Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BJP's shameful compromise with corruption

The BJP-controlled Delhi administration’s stand before the High Court on Tuesday to curtail the powers of the Anti Corruption Branch flies is the most blatant example of the ruling party’s direct and shameful compromise with corruption.
The BJP’s central government, as part of its deliberate strategy to reduce the Delhi ACB into a meaningless body, has taken a series of completely unjustified steps which prove its highly suspect motive of bailing out the Reliance Industries Limited and former ministers of the UPA government, despite their direct involvement in the Rs 54,000 crore natural gas pricing scam.
The sequence of events in this case show that the BJP is hell-bent on killing the probe in one of the biggest scams in independent India, and its actions completely contradict the claims made by this party during the Lok Sabha election campaign when it had promised zero tolerance on corruption.
What can be more shameful than the fact that despite the ACB having informed the Delhi High Court in a 32-page affidavit that its probe into the scam is going on which requires detailed investigation, the BJP government has made a desperate attempt to kill the probe.
It is shocking that the BJP is trying to bail out the RIL and former UPA ministers now, when they had failed to get any relief from the court and their bogus allegations related to ACB’s jurisdiction had been rejected by the court.
Does the BJP have any answer on why the union home ministry issued a notification on July 23 to restrict the ACB’s jurisdiction to Delhi government employees?
Can the BJP answer what was the need of such a notification and what was its basis?
Why is the BJP trying to protect the RIL and former UPA petroleum ministers M Veerappa Moily and Murli Deora from facing investigation?
It is very clear that the central government arm-twisted the Delhi administration to do a u-turn for Tuesday’s hearing, since during the previous hearing on August 6, it had stated that the government would not take a separate stand and will go along with what the ACB decides.
The Aam Aadmi Party will expose the BJP’s designs to protect the corruption being committed by big corporate houses. In the coming days, the country will see BJP’s direct links with the RIL exposed.
The AAP will also intervene in this matter legally and will now allow the conspiracy to kill the ACB to succeed at any cost.

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