Friday, March 3, 2017

Majority hasn't paid bribes in two years of AAP government: Survey

Posted on February 14, 2017 from DelhiNational ι Report #101945
New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) A majority of citizens in the capital say that they didn't have to pay bribes to government officials in past two years of Aam Aadami Party government, according to a survey conducted by citizen engagement platform LocalCircles.
The survey, participated in by over 20,000 citizens of Delhi, understands how citizens feel about the performance of the Delhi government in the last two years. People have applauded some efforts and have also identified the areas of concern.
A majority (61 per cent) said that they did not need to pay a bribe to any department of Delhi government to get their work done. Only 19 per cent said that they had paid bribes, with 20 per cent citizens choosing not to answer the question.
Talking about the water supply, 41 per cent people said that availability in their area had improved, whereas 44 per cent said that the supply was the same as two years back. Fifteen per cent said it had become worse.
For 38 per cent, the power supply has improved, 48 per cent said that it was just the same and 14 per cent said that it is on the downward slide.
The Mohalla Clinic project of the Delhi government was appreciated by the citizens of Delhi with 31 per cent saying that there was an improvement in availability and delivery of government healthcare services in Delhi.
A majority of 54 per cent citizens disagreed.
School education has been a hot topic of discussion with the Delhi government allocating a big chunk of the state budget towards it. Thirty-three per cent felt that there were some improvements made in this area.
There has been no improvement in the school education governance and delivery, according to 49 per cent citizens.
The AAP government tried to take some bold moves to reduce pollution in Delhi like the odd-even rule, car ban in Connaught Place and the like but only 13 per cent rated the efforts as "good" where as 23 per cent rated it "average" due to the poor implementation strategy.
A vast 63 per cent marked them as poor.
Starting business in Delhi is a big minus point for the citizens with 47 per cent saying that it is still a tough task to launch a start-up in Delhi. Eighteen per cent said that starting business in Delhi has become somewhat easier and 35 per cent were not sure about it.
Citizens highlighted law and order and cleanliness to be big concerns. According to them, due to the confrontational attitude of the Delhi government leadership, it has not been able to work well with the civic bodies as well as the Delhi Police.

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