Monday, September 19, 2016

Residents to take a call on Alsatians' future

Kolkata: The fate of two Alsatians, who are at the centre of the incident that led to the death of an AC mechanic at Thakurpukur on Tuesday night, hangs in the balance even as they wait for the return of their owner.
The residents of Diptikana Apartment will decide if Kuttus and Meethi will be allowed to stay at the fifth-floor apartment.

A section of the 25 flat owners has convened an emergency meeting on Sunday morning to ensure that the dogs are sent to an animal shelter. Another section, though, believes that it was an accident that could have been averted had the dogs' owner been a bit more careful. 

 The following is from a true incident.
A lion trainer in a circus had been training lions for the about 20 years.
One day a lion suddenly attacked him and killed him.
The next day, a TV channel was interviewing his wife and she was asked whether the lion should be killed.
She replied in the negative.
She said that her husband must have done something very wrong to have angered the lion who attacked him.
It was not the lion's fault.
Similarly, the dogs are not at fault. They have acted as per their nature.
My opinion is that the dogs should be taken away from the owners and bought by the police to be trained to make them police dogs or sold off to some person and the payment give to the family of the mechanic.
The person who hired the mechanic should be made to pay compensation to the parents of the mechanic.
Persons who do work in hazardous locations should get themselves  insured and the insurance premium should be paid pro rata by the person/organization who employs them.

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