Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I am an Indian - and these make me more so

1.When the shampoo bottle seems to be over, I pour some water in it, shake it, and use it for another couple of baths.

2.A toothpaste isn't over until I've entirely flattened it out and started rolling it up from the back.

3.I buy broccoli and avocados for 300 Rupees, but still ask for some dhaniya patta for free.

4.I don't just recycle gifts, I recycle the gift-wrapping paper too.

5.When a bulb gets fused we move it around trying to get the filament to join again.

6.I worry about price of gold without any intention of buying it!

7.I will beat the crap out of my TV remote to make it work but not change the battery.

8.We get cheesed off if the Gol Gappa guy doesn't give a free sukha puri in the end when I ask for one.

9.When my T-shirt gets old, I use it as night wear, when it gets older, I play holi in it then I use it as a pochha (wash/dust rag).

10.I ask for extra oregano and chili flakes from the Dominos guy, so that I can use them later in my Maggi noodles at home.

The above has been sent by Arun Shroff.

The author may have written the above to scoff at us Indians but I don't feel I have to be ashamed to say that it is good not to waste.

We do have a jugaru habit and do not allow anything to go waste.

1. I too add water to the shampoo bottle.

2. I not only squeeze the tooth paste flat but also cut through the shell and use us any paste which sticks inside the tube. This additional paste lasts me at least for three days.

3. We do try to open the wrappers carefully and if they are not torn ,we re-use them.

9. I use my T-shirts as described above.

I do not see why I should have to apologise for the above traits.

While America has to borrow money to run its expenses, we Indians can save money.

It is just unfortunate that our leaders are corrupt and cannot utilize our money properly.

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