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Eminent economist and researcher Dr Abul Barkat estimates no Hindus will be left in the Country 30 Years from now

Nov 20, 2016: In his book "Political economy of reforming agriculture-land-water bodies in Bangladesh," the Dhaka University teacher mentions "the rate of exodus over the past 49 years points to that direction." The book was published on Saturday.

About 11.3 million Hindus left Bangladesh due to religious persecution and discrimination from 1964 to 2013, he said. Therefore, it means on an average 632 Hindus left the country each day and 230,612 annually, mentioned Dhaka Tribune.

Dr Barkat, from his 30-year-long research, has found that the exodus mostly took place after independence, during military governments.

The daily rate of migration was 705 before the Liberation War, while it was 512 during 1971-1981 and 438 during 1981-1991. The number increased to 767 persons each day during 1991-2001 while around 774 persons left the country during 2001-2012, mentions the book.

Delhi University teacher Prof Ajoy Roy said during the Pakistan regime, the government grabbed the properties of the Hindus describing them as enemy property and after independence, the same properties were taken by the government as vested property. Due to these two measures, 60 percent of the Hindus became landless, mentioned the book

The government has to ensure that the indigenous people would not be affected or harmed, said Dhaka University teacher Prof Farid Uddin Ahmed to Dhaka Tribune. "The government must ensure that the people do not think about leaving the country for once."

No accurate estimation of indigenous people

Discussing on another book of Prof Barkat "Political Economy of Unpeopling of Indigenous People: The case of Bangladesh," former NHRC chairman Prof Mizanur Rahman said that there was no precise estimation of the indigenous peoples living in the country and at least 22 indigenous groups had disappeared from the country.

Apart from this, Prof Mizanur also urged Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma alias Santu Larma to inform the indigenous peoples of the Chittagong Hill Tracts about the 1997 Peace Accord, mentioned Dhaka Tribune.

He added that the current attitude of the ruling party is not likely to solve the disputes through different reform programmes, rather they want to affect the process in a negative manner. "We need a people-oriented government. But the reality of state mechanism does not allow this to happen."

Santu Larma, who is chairman of the CHT Regional Council has claimed that about 50 indigenous groups were on the verge of extinction but what they wish is to live with dignity with the remaining indigenous groups.

Prof Mizanur said to Dhaka Tribune, although the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken stance in favour of the indigenous peoples, the ruling party leaders were involved in heinous activities against them

My family were one of the many families who left East Pakistan(now Bangladesh) in 1963-64 because of fear of the Muslims. Every time there were any riots here in India, there were repercussions in East Pakistan. Even now there is, but because the number of Hindus have reduced, the effect there is not that much.

As a refugee from EP, I should be supporting Modi in his pogrom. However, it is just because I was effected I cannot support him in this.
However, I will support him if he does the following.

1. Each person should be allowed to practise his religion but that does not give him the right to convert others to his religion in the name of religion.This applies equally to all - Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

2. People have left Hindusism because of persecution based on caste or other reasons. He should  remove those reasons so that people do not have to run for succour to other religions. Gharwapasi, or re-conversions should stop.

3. India is one Akhand Bharat as the BJP touts. Then there should be no reservations based on caste, creed, religion or language. Education should be free up to the Higher Secondary Level so that all children can be educated. Whenever, I see a child on the street, I feel very sad. I think, maybe we are losing an Einstein, Newton, J C Bose or C V Raman. No child of school going age should be out on the streets during school hours. If parents cannot provide the same, the children should be taken away from them and the father castrated so that he produces no more children. I know this is harsh, but then we have to do this if we are to control our population. After the Higher Secondary level, high aptitude & IQ children should be given scholarships to pursue the path which is most suitable to their aptitude.

4. Birth control should be compulsory for all Indians, irrespective of religion. Having more than two children should automatically disqualify a person from government jobs and other facilities. This should be applicable to the private sector also.

4. Uniform Personal Law should be introduced for all Indians. This will remove the tragedy the Muslim women suffer because of Triple Talaq and remove the incentive for Hindu males from converting to become Muslims to further their polygamous intentions.

5. Article 370 should be removed from Kashmir. As long as this remains, Kashmir can never be integrated into India. If Kashmiris can allow terrorists to come from Pakistan, they should have no problems, if Hindus settle in Kashmir. We should provide incentives to retired army jawans to settle in Kashmir so that the infiltration from across the border could stop. If necessary a pair of retired jawans should stay in each house along the border so that if any infiltrator comes, he is immediately noticed.
Houses should be modified at government expense so that the jawans could stay and the house owner should also get rent for the stay.

6. Regarding black money Modi has started all wrong. All politicians and government staff should be asked to submit a complete list of their assets and the assets of their spouse and children and this should be compared with their income Tax statement. Any other property which is theirs but not in their names should be confiscated. People giving reports on the benami properties of the above peoples should be suitably rewarded. In the second phase, businessmen and high networth employees should be asked to submit the same things as above. The different time period is so that these people come clean and declare their assets before the axe falls on them.

7. The people's representative should have a minimum educational qualification. If anyone is looking for a job, he is supposed to have a minimum qualification, why shouldn't the people's representative also have to follow the same rule. There should be no criminal cases against him. Our police and the government in power are in the habit of filing false cases against individuals who oppose them. We have a recent example of the police filing Attempt to Murder charges against people who have opposed Rajarhat Land Acquisition. On the other hand, the police file very light charges against the ruling party supporters so that they get bail immediately when actually they should be charged with non bailable sections of the penal code. The Supreme Court should see that such actions by the police is punished, irrespective of the party in power.

I think, the above covers, education, religion, corruption, population and Kashmir.
If he can work on the above lines, I am all for him.
Instead of wasting time on nonsensical items like cows and mandirs, if he attacks the above problems, India will be a much better place in future.
If however, Modi continues the way he is doing, I fear, India may break up.

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