Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Residential school for street children in Kolkata

KOLKATA: The city of joy once again shows its warmth to street children.

These children will get a residential school for themselves in Kolkata.

The newly opened school in Rani Bhabani School in north Kolkata will surely go a long way in ensuring education to these children.

The special school has been started by Sarva Shiksha Mission (SSK) Kolkata with the support from the state school education department.

Aimed at addressing education rights and protection issues of these underprivileged children, hundreds of children are expected to be benefited by the project.

Child in Need Institute (CINI), that has been working for poor children has been entrusted to implement the project.

Though there are many primary schools run by the civic body where children get free education, many parents dwelling on pavement or shanties do not get their children enrolled.

In many cases the children are orphans and hence there is no one to take care of their education. CINI will mobilise and get these needy children enrolled in the school.

This unique school is modelled as a child friendly school.

Eminent educationist and social worker Sister Cyril and other prominent citizens were there to encourage such a project.

This infact is the third residential school of its kind that would cater to needy children.

This is a commendable effort by CINI.

However, how long can this be continued.

With ever increasing street children in the pipe line.

This problem can only be solved if we take on control of our population on a war footing.

Any development India make with increase in our GDP is wiped out because of the increase in our population.

How long can our scarce land continue to feed the ever increasing mouths we generate internally and those who infiltrate into India from across the border.

Our politicians are unwilling to control either of the sources for VOTE BANK POLITICS.

Ever since Sanjay Gandhi made the well intentioned drive for nashbandhi and the loss the Congress suffered in the 1977, they are afraid to broach the subject.

I would say Sanjay Gandhi was a very foresighted person who understood the crux of India's problem. Unfortunately, he went about it indisriminately instead of in a planned manner.The opposition misrepresented this lapse just to win elections.

Just compare our self with our neighbour - China

Country - Population - Area (Sq Kms) - Population Density/Per Sq Km

China - 1,339,190,000 - 9,596,960.00 - 139.54

India - 1,184,639,000 - 3,287,590.00 - 360.34

USA - 309,975,000 - 9,629,091.00 - 32.19

For comparison I have given the figures of China, India and the USA.

With a land area of Three times that of India, China's population is just slightly more than ours.Further, they are controlling their population by introducing the ONE child norm. By the year 2015, it is estimated, that we will overtake them in the mouths we have to feed.

Further, China is not encumbered by reservation racket. They can appoint the best person for a job while we bind our hands by the reservation bond. Is it any surprise why we are having so many administrative problems everywhere.

We are not selecting the best person for a job but whether he is of a certain caste or tribe.

Our aim should be to give them free education but while selecting for a job, the best candidate should be chosen.

Then only can India progress.

But first, we have to control our population.

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