Thursday, March 16, 2017

A non surgical cure for Hernia

The above is not a snake but a hernia belt
Most of you must be knowing hernia, especially those who gained entrance to Engg Colleges.
I don't know about others but in our college before we could gain entry, we had to undergo a medical test.
Hydrocele and Hernia were two ailments the doctor used to confirm we did not have as it would make us unfit for the rigours of an engineering profession.
The test was simple.
We had to drop our pants in front of the doctor and he would ask us to cough. If nothing dropped down or protruded during the cough, we passed.
After 1966, when I entered the college, I had to perform the test again as I suspected that I was getting pain because of hernia, just above my groins.
The doctor checked and confirmed that the hernia had not developed to such an extent as to require surgery and told me to see him if the pain increased.
However, he did not tell me about the use of the above belt. I read about it somewhere and decided to have one made for myself.
Since the last month, I use it regularly when going for my walks or even at home when I am doing pranayam.
I am pleased to inform that after using the best the hernia has completely vanished (touch wood).
I am writing this to advise anyone who has hernia in the initial stages to use this type of belt made especially as per your measurement.
You will not require a surgical procedure to correct it.
As it is, a surgery does not guarantee that the hernia will not recur.

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