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Be a part of ADR's "Hum Badlenge Apna Bharat Campaign," an initiative to engage youth in strengthening Democracy

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Dear Friends,

We are grateful for all your support to Association for Democratic Reforms' (ADR) mission of increasing transparency and accountability in our country's political and electoral system for the past several years. Our journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, with its share of ups and downs. ADR’s continuous efforts, through analysis and dissemination of information about Criminal, Financial and other Background details of candidates contesting elections as well as analysis of Political Parties' Finances, Legal Advocacy and grass-root level awareness programmes, has sensitized Media as well as the Political Class towards the issue of political and electoral reforms. The constant pressure from Judiciary, ECI, CIC, Law Commission, Civil Society Organizations like ADR and Media has nudged the present Government to at least start talking of the need to reform the Political Party funding.   

The Parties however, have taken a rigid stance in not complying with the Central Information Commission's (CIC) June 3rd, 2013 order of bringing them under the ambit of the RTI Act. Government's recent measures to reduce the cash donations and introduction of electoral bonds in political funding do not enhance transparency. By not implementing the recommendations of Law Commission’s 255th Report, it is obvious that Country's Political Class lacks the willpower to introduce any major Electoral and Political Reforms. It is clear that only by the mobilization of the people, can the aim of making Indian Politics completely free of corrupt and tainted Netas be achieved. A taint-free Parliament and State Assemblies as well as transparency in the internal functioning and finances of Political Parties are the preconditions for Good Governance.

To mobilize the masses to get involved in pressurising politicians to deliver Good Governance, ADR has planned to take its Advocacy to another level with its "Hum Badlenge Apna Bharat Campaign", an initiative to engage youth in strengthening of Democracy. As part of this Programme, we want to hold workshops across the country to educate School and College Students about the “Critical Connection between Informed Voting and Good Governance.” These students are the “Future Voters”, thus it is necessary to make them understand, why they should take their ‘Right to Vote’ seriously. They need to realize that how the kind of representatives they will chose, would decide what kind of future they have - Progressive or Regressive.

ADR would not be able to launch this ambitious programme without your support. We wish to start the programme by holding workshops in 50 schools, with a minimum budget of at least Rs 25,000 per school. This takes us to the total budget of Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 15,00,000. Kindly come forward to make our children’s future bright and donate to us generously by Clicking Here:

Also request you to share it widely on your Facebook (, Twitter and Whatsapp ( accounts, so that others can also contribute to this noble cause.

We request your participation to make this campaign a success.

With Regards,

Aparna Lall
Maj. Gen. Anil Verma (Retd.)
Head, NEW & ADR,

Media and Journalist Helpline 
+91 80103 94248

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