Thursday, February 9, 2017

Share market - The shocking case of Kushal Tradelink

Many business dailies highlight the fact that the stock price of Kushal Tradelink has gained 8,811% in just three years. Now that is an eye-popping gain alright! Here's what its journey looked like: 

When a stock goes up 8,811% in just 3 years

Most investors would be green with envy. Surely, the ones who got on to this train would have made tons of money right? 

But often in the Indian share markets, looking at things this way is a recipe for trouble. For there are two kinds of gains: The kinds that can be safely made and the kinds that need investors to take on random and speculative bets. 

If you plan to make money in the stock market and also keep it, it is important to be able to separate the former from the latter. Reports suggest that in this case the gains have caught the attention of market surveillance officials at the BSE. After identifying irregularities in the stock's price, volume and trading patterns, the exchange on 24 January put in place restrictions on daily swings and short-term trading activity in the stock. It is likely to leave market regulator SEBI's ears standing too. 

Unsuspecting investors often get caught up in such hot stocks due to the lure of quick money. If found to be out of sync with fundamentals, they often end up with quick losses instead of quick gains. Avoiding investing based on random tips and stories of 'hot stocks' is the need of the hour if such losses are to be avoided.

The contact details of this company is :
Kushal Tradelink ltd
CIN: L51909GJ2000PLC037472
Plot No 115, Kushal House, Opp Hotel Nest,
Nr. Girish Cold Drink Cross Road,
Off. C G Road, Navrangpura,

Ahmedabad - 380009

Why do all the crooked people and companies who caused scams in the stock exchange come from Gujarat. We had Harshad Mehta in 1992 and Ketan Parekh in 2008. Is this how they have made it "Shining Gujarat"

For all of you who deal in shares, I would advise that you keep a charting software and take BUY/SELL/HOLD decisions only after checking with your charts. Do not depend on TIPS, no matter what the source is.

A person looking at the chart of this company would have avoided it. When ever you see a company "Too good to be true", you are right it is false.

Who says you have to lose money in shares. You can consistently make profits provided you are disciplined and use STOP LOSS religiously, trade with your own money and use a charting software to base your decisions.

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