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Fitbit fitness band not charging just after 15 months operation

What do you do with a Fitness band costing Rs 10000/- which becomes non-chargeable after just 15 months operation and the company has a NO servicing policy?
Do you throw it away?
I am giving below the mail exchange I had with Fitbit USA from who we had purchase one such Fitness band in December 2015.
The company advises they cannot do anything, on the other hand, we Indians do not declare anything obsolete.
Fitbit Charge HR

Hi Radheshyam, 

We're sorry to hear for the battery not charging of your Fitbit Charge HR. 

Upon checking on our system, your tracker last sync May 12 to your Windows phone with low battery level.

To be of better assistance and to investigate further, please provide us with the following:

- Where do you usually charge your Fitbit Charge HR, is it through computer's USB port or to a wall outlet?
- How long do you charge your tracker?
- Does charging your tracker require you to push the tracker forward to the charging cable or moving the tracker around to make it charge?
- Have you tried using a different charging cable?

For the meantime, if you haven't done so, we suggest the following:
1. To clean your wristband, follow the instructions on our Wear and Care page.
We also recommend that you occasionally:

In addition, the contacts on the tracker or charging cable are dirty. Dust and debris can accumulate over time and prevent a charge.
We also recommend that you occasionally:

Clean the charging contacts on the back of your tracker to ensure they stay bronze or gold in color. To do so:
Use a toothpick or a toothbrush with rubbing alcohol.
Make sure not to scrape the contacts with a wire brush or anything metal, since this can damage the plating and cause corrosion.
If you use a toothbrush, dry with a cloth or tissue before charging.
Clean the pins on your charging cable. To do so:
Soak a cotton swab with alcohol and press the swab to the pins carefully.
Make sure that no debris from the swab is left behind.
The tracker isn’t connected securely to the charging cable. Check the alignment and try reconnecting your tracker to the charging cable
Your Fitbit Charge HR comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Charging completely takes between an hour and two hours

To charge your Charge HR, plug the charging cable into the USB port on your computer and plug the other end into the port on the back of the Charge HR. A battery icon on the display will show the charging progress

If you haven't already done so, we recommend restarting your Charge HR.

1. Plug your charging cable into the USB port and insert the other end into the port on the back of your Charge HR. Your tracker will begin charging.
2. Press and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds until you see the Fitbit icon and a version number (e.g. "V88").
3. Let go of the button.
4. Unplug your tracker from the charging cable.

Your Charge HR is now restarted and should work normally. Please let us know if you continue to have difficulty with your tracker and we'll investigate further.

Shiela M. and the Fitbit Team

Hi Shiela,

Thank you for your exhaustive mail explaining everything.
I will answer your queries one by one.

1. I usually charge through a wall unit and sometimes through a USB port in my computer.
2. Usual charging time is for about two hours but sometimes if I forget, it does go to three hours. Here I have a suggestion, you should have  sound signal to warn before Charge HR goes under low charge and also when the charge is full.
3. I usually put the charging cable into the USB port and then push the other end into the charge HR. Yes, the cable has to be aligned and pushed before it goes in.
4. I do not have a spare charging cable. I was also thinking the same. Could you let me know the contact details of your dealers in India from whom I could get the charging cable?

I have tried all the cleaning functions you have advised and have also tried restating the charge HR as advised by you. However, even after pressing the button for 10/12 seconds, the screen remains black and the Fitbit icon does not come.
Please help as my walking schedule has gone haywire.

Best regards,


Hi Radheshyam, 

Thanks for getting back to us and for the clarification. 

In the meantime, so that we may investigate your product's warranty status, please let us know when and where you purchased it and your country of residence. If you received it as a gift, please let us know when.

Note that if you purchased the item from, we were unable to locate an order associated with this email address. Please provide the email address associated with the order.

Lastly, if you received your product from an employer, please tell us the company name and the month and year you received it.

We look forward to your reply.

Hi Radheshyam,

Thanks for getting back in touch.

Fitbit accessories are sold through our partner retailers in India. You may want to check this Amazon link below:

On the other hand, Fitbit doesn't have any physical repair/service centers that can accommodate in fixing your tracker. Since the suggested troubleshoot didn't work, we would be happy to proceed in reviewing your tracker's replacement option.

In order for us to proceed, please send a copy of your purchase receipt with the retailer name and purchase date clearly visible. If you bought the item online, a screenshot of your order confirmation is usually sufficient.

Please also provide a shipping address that includes:
- Full name
- Street address  
- Municipality (if applicable)
- City:
- Postal code:
- Country:

Lastly, we need:
- A phone number for shipping purposes
- Your product's color and size

We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know if you have any questions.

Mildred G. and the Fitbit Team

Hi Mildred,

This item was purchased by my son who lives in USA from Vernon Hills, "Best Buy" outlet in December 2015.
He does not have the purchase receipt or any other reference for he did not expect a product of Fitbit reputation to become defective.
His address is: ..............................................................*
He gave it to me when he came to India in January 2016.
His phone No is 224-214-9528
The product color is black and model charge HR.
The size, I suppose would be the standard size of your product.

Best regards,

Radheshyam Sharma
* I have removed my son's address from this mail for privacy reasons.

Hi Radheshyam,

Thanks for providing us the requested information.

Upon checking our system, it shows that your original tracker was first paired to your account in December 31 2015, which makes it fall out of the Fitbit's one-year limited warranty. Please note that we based our warranty period from the date your original tracker was first paired to your account. For more information about our warranty policy, please visit

We hope that you'll consider Fitbit if you decide to buy another tracker in the future.

Thank you for being a Fitbit customer.

Ashley N. and the Fitbit Team

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