Sunday, November 8, 2015

The man who gave BJP prez Amit Shah sleepless nights during Bihar polls

India Samvad Bureau
New Delhi: A 37-year-old insider in Modi government has upset BJP president Amit Shah. Last year, after being humiliated by Shah, he left Ashoka Road and went to Patna. As assembly elections in Bihar have begun, this insider is giving sleepless nights to Amit Shah. The truth is that the distemper of Shah against him can be costly for the party. The name of the insider is Prashant Kishor.

If BJP fails to get the majority in the Bihar elections, PM Narendra Modi will start crushing the powers given to Amit Shah. PM Modi is secretly annoyed with Shah and will let his anger out only after the result of Bihar assembly elections is declared. Thus, not only for Nitish or Lalu but Bihar elections are equally important for Shah.

Who is Prashant Kishor?

Very few people are aware that Prashant Kishor played an important role in Narendra Modi's victory in the Lok Sabha elections last year. Kishor left his job at United Nations and joined NaMo in 2011. In the year 2012, when Modi was elected as the chief minister of Gujarat for the third time, Kishor proved that his model of electioneering is indispensable.

Sources say that Prashant used to operate from PM Modi's Gandhinagar located home. From 'chai pe charcha' campaign to Modi's 3D hologram, all these ideas were generated by the young team of Prashant Kishor which also turned out to be a huge success around that time.

Several BJP leaders were jealous of Prashant's fast growth in Modi's office. In the meanwhile, Amit Shah also felt insecure and irked about the same. He even tried to humiliate Prashant in front of Modi several times but failed.

Following PM Narendra Modi's historical victory in the elections, Prashant was hoping for a huge piece of cake in the Delhi government. He was even offered a position in the PMO, but he was not satisfied with just that. Prashant wanted a reputed position where he could be the authority to decide on the government policies and decisions.

Thereafter, Amit Shah's team gave a suggestion that Prashant should not be given unnecessary importance as it could lead to disastrous results for the party. According to sources, Amit Shah and Prashant have been distancing themselves from each other. On the other hand, feeling betrayed, Prashant is openly criticising Amit Shah. When things got out of hands, Prashant left Delhi and came to Patna to support Nitish Kumar in Bihar elections.

Nitish welcomed Prashant Kishor with both hands

According to reports, after teaming up with Nitish Kumar, Prashant is all set to take BJP down in the elections. Prashant hails from Rohtash city in Bihar and also have sources in the state government. He met Nitish Kumar through his friends and also started developing the election strategy for him by early 2015. Prashant has a team of over 300 young people and most of those are IIT or IIM degree holders.

Nitish Kumar has turned a huge bungalow located at 7, Strand Road in Patna into a war room for Prashant and his team from where the Grand Alliance was born. It is said that Prashant is using all tricks for Bihar elections that have already been tested in 2014 Lok Sabha elections which is surely giving rough nights to Amit Shah.

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