Thursday, October 22, 2015

Delhi government to launch 2-year homoeopathy pharmacy diploma course

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government is all set to launch a two-year diploma course in homoeopathy pharmacy which will enable aspiring pharmacists in this field to take up jobs in government hospitals as well as operate state-run dispensaries in the national capital.

"The Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine under the Health Department of Delhi government is going to introduce 'Diploma in Homoeopathic Pharmacy Course' as per provisions of Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956.

"Such a course is a landmark and milestone in the development of science of homoeopathy. It is a historic addition for homoeopathy in Delhi and India," the board' s chairman K K Juneja said, adding that the course was notified in an official gazette by Delhi government.

The eligibility criterion for the course, also called homoeopathy compounder course, has been fixed as intermediate pass in science stream. It will provide theoretical and practical training.

"Those completing Diploma in Homoeopathic Pharmacy will have job opportunities in government sector like homoeopathic medical colleges and hospitals, Delhi government dispensaries, private homoeopathic clinics etc. They can also open their own homoeopathic pharmacy or chemist shops," Juneja added.

The above is from This is good news for people like me who believe in Homeopathy.
Of course, the MBBAs will raise their usual objections.
Why don't they think of it as a complementary system of medicine. It is simple to understand and is effective.
MBBAs should not think of them as competitors but utter selfishness make them  as it will force them to share the patients loyalty. They may even lose the patient.
It can even be learnt by a layman with a good memory.
I have a cousin who practices homeopathy(self taught).
People ask for her advise which she gives freely and since that advise is effective, people would rather see her than qualified homeopaths.
However, when she observes that her prescription does not help the patient or in critical cases where hospitalization is necessary she immediately refers the patient to an allopath.

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