Sunday, December 25, 2016

Who is a BHAKT?
The Ten Commandments for a Bhakt.

1. Thou shall not criticize the BJP or Modi or the Government.
    Anyone criticizing shall be called "Anti-National" and  be asked to "Go To Pakistan"

2. Thou shalt divert anyone questioning the BJP, Modi or Government to the 60 years of Congress Rule.

3.Thou shalt repeat "Modi!, Modi!, Modi!, anywhere and everywhere like the Pigs in  George Orwell's "Animal Farm" bleating "Four Legs Good - Two legs Bad"

4. Thou shalt praise Demonitization in spite of all the adverse reports in the National and International media and hundreds of people dying all over India.

5. Thou shalt watch only the Modi channels like "India TV", "Zee News", "Aaj Tak" and "ABP News". More channels will be added to the list when they too start praising Modi.

6. Thou shalt not watch Anti-National channels like "NDTV"

7. Thou shalt praise Digital, Less Cash because Modi does so even though Cell connectivity is poor and Internet is either slow or not available.

8. Thou shall forward all social media messages initiated by the Modi Dirty Tricks Department to show carnage done by the minorities to create disharmony and win elections.

9. Thou shalt forward all inflammatory messages of poisonous speeches by the various  political leaders of the BJP.

I have left one of the Commandments blank. 
This will be filled in from inputs sent by our readers.

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