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In Delhi there is less corruption under AAP depts than under BJP depts.

Survey points to a decrease in corruption in Delhi; AAP happy

Posted on October 26, 2015 from Delhi ι Report #43277
New Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi on Tuesday finally got a reason to cheer after a survey report found that nearly half of the Delhi residents felt that corruption decreased in the state. According to a survey of Centre for Media Studies (CMS) – India Corruption Study 2015, on the level of corruption in the departments of state government of Delhi, around 45 percent of the respondents said that it has decreased during the last one year as compared to 39 percent opining so about central government governed public services for residents of Delhi.
The CMS survey also revealed that Bharatiya Janata Party led Municipal Corporation of Delhi failed to stop corruption in its departments. A slightly higher percentage of Delhi households feel that the level of corruption has remained same i.e. no change is noticeable in the level of corruption prevailing in public services under the Municipal Corporations of Delhi as compared to those public services, which are under state or central governments, the CMS survey stated. 
Delhi Police- Most corrupt department:
The CMS survey finding says that the Delhi Police which comes under Centre, is the most corrupt public service department in the national capital. Dehlities felt that ‘experience with corruption’ was highest in Delhi Police (39%) followed by Teh Bazaari/ Hawking permits (32%) and Driving license (26%). According to the survey, the top three reasons for which a bribe was demanded by Delhi Police were for putting up a vending unit, getting a complaint or FIR registered and for driving a commercial vehicle without proper licence.
Experience with Corruption:
Nearly one-third of the households in Delhi had paid bribe at least once during the last 12 months. Of the households which were asked for a bribe or had to use contacts, 62% households experienced the demand for a bribe at least once during the last 12 months or had to use influence of influential person while another 29% came across such situation twice. While state-run services fared better than the Centre, the public continues to deal with corruption. The largest perception of increase in corruption was for LPG, followed by electricity and water supply. While the distribution of LPG comes under the Central government, electricity and water come under the State government.
On an average a household in Delhi had to pay a bribe amount of INR 2486/- during the last one year.  It is therefore estimated that the total amount paid by households in Delhi across 15 public services as bribe, during the last one year, is around INR 239.26 crore (INR 2392 million).
Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal attacked at Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the CMS found that corruption decreased in state-run public services. Aam Aadmi Party chief appreciated his government and said the survey proves that Delhi government is capable of doing good.

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