Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"I have always maintained that Rahul Gandhiji would be an ideal choice for Prime Minister's post after 2014 elections,"

The above certificate was given on a flight by our Prime Minister.

However, it would have been more appropriate if it had been given in a graveyard or a cremation ground.

The dying declaration of a person does carry some weight but this dying declaration has no value for our PM was dead for all practical purposes right from the day he was selected as a "front" for Madam.

In all these years, being an economist, he has made a mess of India's economy by allowing corruption to flourish as never before.

When we ask for references whom do we go to?

When we are looking for a security personnel do we accept a certificate issued by a bank robber or a burglar?

When we are looking for a person to escort our children to school, do we accept a certificate issued by a kidnapper?

When we are looking for a vegetarian cook for our family, we don't go to a abbatoir?

When we are looking for an honest person do we seek A. Raja or Ramalinga Raju or Suresh Kalamadi?

Now here is a person, who has been the worst Prime Minister in India's history giving a certificate to a person for a post which he has held by the grace of the second person's mother.

He himself was highly qualified and failed because he had always to look over his shoulder to confirm that the mother was smiling.

The second person has no other qualification except that he is a descendant of the Nehru/Gandhi family.


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