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Fitbit Tracker - back on Track

About 10 days ago, I had posted my views on the Fitbit Tracker Charge HR which had stopped charging after 15 months of use.
I am happy to say that after the exchange of mails, between Fitbit and myself, Fitbit USA agreed to ship a replacement, Free of Cost, with all courier and customs charges paid by them.
This sort of service just cannot be imagined from an Indian company who would find all sorts of excuses of not replacing your defective products, even within warranty period and Fitbit have replaced after the Warranty period was over.
I would request Fitbit USA to set up a service centre in India for their products so that they can be serviced here itself and they are not bothered by having to send replacements from USA.

I am giving below how they regularly interacted so that the tracker could again start working.
24 May (8 days ago)

to me 
Hello Radheshyam,

You are very welcome. Thank you for being a wonderful customer. We are really happy to see you so enthusiastic on keep being part of our family. It has been a pleasure for us to be able to assist you, and we encourage you to continue enjoying the Fitbit experience, we truly expect that you can restart you walk schedule soon. 

Please, feel free to contact us whenever you have any inquiry regarding Fitbit support. We will be always glad and willing to assist you in order to provide you with the best resolution of any issue, and give you the best customer service that you deserve.

Cristian MP and the Fitbit Team

Radheshyam Sharma
29 May (3 days ago)

to fitbit-support
Hi Christian MP and the Fitbit Team,

I have just received the replacement Charge HR.
I notice that there is no charging cable in the package.
I am surprised as with the last Charge HR that I had, it was not charging and we weren't sure whether it was because the cable was defective or the Charge HR was defective and I could not check out as I did not have a spare cable.
Anyhow, please let me know how do I get started.
The New Charge HR shows the figure 135 with a heart symbol.
Further, how do I get it to synchronize.
You should have an instruction page with these products on how a layman could start using them.

Best regards,


Radheshyam Sharma
29 May (3 days ago)

to Fitbit

Hi ChristianMP & Fitbit Team,

I am pleased to inform you that I have removed the plastic tape with 135 written on it and also charged the new Charge HR with the old charging cable. It worked very well which means the old Charge HR itself was defective.
However, I do not know how to sync this new Charge HR with my Laptop.
When I take it near the laptop, a message comes "check if the tracker is already connected to another device."
The time shown presently is 1.53 when actual time now is 7.13.
Time has to be reset by sync.

Best regards,

30 May (2 days ago)

to me
Hi Radheshyam,

Thanks for getting back to us.

According to our records the Fitbit Charge HR replacement that we sent has issues to validate the information, in order to setup your Fitbit Charge HR follow the instructions below:

- Restart your Fitbit Charge HR following the instructions below: 
Plug your charging cable into the USB port on your computer or any UL-certified USB wall charger.
Insert the other end into the port on the back of your Fitbit Charge HR. Your tracker will begin charging.
Press and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds until you see the Fitbit icon and a version number (e.g. "V30").
Let go of the button.
Unplug your tracker from the charging cable.
- If your laptop is a native windows 10 computer, remove the Fitbit Charge HR of your computer's Bluetooth, also, make sure that any other Bluetooth device is not connected with your Windows 10 laptop.
- Attempt to setup your Fitbit Charge HR as a new device following the instructions at this article How do I set up my tracker?.

If after trying this steps the issue persists, we suggest try to setup your Fitbit Charge HR using a compatible tablet or smart phone.

Let us know if the issue persist and we'll further investigate.

We look forward to your reply. Let us know if you  have any additional questions and we'll be happy to assist you.

Michael E and the Fitbit Team

Radheshyam Sharma
30 May (2 days ago)

to fitbit-support
Hi Michael,

I have followed the steps outlined in your email earlier.
I have restarted my Charge HR
I have deleted the previous Bluetooth connects(all) from my Windows 10 computer
The computer has detected the Charge HR as a bluetooth device
When trying to add the device to the Fitbit application on my Win 10 computer, it intermittently displays "We have found your Charge HR"
When proceeding further, it asks to enter a 4 digit code displayed on the Charge HR screen
The code does display on the Charge HR screen, however after entering the code, the process stalls and after some time fails with a message - "Unable to connect with"
In one of forums, it was advised to try restarting the device again at this step (This too was tried)
The internet is working fine, so it ain't an issue with that.
I've already tried going over the steps several times, and it always gets stuck after the 4 digit code is entered.

I understand that the product you have sent is a refurbished/returned product(from another order), and probably you must have QC'd it to check if it is working. But unfortunately, I don't see any solution yet.

Let me know how to fix this or give me a solution.

Best Regards,

Hello Radheshyam,

We apologize for the delay in our response as we manage high volume of email contacts.

We truly appreciate your time and efforts following the troubleshooting tips suggested. Our Fitbit warranty replacements are typically products that were returned to Fitbit unused for reasons like wrong size and wrong color. This product is tested and determined to work and look like new, with limited wear and tear.

To further assist you with getting your Fitbit Charge HR replacement configured with your account, there's one more method that we would like you to try. This time, let's connect your tracker using the wireless sync dongle (this is the thumb-sized device that came with your tracker). 

To do so, we kindly ask that you follow the steps below:
Disable your Windows 10 Bluetooth.
Insert the wireless sync dongle into one of your computer's USB port.
Perform the steps you've done earlier in setting up the device.
If the tracker still won't connect, we suggest to try setting it up with a compatible mobile device (if available). Please visit for the list of our supported devices.

Please let us know how it goes. We look forward to getting you back on track.

Elaine P. and the Fitbit Team

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