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Legal Awareness program 24th & 25th July 2014‏

The following is a report sent by one of our old boys, Jimmy Keir.
He is associated with the Glenn Family Foundation (GFF) and they have been doing very good work for the upliftment of women in Kalimpong and Darjeeling.


I wish to share with you this report from Soam our Manager in India.  GFF supports the efforts of MARG as they do a tremendous job in the area of preventing Human Trafficking.

Best regards,


 04th August 2014
Dear Sir,
Greetings from GFF Kalimpong.
When Nirnay the General Secretary of MARG (organization who works in Anti- Human Trafficking ) informed me that NCW (National Commission for Women which is an National Government Organisation) is planning to do legal awareness programs in the hills. I quickly told him it would be great if it would be done in Kalimpong. So with the permission from NCW,   Nirnay planned with myself to have the seminar on 24th and 25th of July 2014.  I introduced Nirnay to Ms Roshni Bantawa who is the Assitant Public Procecutor of Kalimpong Sub-dvisional Court. She accept to be the chief resource person to speak to the participants.  Also the Police Department and the Judciary was involved and both departments agreed to come as rescoure persons for this special program.
So on 24th and 25th July 2014 MARG organized a “ Legal Awareness” in association with NCW of New Delhi.  Along with local partners GFF Kalimpong and Police Department.    We helped to arrange all the logistics. The seminar was held at the Worship Centre located at the heart of the town.  
Due to our involvement as Local Partners we were given the choice to choose as many participants for this valuable seminar. So out of total 70 participants we had sent together 52 participants from our villages where GFF have worked.  All of them were women from various background namely students (Colleges & High Schools), Self Help group women leaders and Our Centre Lady teachers.  Besides these our GFF staff also attended the program.
The good thing of this program was that it was a combination of four big organizations namely Police Department, Judiciary, Anti-Human Trafficking NGO & National Women Commission. 
Mr. Utpal Misra Additional District and Sessions Judge Kalimpong was the the Chief Guest and he inaugurated the function along with his talk on various laws on protection of women and child.  From the Police Department Frontier Inspector cum Inspector InCharge of Kalimpong town Mr Sherab Lepcha spoke on various laws and cases.   Mr Nirnay John Chettri the main organisor spoke on Human Trafficking laws and showed related cases.  Mr Tej Kumar of BSA spoke on the various new laws and cases and also did some activity.  Besides this related documentary was also shown.
The main session was taken by Ms Roshni Bantawa the Additional Public Prosecutor of Kalimpong on various laws to protect women and child. Also interactive sessions were done.
The next day on 25th July the participants were taken to Police Station and Court to show how each Police station works and how court also works. IN both the places the Inspector Incharge Mr Sherab Lepcha explained to the participants and also at the court Ms Roshni Bantawa explained to the participants.  The practical visit was the highlight of the program as our participants not only visited and learned but also overcame their fear of court and Police station.
Glenn Family Foundation Trust with the support of the amount given by Mr Jack Balani helped to print a book on Various Laws (taken from NCW’s website) 113 pages to each and every participant.  This book was very important and very usefull.
The best thing for GFF was that we were able to get most of our women leaders train on varioius laws protecting women and Children. Also a new connection was made with the Police and Court which would be very helpful to our villagers in future.
We have helped MARG to make Anti Human Trafficking Children Club at each of our three SOGG Learning Centres. This will be also very helpful in case of any problem of trafficking in our villages and also for any abuse to children or women.
Please do find some photographs of the two day legal awareness program.
Thanks and with warmest regards/Saom

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