Monday, September 1, 2014

Howto slow the Aging process

Wrinkles can be caused not only due to increase in your physical age , but a lot of external factors like stress , pollution and improper diet.

Avoid too much of direct exposure to sun and pollution,
Limit  smoking and drinking, not only for better skin health but also for your overall well-being and health.

 Avoid too much of processed foods and choose more of raw vegetables, fruits and fruit juices.

 Vitamin B rich anti aging foods like sprouts, milk and fruits are very essential for healthy looking skin. Having anti aging foods like soaked almonds every morning can also improve your overall skin texture and make it look younger.

You need to include more of omega-3 and omega-6 rich foods in your diet. Include fish, walnuts, almonds and peanuts to your diet.

Complete your sleep. Normally, seven hours sleep is the minimum requirement for the body to get adequate rest.
 Make sure you eat your meals on time and avoid under eating as well as overeating

 Nutritional deficiencies can be avoided by ensuring a proper intake of nutrients like iron, protein and vitamin B12. Have a lot of anti aging foods like greens and organ meats to have sufficient iron in your body. Vitamin B12 is basically present only in animal protein and hence vegetarians need to keep a good check on their levels. 

Those who don’t eat meat should at least have plenty vegetarian sources of anti aging foods  like milk, cheese, paneer  and curd to avail vitamin B12.

You will definitely need to work on your posture and maintain right weight

Obesity can cause a lot of stress on the back and on the joints. Also, eating foods which provide us with good amount of calcium, manganese and copper is essential. Calcium is essential for the strong bones, and manganese and copper play a role in maintaining the cartilages of joint and their flexibility.

 Anti aging Foods that are useful include nuts, sesame and flax seeds, soybean, green leafy vegetables, dairy products, spices and sea foods.

Alternative mind relaxing therapies like meditation, Breathing exercises and yoga are useful .

Take time off to relax and do what you enjoy doing , like listening to music reading a book ,cooking or gardening .these act as stress busters and one take out some  "my time" daily .

Last but not the least don’t get very obsessed with your looks.Take aging gracefully and remember you are as "young" as you feel like .

This was posted by Dr. Lokesh Kumar of our FB site

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