Sunday, October 1, 2017

Who or What is God?

Man, who thinks himself the master of the world is not even a speck in the whole Universe. If we put it mathematically he is not even 10 to the power of minus infinity part of the Universe.

He is made up of three items, Body, Mind and Intellect. The body is matter and mind and intellect are subtle matter. We can see and feel the body but cannot see the mind & intellect but we know it is there by the action and reactions of the body from the input it receives from mind & intellect.

These three items, with the help of our five senses (eyes, nose, ears, mouth & touch), interact with the world.Inputs through the fives senses enter us. These are transmitted through our internal nervous system to the brains. They first enter the Mind part. We are advised not to take action immediately but to have the same scanned by our intellect and take action only as advised by the intellect. The intellect looks into the pros and cons after hearing out the conscience and then only advises you  your choice of action. 

On this Earth, only mankind has this choice. No other animal or plant has been given this facility of choice of action. Further,choice of action may lead you to pair of opposites.They call it the Dwandas in our scripures. Your life is thus a resultant of Choice of action and the pairs of opposites.

With the help of the 5 senses, the brain and nervous system, you are able to see, smell, hear, taste and feel. But what is IT that allows you to do the above?

When you die, you have all the 5 organs and brain but are still DEAD. Why?

It is because something has gone out of you which ENABLED you to do all the above. 

That something is GOD, SOUL, SPIRIT, ATMA, RHU etc - call IT what you want.IT is there when your father's sperm enters your mother's egg. It is with you while you are in her womb and when you leave the womb. IT is there with you and remains with you throughout your life. IT is the enabling force which allows your body to do what it does.

In the Kane Upanishad, a student asks the Guru.Who or what is God? Have you seen Him?

The Guru answers - God is that Power which enables the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the tongue to taste, the nose to smell and the skin to feel.

That is the only explanation of God and how beautifully put.

Our 5 senses can percieve only those things which are percievable by the 5 senses. God is beyond the 5 senses. He ( I will use He but we could also use She or It), for what pronoun do you use for SPIRIT which has no form or rather is formless and pervades to the the furthest recesses of space and beyond.

We are FINITE, limited by form, space and matter.
GOD is INFINITE. When we try to understand God with our finite resources, we are trying to do the impossible and will always fail for the created can never understand the Creator.It is like a Robot, you have made, trying to understand you.

It is best, that we accept that there is a POWER, which is responsible for all that we perceive with our 5 senses and that power is PERMANENT ie.  It has always been, is there and will always be.
Anything which we can perceive with our 5 senses is IMPERMANENT. It is presently there but it was not always there and it will not always be there.

This is the only knowledge worth having.Our scriptures call this Gyan, all the rest is Bigyan.

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