Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lynchistan or Lynch Raj - which name do you prefer.

Letter to PM

"Lynchistan" and "Lynch Raj" are the words being used as hashtags on social media. But on Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi was directly asked whether the frequency with which lynchings were taking place this as a reality under your rule and accept.

Listing the instances of targeted violence against certain marginalised communities and underscoring the adverse impact of the action against slaughter houses on these very people, the AIMMM letter says they are being squeezed on multiple fronts.

The letter also underscores the need to ensure rule of law in the country to keep restless youngsters from getting attracted to groups like the ISIS. "The continuous and unchecked atmosphere of distrust, discrimination and violence against them would be dangerous for peace in the country," the AIMMM - an umbrella organisation of Muslim groups - has cautioned.

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