Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Conspiracy exposed – Victim was unaware that her FIR included Mayank Gandhi

In shocking developments it has come to light that some conspirators used a hapless victim to falsely accuse Mayank Gandhi and others from Aam Aadmi Party of totally baseless charges. It is becoming clear that those unable to fight fair political battles resort to slander and defamation to malign AAP leaders, Alka Lamba and Mayank Gandhi have been victimized through totally false and spurious charges.
In Mayank Gandhi’s case the complainant was totally unaware that his name was being mentioned as accused. She is a young lady AAP volunteer who was encouraged to file a police complaint by a certain group of people led by Sunil Shukla (they were AAP members but quit AAP on 18 September 2014). They did not tell the lady they quit AAP and took her on 19 September to file the complaint. She accused one Tarun Singh of harassment and mentioned in her statement that the moment she brought the matter to Mayank Gandhi he suspended the youth and initiated an inquiry.
The lady was totally unaware of how complaints are filed, never having visited a police station in her life. The conspirators assured her they knew the process. It took more than six hours for the police to record her statement and she was getting very late. The conspirators along with police made the poor lady sign blank FIR forms and assured her she could leave! She left without any copy of her statement or FIR.
In her absence they twisted her statement and added the names of AAP national leader Mayank Gandhi, AAP state leader Ruben Masacarenhas and AAP volunteer Vinay Mishra. The victim was shocked when she learned through social media that she has made a complaint against Mayank Gandhi and totally denied it - “I have made no complaint against Mayank Gandhi, Ruben Mascarenhas, and Vinay Mishra not of molestation, not of harassment, nor intimidation.”
She approached the seniors in the party and explained how she was misled totally and was distraught that she was being blamed for maligning the name of Mayank Gandhi. She asked party seniors to help her clarify her true position and they advised her to visit the Commissioner of Police and state the facts as she knew them. Today at noon she met the Joint Commissioner Law and Order and her statement is attached. AAP Maharashtra stands vindicated that no complaint whatsoever was filed by the complainant against Mayank Gandhi, Ruben Mascarenhas or Vinay Mishra.

Being fully seized of the matter now, AAP Maharashtra is remorseful that we thought that the complainant made false allegations but that was what appeared in the FIR page 1 which was widely circulated by the conspirators. We understand now that the young lady was used most shamelessly by the conspirators and AAP will ensure she faces no more harassment. We will fight for justice for her and we will take strong action against anyone who attempts to malign her. We request all the media to ensure that her identity is not exposed under any circumstances.

The BJP is afraid that the AAP is the main opposition so it uses every opportunity to implicate AAP people in false cases. But truth will prevail.
Modi's empire has been made on falsehood so it cannot last.
Having criminals like Amit Shah to guide his election campaign just shows Modi as what he is.

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