Thursday, February 18, 2016

What have I done to support Modi or India

One of our friends has asked me what I have done to help Modi or India.
Just as the Congress once raised the slogan "Indira is India", our BJP friends have coined the slogan that anyone against the BJP is anti-national and supporting Modi is supporting India. Of course their blinkered vision does not allow them to see how they have come to an understanding with the PDP in Kashmir which does not accept that Kashmir is a part of India?
First of all, let me say I do nothing.
HE through HIS grace allows me to do whatever I do or not do.
Fortunately, HE has not made me kill thousands of people in Gujarat in the name of religion.
HE has not made me kill, maim and terrorise innocent minority people just before elections so that the Hindu votes are polarised in my favour.
HE has not made me kill innocent people in the name of religion for storing so-called beef.
HE has not made me murder innocent youth by mentally torturing them and driving them to suicide.
HE has not made me cause violence in JNU and Patiala Court in the name of anti nationalism.
I am a tax-paying law-abiding citizen of my country who is willing to contribute to social causes within my financial limits and who is willing to point out anything wrong which goes on in the country although others may not agree with me. I believe in "Ekla cholo Re" even if no one accompanies you.
I just cannot help Modi because I believe he is a murderer and all killings in the aftermath of Godhra were engineered by him and his assistant Amit Shah. It is another matter that the judiciary took a very lenient view. But then the judge who passed judgement in his favour was promoted to the Supreme Court, just as Bassi, the present Police Commissioner in Delhi is being promoted as Commissioner of the Central Information Commission for carrying out all the dirty work against AAP in Delhi on the instruction of Modi. Bassi has also been pulled up by the SC for his handling of the JNU affair at Patiala Court.
The action that Modi has carried out at Hyderabad University where a young PHD student had to commit suicide, was not suicide but murder by Modi.
Posting doctored videos put out by the BJP's social media group to justify their actions is brain-washing just as Hitler used to do against the Jews.
There is a law in the country and action has to be taken within the law. What the ABVP is doing is just what Hitler's Nazi guards used to do. You should read the speech made by Kanhaiya who has been arrested on Sedition charges and was so mercilessly beaten up at Patiala Court. This is Kanhaiya's speech.
As far as AAP is concerned I was a ardent supporter and even made small monetary contributions. However, after the Prashant Bhushan/Yogendra Yadav episode, I have stopped my contributions. AAP has its faults. Its support of Nitish Kumar and indirectly Lalu Yadav was not favoured by many. But then Modi is considered a greater evil than Lalu. Lalu has made a few crores through corruption but Modi is destroying the entire country and may lead to its division.
AAP's support of Mamta in Bengal too is unpalatable but considering that AAP is looking for friends against Modi's onslaughts through the CBI and the police, his behaviour is understandable. Your enemy's enemy, is your friend.If you notice, Mamta herself is mysteriously silent on Modi's high-handedness in JNU for elections are near.
Vajpayee of the same BJP, with a much smaller majority was able to achieve much more during his tenure than Modi with his steam-rolling majority has been able to achieve. Have you wondered why?
The Muslims make up 20% of the population of India. You cannot just wish them away and they will vanish. You should bring them into the mainstream by educating them instead of allowing them to waste their time in the madarassas. Subsequent governments since independence have used them as vote banks, whether it was the Congress, TMC, or SP. Similarly the BJP is raising the bogie of Muslims to treat the Hindus as vote banks in which unfortunately, even educated people who have passed schools teaching secular education are falling prey.
Even after 69 years of Independence our Hindu leaders have not been able to remove the scourge of untouchability and superstitious beliefs which are creating murders in different parts of India when people marry outside their caste or Gothras or preventing women from entering temples. Instead they are wasting their time and making a fool of gullible Hindu population by killing people on the pretext of beef storing in refrigerators.
Reservation, which was to have been for just ten years has been allowed to continue after 70 years and as I see things, it will continue for another 150 years. Result - the efficient and intelligent people are going abroad and we are left with the useless people to run the government.
In the above circumstances, how can I support Modi or Rahul or the other motley band of politicians.
I will continue to criticise as long as they do not give me an honest government, where all children receive education irrespective of their caste or religion, they get proper food and clothes.
When you walk on the road and see children playing during school hours, don't you wonder what a waste of youth is happening India. Any of these children could become a Newton or an Einstein in future. Instead, they will become fodder in Mamata Banerjee's plan of things to receive Rs 1.5 lakhs or Rs 2.0 lakhs through clubs to capture booths and cast votes for TMC or any other party.
What a waste my friends and you expect me to be satisfied with Modi, who can do so much with his steam rolling majority, if he just took everyone along with him instead of acting like a religious bigot or warlord.
I myself come from what is now Bangladesh and earlier known as East Pakistan. We came over only in 1964 hence I very well know the pangs of being a religious minority.
A tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye is no solution especially if you are a Hindu.
Our scriptures do not teach us thus.

That is why I have been advising each one of you to listen to the discourses of Smt Jaya Row on the Bhagavat Gita

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