Sunday, December 9, 2012

Misuderstanding between Anna and Kejriwal created by their Enemies

Won't vote for Arvind, says Anna

New Delhi, Dec. 6: Activist Anna Hazare today said he would not vote for Arvind Kejriwal, who has launched the Aam Aadmi Party, calling his former lieutenant power-hungry.

Hazare said Kejriwal had not only split the anti-corruption movement but is now is pursuing a path of "money through power" and "power through money" just like other political parties.

At a programme organised by the Aaj Tak news channel, the 75-year-old activist said: "I thought I will (vote for AAP) but now I find it difficult because that party is moving towards the path of 'money through power and power through money', I will not go anywhere near them."

In October, the two had chosen to go their separate ways after Kejriwal decided to join electoral politics.

Asked whether Kejriwal had become greedy for power, Hazare said: "This is right. Earlier I used to think that Arvind is into selfless service…."

Will meet Anna, rectify mistakes: Kejriwal

Kolkata, Dec 8 (IANS) Two days after Anna Hazare commented that he would not vote for the newly launched Aam Aadmi Party, its leader Arvind Kejriwal Saturday said he would talk to the anti-corruption crusader and rectify the mistakes.

"I will talk to Anna...(on) what has cropped up in his mind against us. A few days ago, he had said that he would only support my party," Kejriwal told reporters when asked to comment on Hazare's allegations.

He was speaking on the sidelines of PanIIT, a three-day annual meet of the global association of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) alumni, here, Hazare Thursday said his former aide Kejriwal's fascination for power was the cause of the split in anti-graft movement and he would not vote for the Aam Aadmi Party. He alleged that the new-launched party was going the same way as others by taking the path of "money through power" and vice versa.

Asked whether Kejriwal had become "greedy" for power, Hazare said: "It was right". On whether Hazare's comment would have any impact on his party, Kejriwal said: "No..I will talk to him. I will ask him what went wrong... whether we did some mistake. We will then rectify ourselves if we made mistakes."

"It is good that we have Anna as like a moral authority," the bureaucrat-turned-politician added.

It is good Arvind has moved forward to clear any misunderstanding which has been created in the mind of Anna.

Both should be careful in airing their views.

As I have said earlier, the enemy is very strong.

It has been ruling India for the last 65 years and will not release its grip very easily.

It will miss no opportunity in sowing differences between these two crusaders against corruption.

If any outsider whispers in the ear of any one of them that "don't take my name but the other person had said this about you", he should immediately call up the other person and confirm. Then nobody will dare to drive a wedge between them.

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