring if sick or aged people would be disturbed,
This is our nation of the Ramayan, the Mahabharata, the Upanishads, the Vedas and the Bhagawat Gita.
On the one hand, the government wants everybody to read the Bhagawat Gita in school and do Surya Namshkar and on the other hand, they kill people on the basis of rumours. Even if it was not a rumour, but it was the truth, they have no authority to kill the person. But then these hoodlums, one of whom is the Prime Minister and the other the Party president, do not believe in the rule of the law.

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