Tuesday, January 8, 2013

VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this January! -Rediffmail

Live! Abu Azmi wants law to stop women roaming with men

Akbaruddin Owaisi's journey to national 'notoriety'

'Item songs are not responsible for rape'

IMAGES: 25 biggest brand names in the world

VOTE: Sexiest India covergirl this January!

The above are just a sample of the heading of the mails I receive from Rediffmail.com

I just want to show you the hypocricy of the media.

They cry hoarse about the rape, spitting fire and venom against the rapist, demand that the government give them the death penalty or castration in any form and then they go about exposing the female body.


Because it gives them readership.

And who are the readers?

Of course, the female is not interested in the female body unless it is out of jealousy or to belittle her rival.

No, it is the male readers to whom these media cater to.

They post titillating pictures which leave nothing to the imagination and then are surprised at what they have done.

Even the so called respectable papers like the Times of India and The Telegraph put these scantily dressed girls in their papers ever so often just to increase their readership.The only paper I know who didn't do it was The Statesman. And just see how its readership has dwindled.

If you notice the Times of India and the Telegraph have been in the fore front of the campaign against the rape accused.

The Times of India has coined the name "Nirbhaya" and the Telegraph has coined"Damini" for the same poor girl who has finally succumbed to her injuries in Singapore.

Do you want to see, the picture which has been posted by Rediffmail. Just have a look below.










I would suggest that these media who cater to the general public where children would be present should stop posting this type of pictures.

This type of semi clad women's pictures should find place only in pornographic or adult magazines.

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