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Modi's next programme is to address all women on "Karua Chauth" - Some comments

I had written the following comments on our school FB site.
You can read the comments which followed

Modi's next programme is to address all women on "Karua Chauth" although he himself left his wife 40 years ago just as he preaches against rape and corruption when having Nihal Chand and Yedyurappa in his cabinet and addressed children on Teacher's Day having Yale returned Degree holder as his HRD Minister.

Rudra Roychoudhury 
How come you never criticise AK of AAP? Do we take it for granted that Mr. Kejriwal is perfect? You need to be more honest in your approach in criticising the #1 man of India. We need to be patriotic.

Radheshyam Sharma 
Germans were patriotic and did not criticize Hitler. See what a mess they and the world landed in. 
Modi may be the # 1 man but his actions till now are not beyond criticism. 
I will criticize Arvind when he does anything worth criticism. 
Presently all the criticism is being done by the paid media under direction of the Ambanis and Adanis and you are just watching media play in all news channel. 
If you want to criticize a person, you must know his views also and for that you must visit the AAP Facebook site. 
Just as Nehru lost a great opportunity after independence to give India a corruption free government, Modi to has lost a great opportunity after receiving a steam rolling majority in Parliament. 
Modi continues to work with the above scum when he could easily have got rid of them and given a correct message to the people of India and shut my mouth. 
See what he is doing in Delhi. 
After winning all Parliamentary seats from Delhi, why is he not holding fresh elections and instead gone in for horse trading, offering each MLA who defects to the BJP, 20 crores?
He can even offer 50 crores for now he has a limitless source of funds. 
Even before the elections he could spend Rs 10000 crores.
Just imagine the funds at his disposal now?
Mark my words, Modi is going to become Stalin and Hitler- combined in one.

Sanjay Bedi Rudra Roychoudhury 
How can you even say such things about Sri Sri Sri Sri Arvind now you should know Dada that he is the cleanest politician in the whole Galaxy . The world should change the definition of pure and uncorrupted to Kejriwal . He is a shooter and a scooter , if as they allege that they are being offered Rs.50 crores , then how come not a single STING from the AAP stable has not been released .

Radheshyam Sharma 
Who says no stings have been released. 
Unfortunately, they are never shown by the media for they are beholden to Modi.
As I said, visit the AAP-FB site at least once a day to get the other person's views. 
AAP does not have the money to influence the media. 
Against the BJP budget of Rs 10000 crores black money, AAP could collect only Rs 30 crores honest money. 
Yes Arvind is clean that is why the Congress in spite of its best effort could not find anything against him except his educational loan which he repaid with assistance from his friends. 
On the other hand they could find plenty of matter against Kiran Bedi and Swami Ramdeo who then quickly switched their allegiance to the BJP.

Rudra Roychoudhury 
I asked a simple question on AK as to whether he is perfect or not? I don't have the ability or capability of criticising anybody because I myself is far far away from perfection.

Radheshyam Sharma 
What is your meaning of perfect? 
If you mean, is he the perfect man to lead India, my answer is YES. 
Here is a person who has set out to give India an honest government after 66 years of scam ridden governments. 
Yes, he is the best thing that could happen to India. 
Just as Lee Kuan Yew changed Singapore, Arvind can change India. 
Modi will just generate more black money leave alone bringing back the black money stashed abroad. 
He has just gone abroad first to Japan and then to Australia, just to do that - to generate black money for his crony capitalists for the next election in 2019.

Sanjay Bedi 
I think you should send a mail to Modi and tell him to not step out of the country , henceforth ! He should stay in Delhi and stay put ! Never ever to stray from India .................... You may have a point there . In fact every PM or President of any country , should henceforth be banned from stepping out of their countries ! Thats how they generate black money , thats a new take .

Radheshyam Sharma 
Who has said they should not go abroad. But first they should stop the leakages going on. Just a few day ago, a peon in a government department was found to have unaccounted wealth of 3 crores. Just imagine the level of corruption. Without taking action on corruption he is just generating more corruption. It is not a new take. However, earlier there was no one to point out. Now AAP is there to point out. Remember the 2G, CWG scams. Well, I fear we are now heading towards a Modiji scam.

What an idea sirjee, ban all politicians, industrialists, businessman and commoners like us from going abroad. Whether Modi becomes a Hitler-Stalin or not only time will tell but for now India seems to prefer him over the self proclaimed anarchist ex-babu who knows nothing about administration and governance. Democracy has its fault. You get what you elect, be it looters and rapists.

Radheshyam Sharma 
What democracy are you talking about? 
One person spends Rs 10000 crores of black money and wins although he has put up criminals as candidates and the other who has put up honest candidates of repute loses because he had decided to use only white money collected from the common man. 
Was it a fair election when AAP candidates were beaten up and even murdered and false sting operations were broadcast by the paid media? 
It was anything but fair.

Biswajit Mahanta 
The type of democracy that allows you and me to sit at home and criticize and find faults with all things that are not to our liking. Beside I would rely on better sources then the FB account of AAP to generate views about other parties and people. Some of the candidates that AAP had put had the same or worse credentials then candidates from other parties. I do agree that some media is paid but that doesn't mean all are. Don't make media a convenient whipping boy for the losers. So please, all people are not fools. Give them credit for giving a clear mandate. Modi may be a bit Dictatorial in his governance style but that may not be such a bad thing in present day India specially after 10 yrs of freefall that India suffered under MMS. Even if by some miracle, AK had become the PM of India, he would have taken India back to middle ages. He may be honest as you say but that does not necessarily endow him other qualities required to lead this nation.

Radheshyam Sharma 
Name the AAP candidates who had worse credentials.
Don't talk loosely. 
Any AAP candidate found to have criminal back ground was immediately withdrawn. 
Can any of the other parties say the same? 
Even the Germans were proud when Hitler came to power -you saw the result. 
You may have seen I praised Lee Kuan Yew, who was an honest dictator. 
Modi is a dishonest dictator like Indira Gandhi. 
He doesn't see the corrupt and rapists in his own party. 
How can he improve the country?

Sanjay Kumar Singh 
That is what you wish the PM would do so that AAP gets some thing to do and everyone is diatracted from the mess AAP is in. Why dont you grow up and talk about real issues like keeping the promises you make over your children's head!

Sanjay Kumar Singh 
I was waiting for the 10000 crore. Well, I was not disappointed. He he he he. This is working like clockwork. When no viable issues 10000 crore jindabad. Sir please provide credible info on the 10000 crore otherwise who will believe turncoat AK49.

Radheshyam Sharma 
Since when have the political parties like the Congress and BJP started giving creditable information. 
They are doing all that is possible to hide the info and you are asking for creditable info. 
Only AAP is willing to give the info. 
Rs 10000 crore is the lower limit, we don't know the upper limit. 
The way Modi traveled and the way he hogged all the media, we can safely say Rs 10000 crores were spent. 
The BJP is more of a somersault candidate. 
The way they are going back on their promises before the elections would put even a chameleon to shame. 
Even now, in Delhi, they are doing the Chameleon act. 
Once they say, being in the minority they will not form government and now they are ready to form government even with a lessened minority. 
The people of Delhi want AAP and so the BJP is scared of holding elections.

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