Monday, November 2, 2015

Arun sees 'two-fold strategy'

Our Special Correspondent
New Delhi, Nov. 1: Finance minister Arun Jaitley today described Narendra Modi as the "worst victim of ideological intolerance", trying to turn the intolerance debate upside down a day after RBI governor Raghuram Rajan had asked both sides to show tolerance and respect.
"Since 2002, the Prime Minister himself has been the worst victim of ideological intolerance," Jaitley wrote in a blog, referring to the year of the Gujarat riots when Modi was chief minister.
BJP leaders have persistently complained that although multiple courts have cleared Modi of riot-related charges, sections of the Opposition and civil society have been treating him as a political pariah.
Jaitley identified the "twofold" strategy of Modi's detractors, whom he identified as "the Congress, many Left thinkers and activists" who have "over decades... practised ideological intolerance towards (the) BJP".
First, at a time Modi has been "trying to accelerate India's growth", his opponents have been obstructing Parliament to scuttle reforms that "will bring credit to Modi government".
Second, they have been trying to build, "by structured and organised propaganda, an environment" that suggests "there is a social strife in India".
"They wish to project India as an intolerant society. The truth is otherwise," the minister wrote in the Facebook blog, titled "The Ease of Doing Business".
Rajan had yesterday delivered a nuanced speech, appearing to nudge the government not to be provoked by protests while advising its critics to respect the beliefs of others.
Jaitley did not mention Rajan but threw the charge of "intolerance" back at those protesting the growing attacks on minorities and dissenters and accusing the government of inaction.
"Perpetrators of this propaganda," Jaitley alleged, "never allowed alternative viewpoints to grow in either universities, academic institutions or cultural bodies that they have controlled. Their intolerance extends to not accepting an alternative ideological pole."
Jaitley described the Dadri lynching --- the murder of an elderly Muslim on unsubstantiated charges of storing and eating beef --- as a "stray" incident and an "aberration".
"Dadri was a stray incident. It was both unfortunate and condemnable. The guilty will be taken to task," he contended.
But like Rajan, he also advised the pro-BJP side to exercise restraint. "Every well-wisher of India and the present government", he said, should "make sure that no action or statement of his provides a tool in the hands of those who want to obstruct India's growth story".

I liked the semi last statement of Jaitley - "The guilty will be taken to task"
But how?
By promoting them as minsters or awarding them Ex-President Abdul kalam Azad's bunglow in Delhi.
What a fall my countrymen?

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